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31st May 2012, 19:49
Drakenguard doesn't look very interesting, but I kinda want to try them because I really loved Nier.

31st May 2012, 21:32
Why not? Drakengard has dark and unique storyline while Nier is more about characters. Gameplay wise, Nier is much better imo.

31st May 2012, 22:13
If you want to experience some more twisted stories, then sure, why not. I am not sure if the gameplay holds up, though.

8th Jun 2012, 23:15
Drakenguard doesn't look very interesting, but I kinda want to try them because I really loved Nier.

Drakengard is my 2nd favorite game of all time, second only to FFX. It is very dark, and has a tragic storyline that is devastating and absolutely chaotic.

I HIGHLY recommend you play Drakengard, and Drakengard 2 for that matter (even though Drakengard 2 has a slightly different "feel" to it).

This trilogy is highly underrated and has such a great story to it. Nier takes place after Ending E of Drakengard (Drakengard 2 is a direct sequel from Ending A), which is the 5th and final ending you can unlock. Trust me, it will take a lot of work to get that ending, but the reward will be very worth it!

What is also great is that there are subtle hints and nods in Nier that you would only understand if you played Drakengard, for example...

fast1.onesite.com/na.square-enix.com/use... (http://fast1.onesite.com/na.square-enix.com/user/145382807/8dcc61d2618ea5d39906d2184623e652.jpg)

Trust me, it's worth it. I loved it so much that my first tattoo was based from the game (fast1.onesite.com/na.square-enix.com/use... (http://fast1.onesite.com/na.square-enix.com/user/145382807/eeb7935efd3159f999ef551be6cd5281.jpg)). Oh, also if you played the Nier DLC "The World Of Recycled Vessel", the 3 unlockable weapons are based off the 3 first forms of The Red Dragon of Drakengard!

29th Jun 2012, 19:38
I feel like I missed something. I gave Drakengard 1 about an hour before getting fed up with it. I absolutely hated flying on that dragon >_>

Did it get better? Do you have to fly on that dragon all the time?

Truthfully, I wasn't expecting much when I played NieR, knowing the Cavia also made it, but was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

19th Jul 2012, 13:10
So I was at GameStop the other day and while browsing the wares I thought; "Hmm, haven't had a new SQUARE ENIX game in quite a while," so with my goal set I skim the shelves in search of something by SQUARE ENIX that I haven't already played. 5 minutes of said skimming and I come a cross a game sitting tit-squeezed at the bottom left of a shelf full of used and unpurchased games. The side-label read SQUARE ENIX and the title NIER. The rest of this story is pretty self-exclamitory.

And so ends my story of how I discovered NIER. I've yet to see anything about this game so I figured "why not talk about it?"

This game is easily one of my favorite titles by SQUARE ENIX. It's fighting action is real-time (much like Kingdom Hearts but lacking the speed) and the magic is totally awesome. Also the blood that splatters across the ground is rather entertaining. This games sticks to what I like to call the "SQUARE ENIX classic touch." What do I mean by this... well, just like any Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts game, you start weak and equiped with shoddy weapons and equipment but once you progress, you get to that point where everything you face is just an under-statement waiting to be over-killed.

The story is flawless and the music is wonderful. The graphics are fairly desent and the characters are all sexy and well made.

That's about all I can say.

19th Jul 2012, 13:29
that is a great game i myself found it the same way and another game called infinite undiscovery i just started it and its an amazing game so far

19th Jul 2012, 13:32
I loved this game as well, and it came out in 2010 which would explain why it would be sitting at the bottom of a shelf in some desolate corner xD.

19th Jul 2012, 19:12
I know the feeling on a whole. But for this game while I haven't played it as yet, it's on my to-do list. Cause I'm now really starting to get into this gen of games.

Oh & you forgot about the very 'colourful' language in the game ^_^

20th Jul 2012, 11:33
Oh & you forgot about the very 'colourful' language in the game ^_^

Oh yeah I forgot about Kiane's ..."Silver Tongue"

20th Jul 2012, 11:52
It's my favorite current gen title from Square Enix. Hate what happens after all four endings though.

20th Jul 2012, 14:52
I played the game expecting to hate it, but ended up liking it a lot. I just wished the story was more streamlined. A lot of the dialog is in battle, and I'm sure I've missed a lot of key points xD

Some of the side-quests are annoying though. There was this one you had to do for a flower seeds or something. FUUUUUU-So annoying. Had to literally wait real-time days to pass for plants to flower (well, I just sped up the PS3 clock, but I didn't know about that trick until a while later X_x)

On the other hand, a lot of the NPC stories in the sidequests are really interesting. Lady in the Lighthouse, etc...

Also, Ending C was so random, IMO. Nothing in the game indicated romance between the two, and I actually thought that was incredibly refreshing, and then they had to end it with a kiss? The hell? Really? >_>

I know Cavia is gone, but I still want a sequel. I even have ideas >3>

31st Jul 2012, 00:19
Hey everyone I know some of you saw this trailer 2 years ago but I was looking for some things and this is what I found.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDgc5h0GVkQ&feat... (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDgc5h0GVkQ&feature=fvwrel)

31st Jul 2012, 04:27
It was frusterating to only get to play Replicant in the DLC.. I would of preferred to play as him rather than Gestalt.

