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23rd Jun 2003, 07:46
I'm used to certain aspects of Chronicles becoming invisible (Lara being the most memorable), but I was just playing around in the Young Lara Irish levels, and discovered an invisible platform. It's not up to much help-wise, but I like standing on nothing.

It's in Gallows Tree, or whatever that first level is called: do the long jump across to the shimmy ledge at the very beginning, then drop down. Line up for a jump across to the other side so you think Lara will land on the triangular ledge much lower down the other side of the gorge, but hit action so she'll grab on and not bang her head. She grabs on earlier than expected and depending where you pull up she'll crawl in mid air or walk in it. Or is that on it. Hmmmmm.

And yes, I'm easily amused.


23rd Jun 2003, 08:47
There is no spoon.

... Ace, where is that spoon again?


23rd Jun 2003, 09:24
Hahahahaha rotflmfao! You've been saving that for some time now, haven't you? :D

23rd Jun 2003, 09:45
Nerevar, when we meet one day I will tell you the story about the disappearing spoons. :D

23rd Jun 2003, 09:50
And hopefully I'll be there to blush and feel stupidly awkward. :D ;) And laugh.

You know what is now freaky about this thread? On my (crap) work PC (actually it's a different crap work PC to my normal crap work PC), everyone's post has Metroid_Tim's (?) matrix signature. :o

23rd Jun 2003, 10:37
Originally posted by Nerevar

Edit: Acceber, I'm sure that, in the words of K.P.E.Lasok, there 'emenate[s] from [your] person an electro-magnetic aura that spel[ls] doom for any [PC]' in the nearby vicinity ;).

Darn tootin! :D

24th Jun 2003, 06:43
Don't worry Ace, you and I have the same small-minded affliction. ;) I like to walk on the water in Egypt, and swim into the sun there in 4. I can do it for hours, hehehe. :p I even take screenshots. :rolleyes:

Nerevar, I'll come too and we can laugh at Ace together!! :D Hmmm? :D Hehehehe

27th Jun 2003, 21:22
We should just make a thread about stupid things we've done in TR for hours on end.
Though, there'd be about 50 threads about people staning on the roof of Lara's home.