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23rd Jun 2003, 17:59
Ok, I can think of MILLIONS of reasons that TS3 should be on the PC insted of the next-gen systems. For starters, the Map-Maker support would be excellent! Uploading and downloading maps would be sooo easy! And they would be able to make a more detailed Map Maker, like UnrealEd or Q3Radiant, which will give users a chance to build much more detailed levels, insted of levels made with "pre made" pieces. Yeah, it's good for n00bs, but for hardcore gamers like me, it gets really annoying after a short time, cause' all your levels, more or less end up looking the same!! I make maps all the time with Q3Radiant and sometimes UnrealEd, and I was very dissapointed with the Editor in TS2. Too simple... Way too simple! I didn't have the freedom to create levels to my liking. And what's with the "free space" bar in the corner?? :mad: Nearly every time I make a map for TS2, I always run out of space! This is so damn annoying! I will hope to see a much better editor in TS3!

A PC version of TS3 could feature many other cool things too, like special weekly TS3 tournaments which would be sooo easy to set up! And chat! You could chat to other players as you play. It would be really cool, and I hope they do make it for PC.

Now, I've heard many of you say in the past that TimeSplitters is not ment for the PC cause' it doesn't have any jumping in it, or the speed isn't as fast as other PC first person shooters. Well I say your wrong!! TS3 would make a great PC game! So what if it doesn't have any jumping in it? So what if it isn't as fast paced as Half-Life or Q3? I think it would still make a really popular PC game! And I really think Free Rad would be making a big mistake it they didn't make it for PC!

Think about it... Just think abiout it.

23rd Jun 2003, 21:44
*Thinks about it*

I think TS is a great game and is an excellent console fps and I do see it working on a PC simply cos almost everythin works on pc.

*Thinks alil more*

The other thing is you've been mentioning TS3 which won't be out for awhile and all the things you said would make it great (easy map exchange, chat while playing, tournys, etc) can all be done on the next gen consoles and if not then they will be very soon (probably before TS3 comes out) so you can't say its better on PC simply cos it can do all those things.

*Brain starts to hurt from all the thinkin :( *

I think the best thing would be for it to come out on next gen consoles & pc, sure it means alil more work for Free-Rad but on the plus side it could net them more money and bring TS to more people.

Ab ^_^

24th Jun 2003, 03:58
I think it would suck against other pc shooters.

The only reason i like it is because it's probably one of the few good console fps games that does the job right. It has great controls and great multiplayer.

But if TS was to move to the pc then it will be hated amongst most pc players. If compared to other games in single player and multiplayer, it will get wasted.

It doesn't have the freedom or story for singleplayer.
It doesn't have the freedom and speed for multiplayer.
Plus, people would hate the unbalanced player skins.
The console world is a LOT different to the pc world.
Timesplitters was definitely made for consoles. Very few console games make it out alive of the pc world.
I used to be a pc player but then my comp got crap and i turned to consoles.

I'm not saying timesplitters is a bad game, I'm just saying that the pc players WILL NOT like it.

24th Jun 2003, 11:12
Timesplitters is the pinnacle of split-screen multiplayer fps. To me, that means CONSOLE.

24th Jun 2003, 13:30
Originally posted by Reaperbot
I think it would suck against other pc shooters.

I'm not saying timesplitters is a bad game, I'm just saying that the pc players WILL NOT like it.

Thats why it should come out on both PC and consoles that way it doesn't matter if it does bad on pc and everyone is happy :D

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R10-9 beta
25th Jun 2003, 07:19
it would take a lot to run it :rolleyes:
i have a good comp but not a good 3dfx card

25th Jun 2003, 09:43
I can imagine since you said 3dfx (voodoo cards are the only ones that have 3dfx and they've stopped making them).

Cards aren't expensive anymore and you can get a decent one for £40-50, not that much further from getting a new game.

Ab ^_^