31st Jul 2012, 07:34
I am indifferent. Would have been nice for there to have been some kind of DLC to swap which one you play (Halo Anniversary kind of thing).

1st Aug 2012, 11:40
I am indifferent. Would have been nice for there to have been some kind of DLC to swap which one you play (Halo Anniversary kind of thing).

I do agree with u.

1st Aug 2012, 12:42
I enjoyed that they actually sat down and asked what would "what would the western audience enjoy" when they created the game. Although I'm not exactly thrilled that the solution was here is a burly male, the story of the father going to hell in back for his daughter was great. Don't think I could go through it without him now.

2nd Aug 2012, 09:05
Although I'm not exactly thrilled that the solution was here is a burly male, the story of the father going to hell in back for his daughter was great. Don't think I could go through it without him now.

Aye, same here. While Gestalt is far uglier than I would have prefered, it's still the better choice for me.

7th Aug 2012, 23:39
Mmmm I loves me some Drakengard. I remember walking into Gamestop to reserve the second one and the girl at the counter was like, "O.M.G. I didn't think anyone else in the world knew this game existed!" and then we dated for a week before I realized that her first word spoken to me was OMG... and it was over. However, I was obsessed with Drakengard 2 and nothing else in the world mattered at the time. I'll admit not the most compelling combat system, but the game as a whole was crazy enough to suck me in.

I have to say nothing blew my mind more than the 8 year old empress speaking with a demonic voice followed by a child's laughter... still gives me chills today.

16th Apr 2013, 03:42
Why Drakengard Had Forbidden Love Between Siblings And Other Insights www.siliconera.com/2013/04/16/why-draken... (http://www.siliconera.com/2013/04/16/why-drakengard-had-forbidden-love-between-siblings-and-other-insights/)

16th May 2013, 11:59
Not sure where else to take this, but I noticed that that friggin browser game, Wartune, has stolen art from Everquest as well as League of Legends, but it doesn't stop there, they've outright stolen music as well.

They took one track in particular, from Nier, and seeing as Nier is one of my favorite gems that's come into existence this generation, I feel the need to keep calling out these friggin thieves.

Wartune: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWDsjAdqU9E (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWDsjAdqU9E)

Nier: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgLjNDhPfew (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgLjNDhPfew)

(They've also taken from Ys 7, which also makes me angry)

27th Jun 2013, 05:02
-Drakengard 3 Coming Out On October 31 In A Beautiful Box Set
www.siliconera.com/2013/06/26/drakengard... (http://www.siliconera.com/2013/06/26/drakengard-3-coming-out-on-october-31-in-a-beautiful-box-set/)
-Special 10th Anniversary Artwork
www.siliconera.com/postgallery/?p_gal=30... (http://www.siliconera.com/postgallery/?p_gal=308690|1)
-Product Presentation Page
store.jp.square-enix.com/special/dod3 (http://store.jp.square-enix.com/special/dod3)
www.jp.square-enix.com/dod3/10th/ (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/dod3/10th/)
www.jp.square-enix.com/dod3/ (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/dod3/)

30th Jun 2013, 17:21
Where I live there's not a very big market for used games (small city). So I've been trying to get a copy of this game to no avail. Can we please have Nier available for purchase on their respective platforms SE? It's good to be modern sometimes.

23rd Aug 2013, 17:57
Hello forum

I recently purchased Nier: the world of recycled vessel DLC off the PSN, installed it, then started the game up.
After having no idea where to start the DLC, I checked online, found out, and then found that I couldn't access it.
By this I mean, the option to access the Diary is not there, no arrow, no dialogue, nothing.

I live in New Zealand so our games are based on the European PAL system.
I have thrown away $18 for this DLC

21st Mar 2014, 04:52
NieR and Drakengard creator says NieR was inspired by 9-11 (http://www.siliconera.com/2014/03/20/nier-drakengard-creator-says-nier-inspired-9-11/)
― at a panel at GDC this morning, Drakengard and Nier creator Taro Yoko—in a typically off-kilter fashion—began with his conclusion.

6th Apr 2014, 00:05
o_o I read that article, and I was really humbled by the impact of their storyteliing directive. Although I have played D1&2 this game has been on my radar for a long time. I finally snagged a copy of the game a few weeks ago on sale. Curious as to how D3 will unfold =D

4th Feb 2015, 16:44
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Adds Music From NieR Too (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/02/03/theatrhythm-final-fantasy-curtain-call-adds-music-nier/) (Siliconera)
- “Kaine / Salvation” will be available as a field music song in Japan starting on February 4. “Frog’s Theme” from Chrono Trigger will also be added as a battle theme.

13th Feb 2015, 03:37
Lord of Vermilion III

NieR And Mahou Tsukai no Yoru Characters (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/02/12/nier-mahou-tsukai-no-yoru-characters-appear-lord-vermilion-iii-twin-lance/) Appear In Lord of Vermilion III: Twin Lance (Siliconera)
- Square Enix’s Lord of Vermilion series is known for having crossovers. We’ve seen Persona, King of Fighters, Final Fantasy, and up next Mahou Tsukai no Yoru from Type-Moon.

