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23rd Jun 2003, 17:26
After 3 days of playing the game nearly nonstop I have completed AOD. Heres my two cents...

First of all the environments were absolutly great. Eidos gets an A+ on rendering all these areas for Lara (and Kurtis) to run around in. One of the most memorable areas was le Serpant Rouge. Lights flashing, music pumping... it was by far my favorite area. It would have been even better if it was night outside and all the light was coming from the rigged lights, but hey it fit with the time of day, im not complaining, i still loved it the most.

The music was well done also. The techno in the nightclub was great, does anyone know where i can download it by the way? It seemed to very much fit the atmosphere appropriately. The music during the warehouse in Prague was also very good.

The story was definatly my favorite part. Aside from some bad story telling flaws (no introduction for Joachim Karel but somehow Lara knew him?The shapshifter idea just made it all look sloppy and was disapointing) I eagerly awaited to see the in game movies throughout the game, or another character to interact with. The character interaction is possibly the best addition to the game besides Kurtis of course, but well get onto him later. Is it just me or is Janice the greatest prostitute in the whole world? Another thing that greatly shocked me was how often they would kill off their characters. From what I had gathered by reading ever piece of literary info (interviews, previews, reviews) when it was released is that THIS story (AOD) was meant to carry on throughout the whole next generation series. I thought to myself upon seeing the Cabal defeated and the Nephilium that the story was pretty much wrapped up, aside from the whatever happend to Gunderson, the story is wrapped up. Dont get me wrong though, the story was great, I just hope that the sequel will have a great story also.

Great new items such as the breathing aparatus and the gas mask. The new health system is better but I think it should have been a power bar and or Lucozarade instead of candy. Since when is candy healthy?...

Now i come to the bad part of the review... THE BUGS. I only had the game crash once (which was odly when i was looking out at the Seine river (i think its the seine) in the parisian streets levels. There was also other cases where Lara was stuck in a falling motion between rocks and the game had to be reset or Lara would float down a ladder. These ones didnt bother me so much because it comes with every game. Plus when Lara was taking off her wetsuit she had on goggles in the following level. Why didnt she put them on when she was in the water. It looked very stupid but it went away after i saved and reloaded. One thing that I was not okay with was how I managed to get Kurtis stuck in the maximum security area when he fights the proto nephillium. I killed him and he ran away and didnt come back and I was stuck in that area, there was no cutscene where Kurtis finishes the job. Another unacceptable bug was the Vasileys clock bug where I could not get out of the clock screen and somehow I managed to fall through the floor. Another ANNOYING bug is the inventory area. I noticed that Kurtis had 93 seriaph shards with him and Lara could not look at her maps because some of the items were translucent. Some of the cutscenes would completly slow down and the dialogue would be fine but the visual was in slow motion. I thought they had this game LOCKED in a framerate? I noticed this in the game too (on top of the watertower roof, it seemed like the bigger areas had this trouble).

Overall I think that this was a pleasing outing for Lara. The environments were brilliant, the weapons were very boring (where the hell is the harpoon gun, BRING IT BACK. I know there was nothing much to shoot underwater but I love that gun the best, perhaps the sequel?) (yeah and what about the uzis?) I dont like the fact that Lara could only have one gun at a time out. I didnt find the pistols, were there even pistols, theyre her trademark for pete's sake (who's Pete?). The music was very nice and fitting. The characters and story were top notch. Kurtis was GREAT. KEEP HIM! KEEP HIM! KEEP HIM! Give him more oportunity in future games. He's definatly a keeper. The overall length was good (around 40-50 hours or so... I think I cant remember how much of the waking hours I spent). The bugs were the BIGGEST drawback and MUST be swashed for the sequel. I feel like its okay for them to have some bugs because this is the first game on the next generation console. THE DELAYS WERE F*ING REDICULOUS. (do not make a release date and not keep it... June 18th, HA) But i must say well done chaps, im pleased with the work you put into this game and that I am eagerly awaiting what happens to Lara & Kurtis next. (applause)

Unanswered Questions In Search Of A Reply:
-Where the hell are the pistols, are there even pistols in this game?
-Why couldnt we use the Glaive? It looked like fun.
-Wasn't there supposed to be a Luther (forgets his last name) keeper of dead languages? I didnt see him at all where the hell was he, was he even in Prague?

Thoughts on Kurtis Trent:
I love Kurtis as much as Lara now. When he was stabbed by Butterfly Boaz i gasped and got really upset and worried. I hope we see him again.

AOD SCORE from LaraslostLove 90%

I forgot these:
Another mistake is Lara in her long pants/shorts. In Prague when she is in the air duct and then it goes into a cut scene with Luddik, she has her shorts on, but then it goes back to long pants. Also her glasses are on and off all the time but its never consistant and correct.

The gameplay was good.

I remember seeing a video called Escape From Paris or something and Lara was able to go around the streets in the first level and she ended at a police car. Was this area scrapped? I think there are screen shots of this too. Maybe I'm missing something.

Anyone else notice Kurtis cant do the handstand. I dont think hes got well enough upper body strength.

24th Jun 2003, 00:09
Kurtis... good?? yehaa... right.. If you like kurtis soo much tell CORE to make another game with kurtis alone AND LEAVE TR FOR LARA.. ALONE!!!!!


TRAITOR(S).... :mad:

24th Jun 2003, 00:39
Man, why don't you act your bloody age?! I mean, who the hell are you to judge who is a "true" Tomb Raider fan?! You have a flamin' nerve! Stop being such a jerk! :mad:

Besides, if Core don't think Kurtis should be a part of Tomb Raider, they wouldn't have included him in this game! :mad:

24th Jun 2003, 02:31
Here here Raz. Well I think it's obvious that Kurtis is NOT the one who isnt wanted in this thread.


Heres even more to my lenghty post.
Does anyone remeber those early concept artwork screens that were shown to you as a bonus for completing TR:C with all roses? I went back and checked em out to see if everything was accounted for in TR:AOD. All the character sketches resemble people from the game, but there are many pictures of some building with lions holding shields at the bottom of a staircase. THIS WAS NOT IN THE GAME. Either were many of the other pictures. This leads me to believe that they have either scrapped some of these ideas or they will come into play in other future games.
Also the website address on the fax from Vasiley's hidden basement is not real and does not exist on the WWW. I checked.
For some reason Im really into investigating all of this missing links and information. Anyone who knows any answers to these questions please reply. It would be greatly appreciated.
(maybe i should change my name to Luddik)

Dont get me wrong I love Lara, but i have the ability to make room and love more than one tomb raider, in this case Kurtis.

24th Jun 2003, 03:11
You are right on the money. Whoever did the editing for the games cutscenes did a horrible job. I spot out a ton of mistakes, man one being the last guy mysteriously appearing during the biodome scene without any type of explaination of who he was.

24th Jun 2003, 04:25
Well, hmm, i think Kurtis is great. I just got to the Aquatic Research area, so i'm not particularly sure what's going to happen further in the game, nor do i want to find out until i play it :) but i think Kurtis better stay. He's a great characted, he fits with Lara best. Sure, i've been playing Tomb Raider for 5 years now and i realize that Lara is a, dare i say, loner. She likes her space, and i doubt Core will make Kurtis more than a colleague. I think he should help out in his own special ways. We don't even have to be able to play as him, although it was fun to be Kurtis. They really made him look like a *real* person, i swear i've seen him on the streets once. LOL Hell, put him into one of the movies. Alex was okay in the movie, but Kurtis, he's got to be somewhere. And hell, why not make another game? I'll never forget when we were first told we got to play as a new character, i was mad, but to see how he fits in, well, hey, he's cool. Well, there's my 2 cents. Tomb Raider's great, can't wait for my PC version later this week.

Oh, and the slow-downs, yeah, the PS2 does have limitations, and this game does push it beyond those limits. Hope my GeForce 4 can handle it! Oh, hey perfect timing, the commercial just came on my TV for Cradle of Life, and i didn't even have to look, i heard Angelina Jolie. Funny stuff.

24th Jun 2003, 04:28
thanks for all the tips on the game , did you really play 3 days straight wow thats all i ahve too say i am in the middle of the sewer part right now put about 10 hours into the game in the past 3 days it took forever too get past the disco but i finnally figured it out ne waythere are alot of bugs i have found did you see the one where you fall off the legde and she falls through the ground that was a weird one. I really like it and its a vast improvment of the old tomb raider games and i beat all of them except the last revelation it was boring after awhile. do you know if they released cheasts yet i love cheats for these games

24th Jun 2003, 12:18
Originally posted by LaraslostLove
Here here Raz. Well I think it's obvious that Kurtis is NOT the one who isnt wanted in this thread.

Sorry LaraslostLove, but his reply was totally uncalled for. It may not have been my place, but I felt that I should make an effort in order to protect this thread from such vile replies. I don't understand why people such as that are "NOT the one who isn't wanted in this thread"... :p

If you have anymore to say to me on the matter, then please feel free to contact me via PM. :)

24th Jun 2003, 12:28

what a little *****!!! and once again who the hell says "here here"? who says that? and raz you didnt' say anything about the *****ty control. i guess it doesn't bother you but it bothered me. oh well

24th Jun 2003, 12:41
Oh, and the slow-downs, yeah, the PS2 does have limitations, and this game does push it beyond those limits

for the last time people it isn't the PS2 that has the limitations. TR: AOD doesn't push anything. it has good graphics but not nearly groundbreaking. also better graphics have been seen in games with more going on in it and they haven't slowed down ( such as GTA: VC when you have six stars and you have police cars, swat vans, tanks, FBI cars and SUVs, special forces, helicopters and pedestrians on the screen and no slowdown is seen at all. and yes i have done it before so don't ask. or SSX Tricky having all those racers and the course with all the props and every racer doing a different trick and fireworks exploding.). it is a problem with the game and not with the hardware. don't jump down my troat for this it is simply the truth.

