View Full Version : ....do you have to talk to Bernard??????

24th Jun 2003, 04:43
Hello all....have a quick question? I've completed the Parisian Ghetto (I know I'm behind, but haven't got to play much)....but, I didn't get to speak to Bernard in the garden and I didn't get to gain entry to the Garage. Are either of these necessary for this stage? Evidently not, because I'm in the Louvre Storm now....

What do you think? Should I go on or return to the Ghetto...I have it saved outside of Rennes' Pawn Shop.....


24th Jun 2003, 06:30
I really don't think you need to cause I didn't do that stuff either and I'm far from that place now.

24th Jun 2003, 07:08

Wow thanks a bunch...I was worried for a second there...


24th Jun 2003, 09:42
You pretty much choose your course, you can either go with Pierre or Bernard. Bernard gives you keys to the garage and you take the garage to get into Le Serpent Rouge. Pierre gives you the keys to the back door. I think the item pickup is the same for both routes. You can't really backtrack to the garage from inside the club, and i haven't tried going up the other way. I started a new game to see how fast i could get through in one day (ended up saving over my old one purposely because first time through i was just trying to get through, second time i was getting all the pickups). And hey, i'm almost done, so that's cool. But yeah, doesn't matter, you choose your destiny by who you choose to talk to first. I picked Pierre the second time because of Kurtis being in the Cafe, though. Hehe.

24th Jun 2003, 10:31
Thanks all...

I guess I'm still in the 'old TR' mode...where you have to get everything or you regret it the further you go.

I think I'm getting the jist of it...I just worry I'll get somewhere and not have what I need to go further.


24th Jun 2003, 10:41
Well, if that ever happens, look me up around here or something, i've got the game pretty much down-pat. I'm sure you'll get stuck up in the Louvre storm drain, but i got through it in 10 minutes last time i went through. And you'll hate the Hall of Seasons, i'm sure you'll need help there. I'm around every day, though.

24th Jun 2003, 14:18
I would suggest the next time you play the game through to take the alternate routes. There are different things to do that way and it might help to keep your second or third time through fresh. Here's some I know:

There's two ways to get through the rooftops area, two ways to get into the Serpent Rouge, and two ways for the graveyard.

Maybe some other people know more. This is as far as I've gotten.