View Full Version : 12 July OHHHHHHHHHHH

25th Jun 2003, 04:20
In Oz I have found out I'm waiting till the 12 of July I won't be able to get my game till late August boo hoo. I had to walk through rain, hail thunder and lighting to get this infor. So folks be thankful you have the game now! The game dude I ordered it from the first time said the game was totally worth it. I reordered it from him again. He laughed.

25th Jun 2003, 04:33
wtf? really?? (I'm assuming the dates of release are the same for NZ as Aus) The guy at the gamestation near me said NZ normally gets them the same time at the Uk, cause we're PAL too. But July 12!!!! Or (late August?) didnt get that part??