View Full Version : In "The Burricks Head Inn" I know were the gem is but can't get it.

Keeper Collins
23rd Jun 2003, 20:26
The Angle's Tear is behind a pianting right? It's the pianting of the pregnet woman in the white dress swaying in the wind. You find right after you enter the penthouse from the balcony. How can I open it and get the saffire?

23rd Jun 2003, 21:22
OK Keeper...you need to look along the wall on the right side as you walk down the passage way toward the desk and look for a small round button like the design buttons on the wall. Or if your standing in the area of the painting...turn so your facing that wall away from the beds direction and walk straight ahead to that wall and look :) Ta and Good Hunting!

25th Jun 2003, 16:27
It's on the wall to your right as you're facing the desk. And it's easier to spot in v2 than the original - it's gold instead of the same color as the wall. :eek: