View Full Version : PS2 or PC?

25th Jun 2003, 00:11
A lot of the people in the US have the PS2 version now, so I want to ask. Are you glad you got the PS2 version? Or do you wish you had waited to get the PC version? I'm just wondering, because it has yet to come out in Canada, and I'm starting to doubt the PS2 version from what I've read.

25th Jun 2003, 00:14
NO!!! MAN.... WAIT!!!! Remember that if The PC version has the same problems that the PS you can download a path (or is Patch?) to fix the problems!!!!

I think that you cant do that with the PS version.

This is the reason because the game will not be on the X-Box platform... the game as too much problems to hit on the best game platform of the moment :)

25th Jun 2003, 02:37
Oh holy heck... I'm sorry I got the PS2 version... Now I'm stuck with a very buggy, un-patchable version of the game that has points where it even bogs the PS2 down with processing too much. Wait for the PC version.

John Carter
25th Jun 2003, 03:22
Well, here's my experience with it thus far...

I've completed three levels, starting on the forth. In level one, there was one scene which slightly slowed down as though Lara was walking in slow motion for about 3 seconds, due I believe to a rain effect. Didn't bother me much.

I generally don't like console games, the silly little buttons and twin joy sticks do not do well with my less-than-nimble fingers. Initially, had some difficulty moving Lara using the analog left stick and the camera pan right stick, but have gotten used to it now and sort of like it.

I bought a Xbox as well, and played about two levels of Halo, a game I should have liked very much due to my penchant for sci-fi combat games and stories, but didn't care for it. I like this much more, and have thus far found it far easier to control Lara than in, say, TR 3, PC version.

I look forward to the PC version of this game greatly, but am pleasantly suprised that the console experience has been much better than anticipated, at least with this title.

Haven't done any hand-to-hand combat or weapons fire yet, so I'll reserve judgement until I see how that works out, likewise with big explosions and such for the possibility of processing slowdowns.

25th Jun 2003, 04:34
The PC version would be the way to go if Core/Eidos will actually provide support in the form of patches for any new bugs found. I'm assuming here that the bugs found so far in the PS2 version are being dealt with now for the upcoming PC release -- hence the retreating release date.

Why the big if? Remember that TRC still hasn't been patched for those horrendous showstopper savegame bugs. :(

Having said that, and being that I am a fully paid up card-carrying member of the PC-Fascist Club, the PC version is the way to go anyway, bugs or no. Consoles are merely expensive paperweights, be they Lamecube, Xpox or PSucky2. :) :p