View Full Version : Some of you ask too many questions

23rd Jun 2003, 17:56
Some of you guys on here ask too many questions...i mean you get stuck for an hour and come on here to ask questions. The best part of the game is having difficulty figuring some of the puzzles out.

Now i could see if you were stuck for a few days or a week, but the game has only been out for 3 days.

be patient.

23rd Jun 2003, 18:30
I think you have just put your finger on the demographic who dictated that the "helping hand" was needed in this new game. *sigh*

*sighhhhhhhhh* :rolleyes:

23rd Jun 2003, 18:45
Some of you create too many new topics :rolleyes:

Edit: And answer them like me :D

23rd Jun 2003, 19:08
You are making a judgement in implying that someone should try harder or is of low IQ in asking questions. I think that is wrong. Maybe the person is really smart but too busy to spend a lot of time. Or perhaps they are new to this type of game and are just trying to have fun and finding it difficult. I could go on and on with the infinite possible reasons that someone might ask a question here on this forum. It's just not our business to determine whether or not they are deserving of an answer.

If you don't want to help them, fine. Let someone else do it.