20th Feb 2015, 13:37
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call

Theatrhythm Thursday – 19/02/2015 (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/theatrhythm-thursday-%E2%80%93-19022015)
- New songs on sale from 19th February 2015.

6th Mar 2015, 10:13
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call

Theatrhythm Thursday (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/theatrhythm-thursday-%E2%80%93-05032015) – 05/03/2015
- Hope you’re ready for a ruckus because this week’s Theatrhythm DLC update is all about getting stuck into the thick of it with your fists or swords or spears or... well, you get the idea.

20th Mar 2015, 01:41
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call

The curtain comes down on the Theatrhythm Second Performance (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/curtain-comes-down-theatrhythm-second-performance)
- This is the last Theatrhythm Thursday for a while as the Second Performance series comes to a close this week.

16th Jun 2015, 17:44
New Project

NieR New Project (https://twitter.com/SquareEnix/status/610862031864995840)'s game director Yoko Taro introduces PlatinumGames Inc.and an all-star development team!
- PlatinumGames Developing A New Nier Game (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/06/16/platinumgames-developing-a-new-nier-game/) (Siliconera)

NieR New Project will have returning characters (http://gematsu.com/2015/06/nier-new-project-have-returning-characters) (Gematsu)
- Nier director Taro Yoko talks about his new Nier game (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/06/17/the-new-nier-game-will-bring-back-characters-from-the-first-game/). (Siliconera)

E3 2015: NieR New Project (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/e3-2015-nier-new-project)
- Hello, everyone. This is Yosuke Saito, the producer of NieR New Project.

17th Jun 2015, 22:20
Now that Nier 2 was just announced, can we please get the first game on PSN and XBL? I can't find a single second hand copy where I live. :(

20th Jun 2015, 17:10

The New Nier Game Will Have A “Happy Ending,” (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/06/19/the-new-nier-game-will-have-a-happy-ending-says-creator/) Says Creator (Siliconera)
- Key developers working on the new Nier game spoke with Dengeki in a recent interview.

2nd Jul 2015, 17:05
Now that Nier 2 was just announced, can we please get the first game on PSN and XBL? I can't find a single second hand copy where I live. :(
That would be awesome. I already have the game for the PS3, but I would buy a digital copy too if available. Wouldn't mind seeing the game ported to the PS4 either.

2nd Sep 2015, 16:47
Concept Art

New Nier Project’s Concept Art (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/09/02/new-nier-projects-concept-art-shows-a-boy-staring-over-a-dilapidated-city/) Shows A Boy Staring Over A Dilapidated City (Siliconera)
- While waiting on more details on the new Nier project by PlatinumGames and Taro Yoko, the developers shared a peek with a closer look at a piece of concept art for the game.

15th Oct 2015, 17:52
Event - Paris Game Week (http://www.parisgamesweek.com/en/)

Square Enix bringing NieR: New Project and more to Paris Games Week (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2015/10/square-enix-bringing-nier-new-project-and-more-to-paris-games-week/) (Nova Crystallis)
- Square Enix has revealed their plans for Paris Games Week, set to happen in just under two weeks over in France.

27th Oct 2015, 12:22
NieR Automata

New Nier Project Announced As NieR Automata (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/10/27/new-nier-project-announced-as-nier-automata/) (Siliconera)
- Square Enix revealed the official title as NieR Automata, along with some details on the game’s story and protagonist.
- Synopsis of NieR Automata’s story (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2015/10/synopsis-of-nier-automatas-story-main-character-screenshots/), main character and new screenshots (Nova Crystallis)
- Shortly after the game’s presentation at Paris Games Week 2015, Square Enix has released official information on the summary of NieR Automata’s story and its main protagonist, 2B.

29th Oct 2015, 12:12
NieR Automata

Paris Games Week (http://www.parisgamesweek.com/en/)
- The time draws NieR...
- The stage presentation will not be streamed but do join us if you're here at Paris Games Week (https://twitter.com/SQUARE_ENIX_EU/status/659669852156764160)
- Au revoir Paris Games Week from the NieR team! Thank you to everyone who came to see us (https://twitter.com/SQUARE_ENIX_EU/status/659689093639573504)!
- Oh it looks like Emil has made a new BFF (https://twitter.com/SQUARE_ENIX_EU/status/659690388492582912)
- The NieR team couldn't leave without stopping for one more interview! Tune in to JVCom now to watch it live (https://twitter.com/SQUARE_ENIX_EU/status/659696624663461888)!
- NieR: Automata Details On Its Android Protagonist, Story, And Setting (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/10/29/nier-automata-details-on-its-android-protagonist-story-and-setting/) (Siliconera)
- NieR: Automata’s First Gameplay Trailer Shows Its Platinum-Style Action (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/10/29/nier-automatas-first-action-trailer-shows-its-platinum-style-action/) (Siliconera)
- NieR New Project has a new official name! It's now called NieR: Automata (https://twitter.com/SQUARE_ENIX_EU/status/659731680794509314).
- Check out the debut gameplay trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIkdsvuY-HA&feature=youtu.be)
- As a little FYI NieR: Automata is pronounced like Near Automaton (https://twitter.com/SQUARE_ENIX_EU/status/659734708423643140) (like the word for robot but with an A at the end of automaton instead)
- The Full Story Behind Nier: Automata on PS4 (http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/10/29/the-full-story-behind-nier-automata-on-ps4/)
- NieR: Automata Gets High-Resolution Screenshots And More Information (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/10/29/nier-automata-gets-high-quality-screenshots-and-more-information/) (Siliconera)

2nd Nov 2015, 13:50
NieR Automata

NieR: Automata Will Have Multiple Protagonists, Costume Breaks, And A “Happy Ending” (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/11/02/nier-automata-will-have-multiple-protagonists-costume-breaks-and-a-happy-ending/)
- NieR: Automata developers talk about how it’ll have more than one protagonist, gigantic machines, breakable skirts, and a happy ending that bewilders the game’s own producer.

1st Dec 2015, 02:44
Given the announcement (and believe me I am glad to hear it) of Nier 2 I think this is probably very highly requested but no sense in not making your voice hear.

Id like to see a Nier port for Pc or PS4 or both or whatever, I would buy that as soon as i could. It had its issues I will not lie but I loved the first Nier dearly and if I had it for more than a week I would have loved to finish it and see where it went but I had only rented it and I have not seen it anywhere since.

It could use a touch of reballancing for stuff like upgrade collectables since those could be a pain to get (going through the entire scrap dungeon for a small chance of a drop from an enemy that shows up only at the end I am looking at you), maybe some bonus content but even if its just a staight port I would love to get my hands on it.

And since it was underappreciated at the very least maybe pull a Bayonetta and package Nier 1 with Nier 2 or something.

Either way Its something im sure fans of the first Nier and those that hadnt played it would appreciate.

20th Jan 2016, 03:25
NieR: Automata

A message to our fans (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLNXM_9u1G8) - NieR: Automata
- When we announced NieR: Automata at E3 2015, we received a huge amount of support from our fans and one in particular....

15th Feb 2016, 12:37

NieR Concert Announced (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/02/15/nier-concert-announced-new-nier-automata-information-incoming-april/), New NieR: Automata Information Incoming This April (Siliconera)
- The NieR series celebrated its 5th anniversary last year, and this April will mark its sixth. That said, Square Enix will host a concert and live talk show on April 16 at the EX Theater in Roppongi, Tokyo.

11th Apr 2016, 12:04
NieR Automata

A preview of NieR Automata’s theme song (http://gematsu.com/2016/04/preview-nier-automata-theme-song) (Gematsu)
- Here’s A Sample (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/04/11/heres-sample-nier-automatas-theme-song/) Of NieR: Automata’s Theme Song (Siliconera)
- NieR: Automata theme song sung by J’Nique Nicole (http://gematsu.com/2016/04/nier-automata-theme-song-sung-jnique-nicole) (Gematsu)

14th Apr 2016, 17:51
NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata Gameplay To Be Shown Off At The Upcoming NieR Concert (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/04/14/nier-automata-gameplay-shown-off-upcoming-nier-concert/) (Siliconera)
- NieR: Automata developers revealed that we’ll be getting more than just new information at their upcoming NieR concert and talk show event.

16th Apr 2016, 20:31
NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata artwork and gameplay revealed (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/04/nier-automata-artwork-and-gameplay-revealed-new-characters-detailed/), new characters detailed (Nova Crystallis)
- NieR: Automata new trailer, gameplay, and character details (http://gematsu.com/2016/04/nier-automata-new-trailer-gameplay-character-details) (Gematsu)
- NieR: Automata’s Latest Trailer Introduces New Characters And Their Voice Cast (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/04/16/nier-automatas-latest-trailer-introduces-new-characters/) (Siliconera)
- NieR: Automata’s Latest Gameplay Footage Shows More Of Its Flashy Combat (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/04/16/nier-automata-gets-new-gameplay-footage/) (Siliconera)

21st Apr 2016, 15:43
NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata official screenshots released (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/04/nier-automata-official-screenshots-released/) (Nova Crystallis)
- NieR: Automata Screenshots Show Us More Of 2B, 9S, and A2 (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/04/21/nier-automata-screenshots-show-us-2b-9s-a2/)
- Official Website (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/nierautomata/)

25th Apr 2016, 09:36
NieR: Automata

NieR Automata release window to be revealed at E3 2016 (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/04/nier-automata-release-window-to-be-revealed-at-e3-2016/) (Nova Crystallis)
- Alongside the screenshots that surfaced days after the NieR Concert & Talk Live event, Famitsu has now published their interview with the developers of the game on their website.

NieR: Automata ‘2B, 9S, and A2’ screenshots (http://gematsu.com/2016/04/nier-automata-2b-9s-a2-screenshots) (Gematsu)
- Square Enix has updated the official Japanese website for NieR: Automata with screenshots of characters 2B, 9S, and A2, who were introduced this weekend at the NieR Music Concert & Talk Live event in Tokyo.

27th Apr 2016, 13:04
NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata Shares A High-Quality Version Of Its Character Introduction Video (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/04/27/nier-automata-shares-high-quality-version-character-introduction-video/) (Siliconera)
- Square Enix recently shared the latest on NieR: Automata during the NieR event last week, and the company has followed up with an upload of a high-quality version of the character introduction video.