24th Jun 2003, 13:46
See, in games like that, there's possibly different LOD (level of detail) distance settings. That's the only reason that you'd not have a slow down. Plus, i know some engines will shut off certain effects or tone them down if the frames start to drop. AOD, you're rendering an entire area in hi-res 3D and i've noticed no LOD switching (unless Core stumbled upon a way to seamlessly do that!), HEAVY mip-mapping, and some anti-aliasing (though not enough i think, there are some jaggy edges), which is where the game slows to a crawl, the mip-mapping in particular. Take note that fences, lasers, and steam/water effects cause the most trouble, and that can happen on a computer trying to mip-map and anti-alias those effects. It's simply the engine going into overload and trying to render EVERY frame, which a PS2 simply doesn't have the power to do, i've seen my old computer trying to do Tomb Raider Chronicles, and with 2mb of graphic memory on an old ATI Rage LT Pro, it got as slow as the PS2. Give the PS2 a GeForce FX and that baby would run like a well-lubricated engine. Granted, AOD isn't perfect, either, it's Core's first shot at the new engine, and ya know, it is the PS2 with limitations, because 333 mhz (granted, all of that is devoted to the game) isn't going to cut it with THAT kind of detail nowadays. PS2 bashing? No, the only reason i ever bought a PS2 was to play Tomb Raider and DVD's, and now that's all i ever do on my PS2. I have 3 games, Kingdom Hearts, The Sims and AOD, because i hate sports and RPG games, and that's all that you can find nowadays on the PS2. If they'd bring Gex over, or maybe Vigilante 8, then you'd have every PlayStation game i ever owned on PS2. I'm a picky gamer, only the best will do, and believe me, i wouldn't have sat for hours playing Tomb Raider if it really sucked THAT bad, and i know other people would agree with me. Keep bickering about the graphics and see what Core can do. They have the power to shut down the series if enough people complain. Don't ruin it for all of us.

Also, the computer has the graphics, the PS2 has the controller. I mean, there's your balancing act, what do you want more? The controller, or the graphics? If you want graphics, then stick with a computer, if you want controls, stick with the PS2, but don't come crying when the graphics aren't all that great. Same for the Computer, don't come crying when you can't get the controls to work JUST the way you want them to. When a game is developed for PS2, it's developed to run on one system setup. A computer game has thousands of different hardware it has to try and run on. So, naturally, i think that's part of the reason why there was a holdback on delivery for the PC version. Also last minute bug adjustments. Just because a game went gold doesn't mean BOTH versions went gold at the same time. I doubt there would be a press release when the PC version goes/went gold. There is no marketing ploy going on, the guy at GameStop was talking to me about how Best Buy wasn't releasing the game for a further 2 days, just to coincide with their ad, and how he didn't believe that's right. GameStop sold out 36 games in 2 hours, and i was lucky and caught one from the emergency shipment later that day. There's a lot of conflicting views here on this forum, and a lot of issues in debate. Maybe we all should sit back, relax, and watch the Tomb Raider movie?? Or take a nap! I haven't slept in days, i mean, come now. We're supposed to be adults, or in some cases young adults like myself, and really you need to realize that also in the end, it is afterall, a game.

Oh, and no, i didn't say this just because i have the game. I said it because SOMEONE had to. I figure i'd sum up everyone's opinions. And remember kiddies, it's JUST A GAME! :rolleyes: There's my final word before i get back to my 24 hours w/o sleep while playing AOD.

25th Jun 2003, 00:08
I guess its people in bars, who may have had a bit to much to drink from their frosty mugs who say here here. I am not one of these people, i guess i didnt know what else to say... anywho.

The bosses were (yawn) very um boss like. I hope there arent any monster from hell type bosses in the next game. I mean c'mon WHERE THE HELL WERE HER PISTOLS.

Did anyone else see the news today about the next two games in the series? Does this news break anyone elses heart? It was a complete turn around from what they said THEY DIDNT WANT TO DO for the next generation series. WHAT THE HELL! Hypocrits. Make up your mind. Gosh, and on the TR movie dvd in a section about the games Jeremey- Heath Smith says they will still be making Lara games in 30 years. GOD DAMN IT. Jeremy you are just an idiot especially after what was in the news today. In past magazine articles it said they werent going to sell Lara out. Well thats exactly what you have planned for her future. I thought Lara evaluated her lift and put the teal tank top and brown shorts in the closet. Now shes (figurativly speaking) putting them back on. STOP JERKING US AROUND DAMN IT! BAH!

(takes a deep breath)


25th Jun 2003, 08:37
The only thing aod is pushing is lara's bustline:rolleyes: