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Wee Bald Man
23rd Jun 2003, 21:00
* EDIT: New site up and running now: www.earthacademy.net *

Hello folks,

As from 30th June 2003, www.weebaldman.com will be closing down.

It currently hosts several TRLE related sites:

Unmodified WADs Resource (http://www.weebaldman.com/TR_Unmod_WADs/index.html)
Original WADs from TR1, 2 and 3.

LBPR - Level Building Program Resource (http://www.weebaldman.com/LBPR/index.html)
Most of the tools and all their versions ever released for TRLE editing.

TR Media Player (No longer active).
A tool (still under development) which allows you to launch media files (movies and sound) from within your custom level - particularly useful for triggering FMVs.

Why is the site closing down?

Two reasons:

1) Major reason: Money. I can't justify the cost of running it. Although there have been over 40,000 visitors since the site opened a year ago, there haven't been enough downloads (only 3 Gb).

2) Minor reason: Vanity. :D I don't like my username (Wee Bald Man). It was chosen in a hurry and I kind of got stuck with it once I began to participate in the forums.

The entire site has been backed up to my hard drive and will be uploaded to a new site as soon as I can afford to host a new one again (and I've thought of a new domain name). But it may be a few months before that happens.

So... if anyone wants anything from it, now's the time to get it. :)


P.S. I'm not leaving the forums, nor am I intending to stop TR level editing. So, please don't post any "I told you so, the forum's dying etc" replies in this thread. :D

23rd Jun 2003, 21:09
Sorry to see it go my friend, but thanks for letting us know.

I am still trying to get my own Tomb Raider site up and running, but as soon as I do, i'll let you know, and you can upload your site to it if you like. ;)

Wee Bald Man
23rd Jun 2003, 22:36
Originally posted by dhama
I am still trying to get my own Tomb Raider site up and running, but as soon as I do, i'll let you know, and you can upload your site to it if you like. ;)

That's very kind Dhama. :) If after you have got your site up and running you have any room left, and you still want to host anything, the total sizes are:

Level Building Program Resource (LBPR) = 198 Mb
Unmodified WADs = 80Mb (TR1=16 Mb, TR2=33 Mb, TR3=31 Mb)

In order for the LBPR to function properly, someone would have to contact Oleg (TheMask) and ask him to update the links in his program. However, if he was not possible to contact, or you felt that the total was too much to host, then you could choose whatever programs you wanted for your site.

If you like, I could send all the programs to you on a CD to save you time.

This is the complete list of all the TRLE programs I have and their size:

3D_AI_Editor.zip 0.07 MB
AddPage_v15.zip 0.15 MB
ATexture_v10.zip 0.15 MB
autosave_eradicator.msi 1.38 MB
BartTool.zip 0.17 MB
Bink_Player.exe 1.31 MB
BmpToRaw1.zip 0.01 MB
BmpToRaw2.zip 0.02 MB
BmpToRaw3.zip 0.18 MB
captur22.zip 0.03 MB
ComDlg32_OCX.zip 0.06 MB
CutScene_Editor.zip 0.02 MB
DataRaider.sit 1.10 MB
DebugLog.zip 0.02 MB
dos4gw.zip 0.14 MB
EasyLife.zip 0.00 MB
EditCut.zip 1.74 MB
FexItem_v20.zip 0.15 MB
fixed_tom2pc.zip 0.06 MB
FlatlandIE.exe 0.77 MB
FlatlandNS.exe 1.35 MB
FloorEdit_v22.zip 0.08 MB
FloorEdit_v23.zip 0.09 MB
FloorEdit_v25_Beta.zip 0.13 MB
FloorEdit_v27.zip 0.16 MB
FloorEdit_v28.zip 0.23 MB
FloorEdit_v29.exe 0.23 MB
FloorEdit_v30.exe 0.29 MB
FloorEdit_v31.exe 0.30 MB
FontEdit.zip 0.01 MB
GameFlow_Script_Converter_v11.zip 0.03 MB
GetLara_v10.zip 0.06 MB
glut_376.zip 0.11 MB
index.html 0.00 MB
jack_v13.zip 0.25 MB
jenny.zip 0.01 MB
jre-1_1_8_005-win.exe 2.63 MB
LaraPosition.zip 0.15 MB
LB_mp3_2_wav.zip 0.65 MB
LBPR_v10.exe 0.33 MB
le_winxp_theme_support.zip 0.04 MB
Level_Archiver_v20.exe 0.04 MB
Level_Archiver_v32.exe 0.14 MB
Level_Info.zip 0.80 MB
Map_Viewer_v13.zip 0.24 MB
Map_Viewer_v13b.zip 0.21 MB
Map_Viewer_v14.zip 0.24 MB
Map_Viewer_v15.zip 0.05 MB
McWAD_TexEdit_v10b1.sit 0.54 MB
McWAD_TexEdit_v11.hqx 0.73 MB
McWAD_TexEdit_v12.hqx 0.74 MB
McWAD_TexEdit_v121.hqx 1.47 MB
McWAD_ToolBox_v10b1.hqx 0.77 MB
McWAD_ToolBox_v10b3.hqx 1.54 MB
MeshJack_Beta3.zip 0.14 MB
MetaSequoia_LE_v21.zip 1.81 MB
MetaSequoia_LE_v22_Beta1.zip 1.88 MB
MetaSequoia_v217.zip 2.04 MB
MetaSequoia_v223.zip 2.40 MB
MS_Data_Access_Components.exe 7.49 MB
Msinet_OCX.zip 0.06 MB
Msstdfmt.dll 0.11 MB
Msvbvm60.dll 1.32 MB
pcxdmp93.zip 0.14 MB
PixStr_v100.zip 0.48 MB
PRJBuilder.exe 0.02 MB
PRJMerge_v10.zip 0.03 MB
PRJMerge_v102.zip 0.03 MB
PRJMerge_v11.zip 0.04 MB
ReMap_v10.zip 0.17 MB
ReMap_v20.zip 0.18 MB
ReMap_v22_Beta.zip 0.18 MB
Re-Script.exe 0.04 MB
Return2_v10.zip 0.17 MB
Return2_v20_Beta.zip 0.18 MB
Runtime.zip 2.04 MB
Rview_v2_Beta.zip 0.24 MB
Rview_v202.zip 0.24 MB
Rview_v300.zip 0.26 MB
Rview_v305_Rev_C.zip 0.59 MB
Rview_v35_Rev_B.zip 0.25 MB
Rview_v40.zip 0.40 MB
Rview_v452.zip 0.39 MB
Rview_v46_revised.zip 0.42 MB
Rview_v47_config.zip 0.00 MB
Rview_v50_Rev_0.zip 0.43 MB
ScreenThief_v101.zip 0.35 MB
ScreenThief_v158.zip 0.13 MB
Script_Editor_for_TRLR.zip 0.22 MB
ScriptEditingStudio.zip 0.04 MB
ScriptGenerator_1.15.exe 0.16 MB
ScriptGenerator_v11.exe 1.59 MB
ScriptGenerator_v20.exe 1.12 MB
ShrinKit1.zip 0.01 MB
ShrinKit2.zip 0.01 MB
Snap3Dfx.zip 0.37 MB
SoundCreator_v10.zip 0.09 MB
SoundJack_v02.zip 0.14 MB
SoundRaider.sit 0.09 MB
StrPix_3_ATI.zip 0.32 MB
StrPix_3_Beta2.exe 0.29 MB
StrPix_3_Beta3.exe 0.64 MB
StrPix_3_Beta4.exe 0.66 MB
StrPix_3_Beta5.exe 0.66 MB
StrPix_v30_Beta.zip 0.31 MB
StrPix_v30_Beta_R01.zip 0.31 MB
StrPix_v340.zip 0.32 MB
StrPix_v341.zip 0.67 MB
StrPix_v351.exe 0.66 MB
StrPix_v352.exe 0.67 MB
StrPix_v353.zip 0.32 MB
StrPix_v36.zip 0.35 MB
StrPix_v36_Collision.zip 0.32 MB
StrPix_v361.zip 0.32 MB
StrPix_v362.zip 0.32 MB
StrPix_v370.zip 0.09 MB
StrPix_v380.exe 0.67 MB
StrPix_v381.zip 0.32 MB
StrPix_v382.zip 0.38 MB
StrPix_v391.zip 0.38 MB
StrPix1.zip 0.16 MB
StrPix2.zip 0.16 MB
Studio_Tekstur.zip 0.18 MB
SwitchDAT_Fix_for_WADMerger_v19_Rev_2.zip 0.04 MB
Tabctl32.ocx 0.20 MB
TBuilder_v12.zip 0.02 MB
TBuilder_v13.zip 0.02 MB
TBuilder_v131.zip 0.02 MB
TBuilder_v132.zip 0.02 MB
TES_filterpack_1.zip 0.02 MB
TES_standard_filters.zip 0.02 MB
TES_v10.zip 0.21 MB
TES_v12.zip 0.21 MB
TES_v13.zip 0.20 MB
TES_v14.zip 0.19 MB
TES_v15.zip 0.30 MB
TES_v16.zip 0.37 MB
TES_v17.zip 0.27 MB
TES_v18.zip 0.40 MB
TextureAssign_v103.zip 1.96 MB
TextureAssign_v110.zip 2.00 MB
TextureAssign_v160.zip 2.02 MB
TextureEdit_v10.zip 2.37 MB
TextureEdit_v15.zip 0.07 MB
TextureEdit_v151.exe 1.77 MB
TextureEdit_v20.zip 2.60 MB
TextureEdit_v201.zip 2.67 MB
TextureEdit_v30_Basic.zip 2.67 MB
TextureEdit_v301_Basic.zip 2.67 MB
TextureEdit_v4_Beta.msi 2.78 MB
TextureEdit_v41_Beta.zip 0.11 MB
TextureEdit_v42_Beta.zip 0.05 MB
TextureJack.zip 0.25 MB
TextureMagic.zip 3.29 MB
Tomb_Raider_SaveGame_Editor_v125.zip 0.33 MB
TombEdit_v323.zip 1.05 MB
TombRaider_Flares_v02.zip 0.11 MB
TombRipper_v21.zip 0.11 MB
TombRipper_v22.zip 0.11 MB
TR_Analize_v10.zip 0.18 MB
TR_Exe_v10.zip 0.24 MB
TR_Exe_v11.zip 0.24 MB
TR_Exe_v20.zip 0.25 MB
TR_Exe_v30.zip 0.28 MB
TR_Exe_v40.zip 0.30 MB
TR_Exe_v41.zip 0.30 MB
TR_Exe_v42.zip 0.30 MB
TR_Exe_v43.zip 0.31 MB
TR_Gold_Utils.zip 0.07 MB
TR_Media_Player_v10.zip 0.22 MB
TR_Prj_v10.zip 0.20 MB
TR_Prj_v15.zip 0.21 MB
TR_Prj_v16.zip 0.23 MB
TR_Prj_v17.zip 0.24 MB
TR_Prj_v20.zip 0.26 MB
TR_Texture_Manager_v100_Beta.zip 0.23 MB
TR_Texture_Manager_v25_Rev_0.zip 0.32 MB
TR_Texture_Manager_v26_Rev_0.zip 0.31 MB
TR_Texture_Manager_v26_Rev_0_Ita.zip 0.31 MB
TR_Texture_Manager_v26_Rev_1.zip 0.46 MB
TR_Viewer_v042.zip 0.40 MB
TR_Viewer_v050.zip 0.41 MB
TR_Viewer_v075.zip 0.42 MB
TR_Viewer_v082.zip 0.45 MB
TR_Viewer_v090.zip 0.46 MB
TR_Viewer_v095.zip 0.51 MB
TR_Viewer_v100.zip 0.53 MB
TR_Viewer_v101.zip 0.53 MB
TR_Wad_v10.zip 0.32 MB
TR_Wad_v11.zip 0.32 MB
TR_Wad_v12.zip 0.32 MB
TR2_816bit.sit 0.01 MB
TR2Prj_v10.zip 0.08 MB
TR2Prj_v20.zip 0.57 MB
TR2Prj_v21.zip 0.57 MB
TR2Prj_v21_Fixed.zip 0.51 MB
Tr2ToBmp_v10.zip 0.02 MB
TR2Wad_Runtime.zip 2.04 MB
Tr2Wad_v10.exe 0.06 MB
Tr2Wad_v12.zip 0.09 MB
Tr2Wad_v13_Beta_1.exe 0.16 MB
Tr2Wad_v13_Beta_2.exe 0.31 MB
Tr2Wad_v14.zip 0.25 MB
Tr2Wad_v15.zip 0.31 MB
Tr2Wad_v16.zip 0.20 MB
Tr2Wad_v17_Beta_1_TRC.exe 0.23 MB
Tr2WAD1.7beta2.exe 0.24 MB
TR3_Viewer_Application.zip 0.03 MB
TR3cheatwin_v1804.zip 0.69 MB
TR4PixConvert.zip 0.20 MB
TR4ScriptEdit.zip 0.20 MB
TR4TextEdit.zip 0.20 MB
TR5_Room_Viewer.zip 0.21 MB
TR5_SaveGame_Editor_v10.zip 1.40 MB
TR5_Script_Viewer.zip 0.01 MB
TrC2Tr4.zip 0.22 MB
TReditor2D.zip 0.51 MB
TReditor2D_Update_3.zip 0.51 MB
TReditor3D_v10_Revision_A.zip 0.42 MB
TReditor3D_v10_Revision_B.zip 0.77 MB
TReditor3D_v10_Revision_B_Fixed.zip 0.50 MB
TReditor3D_v10_Revision_B_Upgrade.zip 0.65 MB
TReditor3D_v15.ZIP 0.46 MB
TReditor3D_v20_Revision_1.zip 1.97 MB
TReditor3D_v25.zip 2.11 MB
TReditor3D_v30.zip 0.48 MB
TReditor3D_v40.zip 0.85 MB
TReditor3D_v41.zip 0.61 MB
TReditor3D_v41_Ita.zip 1.13 MB
TReditor3D_v42_RevisedEdition.zip 0.62 MB
TReditor3D_v43.zip 0.62 MB
TReditor3D_v44_Revision_0.zip 0.87 MB
TReditor3D_v45_RevisedEdition.zip 0.88 MB
TRFix.zip 0.03 MB
TRItem_3D_08'17'2001.zip 0.51 MB
TRitem_3D_v002.zip 0.22 MB
TRItem_June_08'2000_2D.zip 0.07 MB
TRItem_Nov_18'2000_3D.zip 0.41 MB
TRitem_Test_Version_00238c.zip 0.25 MB
TRitem_v001L.zip 0.12 MB
TRitem_v011001.zip 0.47 MB
TRitem_v011201.zip 0.38 MB
TRitem_v012601.zip 0.40 MB
TRItem_v082501.zip 0.40 MB
TRitem_v092500.zip 0.32 MB
TRitem_v101400.zip 0.35 MB
TRitem_v102900.zip 0.35 MB
TRitem_v111000.zip 0.41 MB
TRitem_v122300.zip 0.45 MB
TRitem_v123100.zip 0.46 MB
TRLE_FileTypeFixer_v10.hqx 0.01 MB
TRLEMate_v10.zip 0.84 MB
TRLI_v10.zip 2.30 MB
TRlight.zip 0.01 MB
TRLS_Beta.zip 2.30 MB
TRMerger.zip 0.01 MB
TRPhoenix.zip 0.07 MB
TRposEditor_v100117.zip 0.43 MB
TRposEditor_v20127.zip 0.44 MB
TRposEditor_v20149.zip 0.44 MB
TRProject.zip 2.14 MB
TRproject_update.zip 0.07 MB
TR-Research_Runtimes.exe 3.65 MB
TR-Research_v25_Beta_Mprager_Edition.exe 0.94 MB
TR-Research_v3.exe 2.55 MB
TR-Research_v35.exe 2.88 MB
TR-Research_v39_InsomniaMK_Edition.exe 2.87 MB
TR-Research_v39_Michael_Prager_Edition.exe 2.92 MB
TR-Research_v39_Original_Edition.exe 2.86 MB
TR-Research_v39_The_Fipes_Edition.exe 2.86 MB
TR-Research_v39_TombRaiders_it_Edition.exe 2.84 MB
TR-Research_v39_Videogame_it_Edition.exe 2.86 MB
TR-Research_v39_Von_Croy_Edition.exe 2.89 MB
TRscp_v16.zip 0.17 MB
TRscp_v19.zip 0.19 MB
TR-Screener_v20.exe 0.01 MB
TRScripter.zip 0.20 MB
TRsgEditor_v5021.zip 0.31 MB
TRsgEditor_v5056.zip 0.42 MB
TRsgEditor_v60167.zip 0.43 MB
TRsgEditor_v60175.zip 0.43 MB
TRsound_v10_build_266.zip 1.69 MB
Trtextur.zip 0.15 MB
TRueMesh_v09.zip 0.14 MB
TRueView_v10.zip 0.20 MB
TRueView_v10_for_Linux.gz 0.07 MB
TRUnpacker.zip 0.20 MB
TRWadEd.zip 0.02 MB
TRWest_v100.zip 0.05 MB
TRWest_v200.zip 0.08 MB
TRWest_v200_Ita.zip 0.08 MB
TRx_v00.zip 0.01 MB
VBRun60sp4.exe 1.00 MB
vbrun60sp5.exe 1.00 MB
VTexture.zip 0.16 MB
WadAnimEdit.zip 1.20 MB
WADClasses.zip 0.03 MB
WADFixer.exe 0.03 MB
WadInfo.zip 2.41 MB
WadMerger_v10.exe 0.07 MB
WADMerger_v13.exe 1.50 MB
WADMerger_v14.exe 0.08 MB
WADMerger_v15.exe 0.10 MB
WADMerger_v16.zip 0.08 MB
WADMerger_v17.zip 0.78 MB
WADMerger_v17_Beta_1.exe 0.76 MB
WADMerger_v17_Beta_2.exe 1.95 MB
WADMerger_v17_Beta_3.zip 0.17 MB
WADMerger_v17_Beta_4a.exe 0.68 MB
WADMerger_v17_Beta_5.zip 0.22 MB
WADMerger_v17_Beta_6.zip 0.24 MB
WADMerger_v17_Beta_7_Without_Runtime.zip 0.26 MB
WADMerger_v17_Beta_8.zip 0.35 MB
WADMerger_v17_Revision_4.zip 0.89 MB
WADMerger_v18_Anim_Editor.zip 1.03 MB
WADMerger_v18_Beta.zip 0.95 MB
WADMerger_v18_Beta_2_Anim_Editor.zip 0.84 MB
WADMerger_v18_Beta_4.zip 0.90 MB
WADMerger_v19.zip 1.02 MB
WADMerger_v19_Rev_1_Update.zip 0.67 MB
WADMerger_v19_Revision_1.zip 1.02 MB
WADMerger_v19_Revision_2.zip 1.47 MB
WADMerger_v19_Revision_3.zip 1.32 MB
WADMerger_v19_Revision_4.zip 1.25 MB
wincpy31.zip 0.28 MB
XtractTRwavs.zip 0.02 MB

...phew, luckily I didn't have to type that by hand. :D


24th Jun 2003, 15:58

Ya know, I've never even been to that site before. But it's too bad it's going down for a while.

24th Jun 2003, 17:19
Sorry to see it go.

I always went to your site to get the tr1 wads because I don't have it for the pc.

I will have to download the whole archive of them right away.

25th Jun 2003, 18:26
yeah vanity is important! :D speaking of which, were you going to wait until this last minute to make that bottom link work? :p
seriously, we want to see your monkey....I mean...err....your hamster!


sorry to hear the fall of a great. I'll download trle stuff from the site and upload it on mine. or if you want, I could download the entire site (someone gave me a handy program for that ;)) and upload the whole site as a temporary mirror on my site (I've done it with the TRwest site after that one disappeared)

let me know

26th Jun 2003, 05:10
driber you can copy them to the geckokid.com domain.. feel free to.

Wee Bald Man
26th Jun 2003, 09:38
Originally posted by DriberBallZ
yeah vanity is important! :D speaking of which, were you going to wait until this last minute to make that bottom link work? :p
Lol - well, seeing as vanity has become an important issue for me, I promise to put a little bit more effort into completing that section whenever the next re-incarnation of this site occurs. :)

A temporary mirror would be very useful. http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gif I have to change some of the links in the sites, and also clean up all the irrelevant files on the server. When I'm done, I'll let you know. If it's too late for you to download it, I will send it to you on a CD (Dhama will also be receiving this CD).

Only the Unmodified WADs site and the LBPR tools need to be mirrored (the TR Media Player tool needs a new programmer so I need to find someone who wants to help finishing it before I can put that site up again).

The LBPR program will not work until TheMask updates the links in his program so that they point to a new server (they are currently pointing to weebaldman.com). So, unless he can do that, the tools will have to be listed so that peeps can choose which one they want to download.

GeckoKid - thank you for offering webspace. :)


Wee Bald Man
26th Jun 2003, 21:03
Okay - Mr BallZ, the site has been modified and is now ready for your web-sucking device. :D

If you want me to send the sites on CD - let me know.

Thanks and warm wishes. :)


27th Jun 2003, 07:26
well since you offered, I think I'll let my sucking device have a rest ( :o ) and take you up on your gracious CD offer. I believe you have my addy :)

about adjusting the links....would it be a good idea if The Mask links the tools to an URL redirector?
All the links could go to http://lbpr.cjb.net/nameofprogram, for example: http://lbpr.cjb.net/TRWest_v200.zip (working link)
Once you'll have your site back, I could make the redirector go to your site.
On the down side, the cjb.net service does pop-up an advertisement. If anyone knows any better ones, speak out! :D

GeckoKid - thank you for offering shameless self-promotio....I mean....webspace :p
jk man :D thanks :)

[edit: speeling errors, gotta love 'em!]

29th Jun 2003, 01:25
I downloaded the TR1 2 and 3 wads. How would you get it so they'll work in your levels? Is there a specific tool?