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24th Jun 2003, 04:52
Hey ya...

Just thought that those of you who enjoy finding the secrets and discovering all you can....I found something interesting that I've not seen in the walkthrough guide or on-line as of yet.

In the Parisian Ghetto stage, in the gym/church...you can find a diamond ring in the rafters. I found it quite by accident, but pretty neat to go there. Also helps you to learn how to jump onto very small sections. Seeing as how the rafters are very narrow.

You find it by going to the altar and pushing the block to the left. Climb up and then walk up to the beige wall with black holes or cracks (whichever it looks to you) and she will climb up. Now, once you are there the camera will not move so you have to get organized and play with it a bit in order to jump onto your first rafter....but, once there the camera goes back to normal.

Note...there are other goodies along the little ledges before you climb the beige wall as well.

....no biggie...just for fun....


29th Jun 2003, 11:43

2nd Jul 2003, 16:28
Another Secret in da Ghetto....
Actually a bug. If you switch between ghetto sections, you know where it has to load the next one, all the goodies come back. You can load up on all the money possible! Hey, I knew Lara was rich, but this is ridiculous! Enjoy