View Full Version : what is the deal with kurtis

24th Jun 2003, 09:31
i download more footage on Lar and Kurtis and I thought what is the deal with this dude he looks half asleep in the ad. It's as if Lara needs to smack him in the head to wake him up. I thought it was funny. Lara of course was her usual happy self in the footage breaking knecks and beating the **** out of people.

24th Jun 2003, 10:34
LOL, what are you talking about? The new Trailer on the official site shows a lot more of Kurtis, and he's doin' his action thing. They're all cutscenes mainly, although they do show that he is actually the one that fights 2 big bosses in the game, not Lara. Indeed, he is able to outperform her in the end, so he's very much awake, and it's him that slaps her around at first! I was like a lot of other people around here, "new character, what is this BS?! I don't want a new character!" Until i met him in the game, he's a male Lara, just what the series needs to help bring in more people. I wish people on these forums would open their eyes a bit more.

Leigh Croft
24th Jun 2003, 10:37
Yeah, have you not seen cut scene footage of him, take a look, im sure your oppinion will change!