View Full Version : Game Crashes

24th Jun 2003, 16:22
:( I have XP and it started crashing whenever I got to Shinra HQ. And then Later it started randomly crashing....I even downloaded a patch...that didn't work either...is there anything that can help?:confused:

24th Jun 2003, 18:44
:D yeah, use Win98SE. LOL.

I really don't know workarounds for WinXP, mainly because I'm still using Win98 for all my gaming.

But how is it crashing? Does it do it during the random battles, or somewhere during SoundFX are playing?

You could try Turning off Sound Acceleration.

type Dxdiag and go to the Sound tab. Put it to basic Acceleration.

BTW: the only patch for Winxp is the Chocobo patch, and that only solves the sidegame, nothing else.

I heard there is a Win98 compatibility mode in WinXP...maybe that will do it? I can't really help you..... This crash you have isn't the norm. Lot's of guys use WinXP at Qhimms' Forum....you could try there, this board is kinda dead.

16th Jul 2003, 05:29
I have WinXP and it's working fine for me, since the Chocobo patch. Try going to the directory FFVII is installed and
right click > properties on FF7.exe. Then goto the compatibility tab and check the box and select Windows 98 / Windows ME. Works for me.. If it still crashes, be more specific of exactly when, and your hardware.