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24th Jun 2003, 00:59
I normally don't say things like this.. Ok.. I do..

I see a lot of this here..

"Tomb Raider is dead to me"

"Damn eidos for taking to long to put this game out"

"Damn eidos.. for putting out this game with bugs"

"This game blows.. the graphics aren't perfect"

"This game blows.. Lara runs slow"

"Eidos Blows.. why isn't it out in the UK Yet"

"This is to expensive"

It's called growing up. This is such a not an issue. A issue is.. "My child is sick and my medical insurance won't cover it".. or "my aunt is dying from alien cooties"... or "my girlfriend is pregnant and I'm a woman"..

50 dollars is dirt cheap.. if you can't afford it.. get a new job. The developers work overtime to get a product out.. they test it and test it and test it.. They use their imagination to create these games. I probably have more respect for developers then I do for musicians since music is so easily cloned.. a great game is not..

Or just wait till it's in the 20 dollar bin.. that's always a year later.. And by then there will be patches..

Everyone kept saying they were taking soooo long.. All everyone did was complain.. Then we get the game and now it's too soon..

As for console bugs.. well it is a console. This is why I do the pc thing.. I can patch..

I'm having issues with soul reaver 2 now.. video issue.. Trying to figure it out.. Maybe I'll write eidos and say how evil they are. More like a directx issue.. Or if I remember right.. that game never did like being installed to my d drive.. it seems to only like to run off of the c drive.. Odd lil creature but I love that game so I'll figure it out.. But I don't take this out on Eidos.. they distrubute games.. Not every game is going to be perfect.. Bugs come with lfie.. be it a car, a tv, a vcr, or whatever..

Get over it.. it's a 50 dollar cd..

24th Jun 2003, 01:30
How encouraging. Another sane person. That's the third or fourth one this week.

24th Jun 2003, 03:46
Originally posted by Deviancy
I normally don't say things like this.. Ok.. I do..

50 dollars is dirt cheap.. if you can't afford it.. get a new job. The developers work overtime to get a product out.. they test it and test it and test it.. They use their imagination to create these games. I probably have more respect for developers then I do for musicians since music is so easily cloned.. a great game is not..

See... This is where you go astray. If they tested and tested and tested it wouldnt be buggy as heck. More like they tested and tested and ooops..deadline..ship this puppy

Or just wait till it's in the 20 dollar bin.. that's always a year later.. And by then there will be patches..

This is also faulty thinking and is the crux of the problem with games today. Patches. In the days of Kings Quest and Zork there were no patches. Games had to work and they had to work right the first time. Patches allow developers to put out a substandard product because..they can always patch it later. Then after about 30 pathches they put up a notice saying they are closing the forum and there will be no more patches. But yes. I will buy it when it hits the 20 dollar bin. I dont care what kind of poor game I buy for 20$ I figure ill get something out of it.

As for console bugs.. well it is a console. This is why I do the pc thing.. I can patch..

Yes but Tomb Raider is Eidos's Signature Playstation series. It started there and it always debuts there. Playstation and Tomb Raider are synonymous. (sp?) You would think and hope they would want to put their best foot forward. Furthermore, Just because we have consoles doesnt mean we should have to grab our ankles. We pay the same price as PC users and the problem with PC's is. Every game requires you to upgrade. Like the current trend to make all games not work with Voodoo Cards. I must have missed the ban on Voodoo code.

Get over it.. it's a 50 dollar cd..

24th Jun 2003, 04:15
You pay for value. The amount of time that someone spends building something is not relevant.

24th Jun 2003, 06:14
Yeah.. f@#@ hard work.. Well you still get right to the point.. We're talking about 49.95.. that's a lil more then a carton of smokes which lasts the average smoker a week.. That's the price of seeing 5 movies at the theater.. without popcorn and soda.. That's one date.. well half a date.. If you take someone out and only shell out 50 yer cheap.. That's two tanks of gas if yer lucky..

You want too much.. expect to much..

I saw this with Max Payne.. lots of whining.. Meanwhile the majority had a blast..

And get this.. I was having that soul reaver 2 issue.. I just saw green when I'd load it.. It was my geforce 4.. I had a geforce 3 before.. I went to the eidos site.. it said to go into the registry and change a 0 to a 1 and bingo.. works great..

Eidos sticks by their gamers. I was let down that I never got Tomb Raider 5 to work on xp.. but then again it was a free copy.. wasn't the original so I blamed that on myself..