8th Jun 2016, 23:57
Event - E3 2016 (https://www.e3expo.com/)

Square Enix Presents: E3 2016 Program Schedule (http://na.square-enix.com/us/blog/square-enix-presents-e3-2016-program-schedule)
- Be sure to mark your calendars for your favorite games and tune in to be the first to get the scoop during our show!

14th Jun 2016, 15:46
NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata launches early 2017, E3 2016 trailer (http://gematsu.com/2016/06/nier-automata-launches-early-2017-e3-2016-trailer) (Gematsu)
- NieR: Automata Development Images (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/06/14/nier-automata-development-images-give-us-a-look-into-its-character-models-and-animation/) Give Us A Look Into Its Character Models And Animation (Siliconera)
- Nier: Automata Feels like a Platinum Games Classic (http://www.gamespot.com/articles/nier-automata-feels-like-a-platinum-games-classic/1100-6440908/) (Game Spot)
- 15 minutes of NieR: Automata gameplay (http://gematsu.com/2016/06/15-minutes-nier-automata-gameplay) (Gematsu)
- NieR: Automata’s Latest Footage And Details On Weapons, Enemies, And Evading With Style (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/06/15/nier-automatas-latest-footage-details-weapons-enemies-evading-style/) (Siliconera)
- Here’s a look at NieR Automata gameplay from E3 2016 (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/06/heres-a-look-at-nier-automata-gameplay-from-e3-2016/) (Nova Crystallis)

16th Jun 2016, 16:32
Event - E3 2016 (https://www.e3expo.com/)

- Square Enix Presents E3 2016 - Day 3 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj4Scabq5tU)
- 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
- NieR: Automata
- Discussion with the Developers and PlatinumGames' Takahisa Taura
- Square Enix Presents E32016 Day 3 live stream kicks off with NieR: Automata and much more (https://twitter.com/SquareEnix/status/743493565712502784)!
- NieR: Automata E3 2016 Boss Battle video revealed (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/06/nier-automata-train-e3-2016-boss-battle-video-revealed/) (Nova Crystallis)

22nd Jun 2016, 10:52
NieR: Automata

Why Square Enix delayed NieR: Automata (https://www.destructoid.com/why-square-enix-delayed-nier-automata-368545.phtml) (Destructoid)
- More time and a more favorable release window

18th Jul 2016, 11:09
Nier: Automata

- Meet PlatinumGames’ Nier: Automata team (https://www.platinumgames.com/official-blog/article/8997)!

17th Aug 2016, 08:49
Event - Gamescom (http://www.gamescom-cologne.com/gamescom/index-9.php)

NieR: Automata is coming to Steam (https://twitter.com/NieRGame/status/766278247441059840)! Watch director Yoko Taro's unique announcement message right here!
- Our first appointment of the day (https://twitter.com/Nova_Crystallis/status/765818054903226368) - NieR: Automata (Nova Crystallis)
- NieR Automata is coming to PC via Steam (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/08/nier-automata-is-coming-to-pc-via-steam/) (Nova Crystallis)
- In a surprise announcement, NieR Automata is coming to Steam in addition to PlayStation 4 in 2017.
- Theme Song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCXQ11zdJRo)
- NieR: Automata coming to PC via Steam in early 2017 (http://gematsu.com/2016/08/nier-automata-coming-pc-via-steam-early-2017) (Gematsu)
- NieR: Automata will release on Steam (https://twitter.com/SquareEnix/status/766008544227315712)! Follow @NieRGame (https://twitter.com/NieRGame) for upcoming details!
- NieR Automata battle footage is boss! Confirmed today for a Steam release (https://twitter.com/NieRGame/status/766012813500219392)!
- Vote (http://uk-microsites.ign.com/ign-pca//) for NieR: Automata to win the IGN Gamescom 2016 People's Choice Award (https://twitter.com/NieRGame/status/766285428018278401)

18th Aug 2016, 07:53
Nier: Automata

NieR: Automata demo under consideration (http://gematsu.com/2016/08/nier-automata-demo-consideration) (Gematsu)
- Square Enix considering NieR Automata demo, next trailer set for TGS 2016 (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/08/29479/) (Nova Crystallis)
- NieR: Automata Developers Talk About The Game’s Setting, Gameplay, Music, And More (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/08/18/nier-automata-developers-talk-games-setting-gameplay-music/) (Siliconera)

20th Aug 2016, 07:07
Nier: Automata

Meet PlatinumGames’ NieR:Automata team!
- Part 2 (https://www.platinumgames.com/official-blog/article/9018)

31st Aug 2016, 10:00
Tokyo Game Show (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/tgs16/lineup/)

Square Enix shares Tokyo Game Show 2016 lineup (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/08/square-enix-shares-tokyo-game-show-2016-lineup/) (Nova Crystallis)
- Square Enix has revealed their lineup for Tokyo Game Show this year with the opening of their official event page, set to take place from September 15 through September 18.

2nd Sep 2016, 16:21
Nier: Automata

The Composer & Producer of NieR Automata have a special message for you (https://twitter.com/NieRGame/status/771723902657634304)!
- Here is the new/alt version of the main theme (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCXQ11zdJRo&feature=youtu.be) of NieR Automata mentioned by Keiichi Okabe
- NieR: Automata to Get Next Big Announcement During Tokyo Game Show 2016 (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/09/02/nier-automata-to-get-next-big-announcement-during-tokyo-game-show-2016/) (DualShockers)

10th Sep 2016, 19:12
Tokyo Game Show (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/tgs16/lineup/)

TGS pamphlet sample featuring FFXV and NieR: Automata (https://twitter.com/SQEX_EVENTS_JP/status/774080772256915456)

12th Sep 2016, 02:03
Gamescom (http://www.gamescom-cologne.com/gamescom/index-9.php)

NieR: Automata Preview Impressions (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/09/nier-automata-preview-impressions/) (Nova Crystallis)

13th Sep 2016, 06:29
Nier: Automata - Interview

NieR: Automata Interview: Exploring the world of Platinum’s latest (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/09/nier-automata-interview-exploring-the-world-of-platinums-latest/) (Nova Crystallis)
- During the interview we discuss the world of NieR: Automata, teaming up with Platinum Games and some of the concepts behind the unexpected sequel.

13th Sep 2016, 07:49
Tokyo Game Show (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/tgs16/lineup/)

- TGS Trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqXS5_YrA9Q)
- NieR: Automata Gets Emotional New Trailer Revealing Japanese Release Date (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/09/13/nier-automata-gets-emotion-new-trailer-revealing-release-date/) (DualShockers)
- Nier: Automata Gets New Trailer Featuring New and Returning Characters (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/09/14/nier-automata-gets-new-trailer-featuring-new-and-returning-characters/) (DualShockers)
- NieR products (https://twitter.com/SQEX_EVENTS_JP/status/776626149052907520)

13th Sep 2016, 16:59
Nier: Automata - Characters

NieR: Automata introduces Emil, Devola, and Popola, new characters (http://gematsu.com/2016/09/nier-automata-introduces-emil-devol-popola-new-characters) (Gematsu)
- New information from the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu.

14th Sep 2016, 19:54
NieR Automata - Screenshots

NieR: Automata Gets Tons of New Screenshots Showing New and Returning Characters (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/09/14/nier-automata-gets-tons-of-new-screenshots-showing-new-and-returning-characters-on-famitsu/) on Famitsu (DualShockers)
- Today’s issue of Weekly Famitsu included a large spread on NieR: Automata, which will be released in Japan on February 23rd.

17th Sep 2016, 02:57
Tokyo Game Show (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/tgs16/lineup/)

NieR: Automata Stage Event (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4-1suWHOPM)
- NieR: Automata Black Box Edition (http://store.jp.square-enix.com/item/SE_E0332.html)
- NieR: Automata Black Box Edition announced for Japan (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/09/nier-automata-black-box-edition-announced-for-japan/) (Nova Crystallis)
- NieR: Automata Getting Playable Demo this Year, Rich Collector’s Edition for Japan (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/09/17/nier-automata-getting-playable-demo-rich-collectors-edition-for-japan/) (DualShockers)
- NieR: Automata Looks Absolutely Fantastic (and Crazy) In New Videos Showing Perspective Change and Battle (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/09/17/nier-automata-looks-absolutely-fantastic-and-crazy-in-new-videos-showing-perspective-change-and-battle/)

19th Sep 2016, 11:34
NieR Automata - Autopilot Feature

NieR: Automata Has An Autopilot Feature That Does The Fighting For You (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/09/19/nier-automata-autopilot-feature-fighting/) (Siliconera)
- It doesn’t take much to see that NieR: Automata is a pretty action-heavy game, but Square Enix wants everyone, including novice players, to enjoy it.

20th Sep 2016, 08:18
NieR: Automata - Miscellaneous Merchandise (http://store.jp.square-enix.com/item_list.html?siborikomi_clear=1&keyword=%E3%83%8B%E3%83%BC%E3%82%A2&x=0&y=0)

New products have been added

27th Sep 2016, 08:38
NieR, NieR: Automata - Concert

NieR and NieR: Automata Concert Getting Blu-Ray Release in Japan in December (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/09/27/nier-and-nier-automata-concert-getting-blu-ray-release-in-japan-in-december/) (DualShockers)
- Square Enix announced today that the concert dedicated to NieR and NieR: Automata held in Roppongi, Tokyo on April 16th will get it’s own Blu-Ray Release in Japan.

7th Oct 2016, 23:20
NieR: Automata - NieR Edition Console

Square Enix Asks: Would Buy A NieR Edition Console, Or Two (http://www.siliconera.com/2016/10/07/square-enix-asks-buy-nier-edition-console-two/)? (Siliconera)
- NieR: Automata Devs Ask if You’d Buy a Custom PS4 or PS4 Pro Dedicated to the Game (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/10/07/nier-automata-devs-want-to-know-if-youd-buy-a-custom-ps4-or-ps4-pro-dedicated-to-the-game/) (DualShockers)

19th Oct 2016, 19:05
NieR: Automata - Screenshots, Battle Information

NieR: Automata Gets Beautiful New Screenshots and Information on Battle Gameplay on Famitsu (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/10/19/nier-automata-gets-beautiful-new-screenshots-and-information-on-battle-gameplay-on-famitsu/) (DualShockers)
- Today’s issue of Weekly Famitsu came with a large batch of new screenshots and information on NieR: Automata, mostly focused on the battle system.

21st Oct 2016, 20:48
NieR: Automata - Live Streams

Square Enix kicks off NieR: Automata live stream series starting October 26 (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/10/square-enix-kicks-off-nier-automata-live-stream-series-starting-october-26/) (Nova Crystallis)
- Square Enix is bringing the live stream treatment to NieR: Automata starting next week on October 26 at 20:00 JST.

25th Oct 2016, 07:47
NieR: Automata - Black Box Edition

NieR: Automata Shows Off Lovely Figure Included in the Black Box Edition for Japan (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/10/25/nier-automata-shows-off-lovely-figure-included-black-box-edition-japan/) (DualShockers)
- Square Enix showed off some new photos of their upcoming “Black Box Edition (http://blog.jp.square-enix.com/nier/2016/10/24/nierautomatablack_box_edition02.html)” for NieR: Automata, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on February 23 in Japan and early 2017 in the west.

25th Oct 2016, 11:56
NieR: Automata - Battle System

NieR: Automata details battle system (http://gematsu.com/2016/10/nier-automata-details-battle-system) (Gematsu)
- There's an "Auto Mode" for people bad at action games.

26th Oct 2016, 08:34
NieR: Automata - Products

NieR: Automata Japanese first-print and shop-specific purchase bonuses announced (http://gematsu.com/2016/10/nier-automata-japanese-first-print-shop-specific-purchase-bonuses-announced) (Gematsu)
- Walk around with a Pod that looks like the Grimoire Weiss.

26th Oct 2016, 15:25
NieR: Automata - Gameplay

NieR: Automata for PS4 and PC Gets 30 Minutes of Spectacular Gameplay Showing Mounts and Pod Skills (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/10/26/nier-automata-gets-30-minutes-spectacular-gameplay-showing-mounts-pod-skills/) (DualShockers)

30th Oct 2016, 13:59
NeiR: Automata - MCM Comic Con (http://www.mcmcomiccon.com/)

- We found Emil at MCM Comic Con (https://twitter.com/NieRGame/status/792726790045392896)! He looks a bit different these days but we'll always remember his youthful looks!

2nd Nov 2016, 09:48
Box Art

NieR: Automata’s Japanese Box Art for PS4 Is Absolutely Beautiful (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/11/02/nier-automatas-japanese-box-art-ps4-absolutely-beautiful/) (DualShockers)
- Today Square Enix released the Japanese box art for PS4 of the upcoming NieR: Automata, that will be released in Japan on February 23rd, 2017.

2nd Nov 2016, 09:49

PlayStation-Shaped Pod - NieR: Automata
- NieR: Automata Gets PlayStation-Shaped Pod on PS4 (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/11/02/nier-automata-gets-playstation-shaped-pod-ps4-playstation-store-bonus-japan/) as PlayStation Store Bonus in Japan (DualShockers)
- Following the reveal of NieR: Automata‘s cover art, today Square Enix showcased via press release the pre-order bonus that will be available for the game on the Japanese PlayStation Store.

8th Nov 2016, 14:37
NieR: Automata - Screenshots

NieR: Automata screenshots (http://gematsu.com/2016/11/nier-automata-screenshots) (Gematsu)
- 18 new screenshots of the upcoming action RPG.
- A sneak peak (https://twitter.com/SquareEnixUSA/status/796847653187244032) into the beautifully desolate open world of NieR: Automata

10th Nov 2016, 03:39
Square Enix Press Event in Mexico City

Buenos dias (https://twitter.com/SquareEnixUSA/status/796411915211706368)! We are at the Square Enix press event in Mexico City to show off the upcoming Square Enix games!

NieR: Automata
- A look at the special NieR: Automata poster featuring 2B and a machine life form (https://twitter.com/SquareEnixUSA/status/796425197641297921)

13th Nov 2016, 15:58
NieR: Automata - Development

NieR: Automata Might Come to Xbox One; Will Be Optimized for PS4 Pro (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/11/12/nier-automata-may-come-xbox-one/) (Nova Crystallis)

21st Nov 2016, 07:06
NieR: Automata - Art

NieR: Automata Character Designer Shares Beautiful Art Showing Commander, Adam and Eve (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/11/20/nier-automata-artwork-commander-adam-eve-ps4-pc/)
- If you want to see more about the upcoming NieR: Automata, here is something quite special.

22nd Nov 2016, 00:23
NieR: Automata - Interview

Bayonetta meets Battlestar Galactica (http://www.gamesradar.com/bayonetta-meets-battlestar-galactica-in-nier-automata/) in Nier: Automata (GamesRadar)
- Learn more about the development & gameplay of Square Enix and PlatinumGames's upcoming action-RPG NieR: Automata!

22nd Nov 2016, 07:17
NieR: Automata - Final Fantasy XV

NieR: Automata has a Final Fantasy XV collaboration (http://gematsu.com/2016/11/nier-automata-final-fantasy-xv-collaboration) (Gematsu)
- Final Fantasy XV will have a NieR: Automata collaboration, too.
- NieR: Automata Gets Gorgeous Screenshots (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/11/23/nier-automata-new-screenshots-final-fantasy-xv-sword-new-area-new-weapon/): Final Fantasy XV Sword, New Area and New Weapon on Famitsu (DualShockers)
- Today’s issue of Weekly Famitsu included a sizable batch of screenshots of Square Enix’s upcoming action JRPG NieR: Automata.

24th Nov 2016, 15:17
NieR: Automata - Screenshots

First look at NieR: Automata’s forest area (http://gematsu.com/2016/11/first-look-nier-automata-forest-area) (Gematsu)
- Some new screenshots from Famitsu.

24th Nov 2016, 15:30
NieR: Automata - Final Fantasy XV

The Engine Blade used by Noctis (https://twitter.com/NieRGame/status/801781063412576256), the hero of Final Fantasy XV, is going to be in NieR: Automata (https://twitter.com/FFXVEN/status/801782213331341312)!
- NieR: Automata Gets New Trailer Showing Off Final Fantasy XV Crossover (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/11/23/nier-automata-gets-new-trailer-showing-off-final-fantasy-xv-crossover/) (DualShockers)
- NieR: Automata Gets Gorgeous Direct Feed Screenshots Showing Final Fantasy XV’s Engine Blade (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/11/23/nier-automata-screenshots-final-fantasy-xv-engine-blade-ps4/)

30th Nov 2016, 09:00
NieR: Automata - Screenshots

NieR: Automata Gets Fantastic New Screenshots Showing Off the Beautiful Forest Zone (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/11/29/nier-automata-screenshots-forest-zone/) (DualShockers)
- Square Enix released new screenshots for the Platinum Games developed action game NieR: Automata, coming to PlayStation 4 on February 23 in Japan, and PlayStation 4 and PC in early 2017 in North America and Europe.

30th Nov 2016, 09:14
NieR: Automata - Jump Festa (http://www.jp.square-enix.com/jf17/)

Square Enix announces Jump Festa 2017 lineup (http://gematsu.com/2016/11/square-enix-announces-jump-festa-2017-lineup-includes-dragon-quest-xi-stage), includes Dragon Quest XI stage (Gematsu)
- Square Enix Promises New Dragon Quest XI News (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/11/29/square-enix-promises-new-dragon-quest-xi-news-announces-jump-festa-games-lineup/); Announces Jump Festa Games Lineup

2nd Dec 2016, 20:40
NieR: Automata - Impressions

Is NieR: Automata the next Great Action Game (http://www.gamespot.com/videos/is-nier-automata-the-next-great-action-game/2300-6435930/)? (GameSpot)

3rd Dec 2016, 19:18
NieR: Automata - Trailer, Demo

NieR Automata gets a PSX trailer; out March 7th, demo soon (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/12/nier-automata-gets-playstation-experience-trailer/) (Nova Crystallis)
- NieR Automata was shown live on the PlayStation Experience keynote today — showing off a brief teaser trailer.
- NieR Automata - PlayStation Experience 2016 Trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FweLQ0aLFS4)

3rd Dec 2016, 19:24
NieR: Automata - Release Date, Black Box Edition

NieR: Automata Launches March 7, 2017, Day One Edition Detailed (http://blog.us.playstation.com/2016/12/03/nier-automata-launches-march-7-2017-day-one-edition-detailed/)
- Square Enix is proud to announce that Nier: Automata is coming to PS4 on March 7, 2017!
- Black Box Edition - NieR: Automata
- NieR: Automata is coming out on PS4 on March 10(EU)/March 7(NA), 2017 (https://twitter.com/NieRGame/status/805143319722397696)!
- The Black Box Edition will be available exclusively on the SE Store!
- NIER: AUTOMATA™ BLACK BOX EDITION [PS4] (NA (https://store.na.square-enix.com/product/435171/nier-automata-black-box-edition-ps4))
- NIER: AUTOMATA™ BLACK BOX EDITION [PS4] (EU (https://store.eu.square-enix.com/eu/product/435106/nier-automata-black-box-edition-ps4))

8th Dec 2016, 08:42
NieR: Automata - Demo

The NieR: Automata playable demo will be available worldwide on 22nd December 2016 on PSN (https://twitter.com/NieRGame/status/806875997161156608)
- NieR: Automata demo for PS4 releases on December 22 in Japan (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/12/nier-automata-demo-ps4-releases-on-december-22-in-japan/) (Nova Crystallis)
- NieR: Automata PS4 Demo Releasing in Japan on December 22nd; Showcasing PlatinumGames’ Action Combat (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/12/07/nier-automata-ps4-demo-releasing-japan-december-22nd-showcasing-platinumgames-action-combat/) (DualShockers)

8th Jan 2017, 09:56
Any news on the EU release? Will there be a physical release for PC?

31st Jan 2017, 05:37
Any news on the EU release? Will there be a physical release for PC?
Over a month since the release of the PS4 demo and still no news for PC. :(