Reviewing something.. even critiquing stuff is fun.. I take shots at silly bands all the time cuz they copy other bands and that irks me. If there are serious flaws with this game.. and I mean serious.. like crashing.. And if these problems are wide spread.. Then I'll get out the signs and support the other side.. But I still won't whine to much since I'm only out a 50.. Now if this was over a car that set me back 20k or something.. I'd be saying the stuff some of the ranters are saying here..

Hey.. I used to demand alot for 50.. Then I grew up and realized things in life are expensive as hell.. So I need to focus on more serious issues like taking my car to get fixed or keeping up my dental insurance or stuff like that.. Hell, a crown costs close to 1k.. dental work is pricey.. And if my crown is screwed up I'll whine.. but over a 50 dollar cd? c'mon.. Go save a monkey or join greenpeace.. use that energy for something productive..

Otherwise people are just gonna play the worlds smallest violin for ya.. You've seen that right?

It's funny..

24th Jun 2003, 06:32
And also remember who the people were who were pushing and demanding the game.. the ones who whined about how it kept getting pushed back.. Imagine how buggy it would have been if those whiney ones got their way. Imagine if it would have come out in November...

Hey, my job is a quality assurance type of job.. We focus on the major issues and then we go over the little ones if there's time.. Minor issues are remedied much easier.. it's called ebay.. if you don't like it.. sell it..

IF the pc version is buggy.. I'll give them a few months to release patches.. I was patient with XP and it's one of the most solid os's to date now. Well it's no linux.. but for ms it's pretty damn solid..

24th Jun 2003, 07:19
I have'nt played it yet, and I'm only saying what the complaners are pointing out!

50$ is rippoff, it's really hard to earn it and live off of it, with things like Debt, Children, and Bills... If the game has glitches that drive you crazy, thats NOT a good thing!

I plan on playing it as soon as Eidos releases a demo! or also wait until I can get it for a cheap price!

24th Jun 2003, 07:54
Tomb Raider.. just looks fun.. Only issue I have with it is the new character but eh.. I remember having to use the lil girl in resident evil 2 and carlos in resident evil 3.. kind of annoying but still a challenge..

This weekend we'll all be on the same level.. the ps2 and pc peeps should have their copies in the uS.. Then we can compare notes.. and we'll see who's right and who's wrong

Is 50 pricey? depends.. I have lots of expenses myself.. Shelling out a few k for dental work.. But this game is going to hopefully be somthing I can enjoy after the pain hehe.

I've been buying to many games tho.. I actually bought the hulk.. not a bad game.. but eh.. The bruce banner levels are gay btw..

I just have faith in eidos and core.. if there are flaws they will fix them.. Unlike some companies that just say.. "who cares"..

The most buggy game I've played had to be Messiah from shiny which is funny since mAtrix comes close and shiny has their name on it.. No crash bugs really but choppy odd stuff.. But I still enjoyed playing Messiah.. I had fun.. More of a novelty game tho really.. just fun kicking ass as a cherub and possessing people..

Anywho now that I got soul reaver 2 to work I should actually play it.. Everytime I get half way through it I end up restoring the os and having to start over.. This time i'll save my games to floppy.. or cdrw..

Only thing eidos did that I never liked was not even trying to make updates for the older tomb raiders so that they'd work well with xp.. I mean I can't expect them to update a game everytime a new os comes out but it would have been nice. It's funny tho.. I can get the first one to still work.. just not the 4th and 5th.. I get those icky stalls.. Most likely a video issue.. but eh.. They were the past.. Angel of Darkness is the future..

Err correction..

I could get the 5th to work.. it was the third that had the stalls..

24th Jun 2003, 12:01
I don't see what all this arguing is bout??it's a new n anticipated game so it'll obiously be x-pensive, n as for bugs, every game has it's share(of course some have few xtras).
I mean it's ur choice u wanna spend 50$ for it or not, EDIOS is'nt forcing people to buy it, n if u think 50$ is xpensive, why don't u guys come on down to kwt n see the prices. even a not so good game will cost ariund 15K.D, that's around 45$.
u guys over the should consider ur-selves lucky.:rolleyes:

24th Jun 2003, 17:44
Hey at this you didn't have to make the game. That's pretty hard.

24th Jun 2003, 18:09
Deviance:I dont care about the rest of the stuff you said, but the way you talk about money is disgusting. Id rather give 50 dollars away to a poor person rather than blow it up some rich company's ass. Your attitude towards money makes you look like a spoilt brat of a rich dad or a someone unemployed who relies on others' money. Respect the money you earn, coz when you dont, you will regret. Dont know about you, but most people want value for their money that they worked for.

As for me, I am a student and have other expenses as well and I certainly wouldnt want to blow it on a poor game. The game's not out in the uk yet, but i might buy it if a majority of TR fans are happy with it.

24th Jun 2003, 18:32
Yup.. that's me.. I don't work 40 hours a week listening to people like you whine about not being able to get online.. Meanwhile you have the modem unplugged hehe.. Being in the industry for 10 years has taught me one thing.. Most issues with games, hardware and net stuff is user error.. I've done a lil of everything in the industry except for programming games.. To hard for me.. But I respect them for what they do.. it's ****ing hard work and it takes intelligence.

Whining however doesn't take much intelligence..

Old lesson.. you get what you pay for..

And if you're a student and can't afford it that's fine.. I can relate, I've been there. But I didn't go the forums and say.. "waah.. I'm a poor student.. I want more then this".. That's not their problem, they make games. Hell, I wish cd's were only 6 dollars.. I could do a lot with the money I saved. But if I enjoy a bands music I'll buy their cd because I enjoy it. And if I'm scraping by during that time then I'll wait till I can afford the cd.

No one has a gun to anyones head saying buy this game or die.. If you think this is a poor game.. then you know where the door is.

And if it makes you feel any better.. I give spare change to the homeless but I make sure they get food with it.. Most of them buy booze.. So I mainly just give to causes I believe in.. I play games here and there during the week.. It's not my life so a iffy game doesn't destroy me I'm afraid..

Maybe I'm in the wrong place..

24th Jun 2003, 18:32
Im a college student also, and I have lots of other things i have to spend my money on...ei. Rent, Insurance and so on and so forth. But I also am working a full time job and know that most of my money is already gone before i get it. But i have to agree with him that I know that the money i have i will spend on entertainment purposes and a good game will do that. So for me 50 bucks is always well spent on a good video game.

go devieant :)

Mangar The Dark
24th Jun 2003, 18:56
Originally posted by Deviancy

Whining however doesn't take much intelligence..

Old lesson.. you get what you pay for..

...but then shouldn't the game be excellent if it has a $50 price tag?

Don't get me wrong, you have some valid points, and I agree with you that whining isn't productive. But $50 IS a lot of money, even for people like you and me, who work 40 hours a week and bring home a decent paycheck. I've stopped buying full-price games quite a while back because I've had one too many disappointments. Two bad games = $100 down the drain; that's a significant chunk of change to be throwing away. And if, as you said, gaming isn't your life, then isn't that even more reason why $50 is a high price to pay? I will buy AOD when it comes out for the PC, but only because I have a $30 gift certificate. I would not spend $50 on ANY game anymore. There are too many other things I could use that money on-- let me rummage through a library sale, and I could come home with a stack of hardcover novels for under $10; let me loose in the bargain section of a software store, and I'll be able to come home with a few great games for under $25; or take me to a tag sale, and I'll be able to furnish my house with new stuff for a lot less than $50.

(oh, and you might want to drop the pissed-off attitude. If the people on this forum bother you so much, why are you here?)

24th Jun 2003, 19:15
Ur absolutely rite mangar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i've bought a few xpensive games too, n boy do i get sick when they sucks.Sometimes i feel that the shop from where i nuy cd's just rips people off:mad: n to top it all of when i enter the damn shop i see the big sigh saying "GOODS ONCE SOLD CANNOT BE EXCHANGED"!
i mean wht the f**k, wht ever game i ask him bout , he'll say "oh yes, great game, played it myself"!!!so i said to my self,, " this can only mean 2 things, 1.He's rippin gme off, or 2. He has real bad taste in games.
so nowadays i first look at a ton of different reviews, register to forums just like these n see first hand wht the PROUD owners of the games have to say.
N by the comments of some of the members on this sight i'm having 2nd toughts bout buying it when it comes out.:rolleyes:

24th Jun 2003, 20:18
Deviance: I dont think you got my point. I am not talking about TR in particular but if someone is disappointed with the game, then they have just payed 50 dollars for a piece of plastic. No one and yes no one should be paying 50 dollars for a piece of plastic including you with your big modem job. Maybe you are a really good person in life but you cannot say "Get over it.. it's a 50 dollar cd.." Would you listen to yourself.

To all:I think there's a '1 week, no questions asked,' return guarantee if you buy from GAME and many other places. Just return it if you dont like it, rather than ebaying. I am sure most people will still want to keep it, its TR.

24th Jun 2003, 20:21
Maybe its just me but i like keeping my crappy games...reminds me that I was stupid enough to buy it :)

ie...Unreal 2 :)

24th Jun 2003, 20:31
50 bucks?

One word my friends....


You should see a ton of TR6 games coming through anytime now!:D