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23rd Jun 2003, 07:16
hi all,
i'm new here, so i just wanna know wht r the system requirements for tr:aod before i buy the game.quick replies would be appreciated.

23rd Jun 2003, 07:40
The game requires a Playstation 2. :p


23rd Jun 2003, 08:44
Err... silly question here but...

how can I check to se if my comp has graphic card with TnL ?

23rd Jun 2003, 08:47
uh..huh, real funny goran.looks like there r always some jokers in every forum.
I MEANT SYS REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PC, and if u DON'T understand the topic don't bother replying!

23rd Jun 2003, 08:52
Very funny indeed. Did you follow the link I posted? Did you see that the link leads you to the FAQ thread? Did you notice that the PC requirements are in that thread?

You are welcome.

23rd Jun 2003, 08:54
Hey, be cool okay. A pinch of humor will never hurt and besides he is the mod and mod always points to the right place.

Just click the link he provided and you'll find your answers there...

23rd Jun 2003, 09:02
Woa..these posts timings amazed mee..!!! :eek:

So.. can someone answer my question ?

Don't nag yet goran, I already done the dxdiag and here's the result for display driver

Display Devices
Card name: SiS 630/730
Manufacturer: SiS
Chip type: 630 Rev 20
DAC type: Internal
Device ID: Enum\PCI\VEN_1039&DEV_6300&SUBSYS_63001039&REV_20\001000
Display Memory: 15.0 MB
Current Mode: 1024 x 768 (16 bit)(optimal refresh rate)
Monitor: Plug and Play Monitor
Monitor Max Res: 1600,1200
Driver Name: sis630m.drv
Driver Version: (English)
DDI Version: 7
Driver Attributes: Final Retail
Driver Date/Size: 2/19/2001 00:17:38, 164768 bytes
Driver Signed: No
WHQL Date Stamp: None
VDD: *vdd
Mini VDD: sis630m.vxd
Mini VDD Date: , 0 bytes
Device Identifier: {D7B71ED9-2040-11CF-5974-014383C2C935}
Vendor ID: 0x1039
Device ID: 0x6300
SubSys ID: 0x63001039
Revision ID: 0x0020
Registry: OK
DDraw Status: Enabled
D3D Status: Enabled
AGP Status: Enabled
DDraw Test Result:
D3D7 Test Result:
D3D8 Test Result:

23rd Jun 2003, 09:06
Bye the way, wht is TnL?

23rd Jun 2003, 09:15
iqi86, I fear that computer won't play Tomb Raider AOD.

It has an SIS onboard graphic chip with shared memory which is probably not up to the task.

23rd Jun 2003, 09:34
thanks a lot nerevar, does geforece 2 mx400 have T&L ability?

23rd Jun 2003, 09:43
geforec 256?

23rd Jun 2003, 09:48
GeForce 256, the GeForce card that came before the GeForce 2

23rd Jun 2003, 09:55
Bye AOD..... ***sniff***sniff***

To upgrade my card...urghh it just take a lot of money (I'm still a student) and I also have to upgrade my comp's memory...

Anyway, what got me asking is that...

When I play WormBlast (Team 17) I clicked the hardware T&L option and the game runs fine and beautifully...

While a friend of mine who have more powerful comp tried the T&L option, he had weird black shadows on his game...

Hmmph.. my comp always acted weird...sometimes my comp can't meet certain games specs but walla !! It can play the game....

Hmmphh.. Maybe I'll rent/borrow AOD first before buying it (if I find a place that sell the ORIGINAL game of course ! )

23rd Jun 2003, 09:58
Originally posted by iqi86
Hmmphh.. Maybe I'll rent/borrow AOD first
Let us know how it went. :)

23rd Jun 2003, 10:04
ok, now just tell me this, will aod run on a

P3 500 Mhz
192 MB RAM
GeForce 2 MX400
thanks a lot.

23rd Jun 2003, 10:07
If your OS and all your drivers are in shape it should run.

23rd Jun 2003, 12:38
Just updated my driver a few hours ago and oh my ! The differences in performance is very impressive...!

To scale it, I played TRLE levels, there's no slow frame rates anymore. And Lara's animation is smoother. And the bump-maping textured looks more beautiful...

The TRLE itself doesn't "lag" when I turn texture and draw doors both on..

For you people out there, no matter if you are waiting for AOD PC or not, update your drivers. It's worth the trouble....

23rd Jun 2003, 13:40
Originally posted by iqi86
Hmmphh.. Maybe I'll rent/borrow AOD first before buying it (if I find a place that sell the ORIGINAL game of course ! ) [/B]

He he... iqi, You know you are right... Here, in Turkey we also try to find original games, but almost fail... We got our PS2 version already... :( Of course not original...

23rd Jun 2003, 13:43
iqi, r u running aod on a PS2 or PC?if so wht's the speed of ur PC?

23rd Jun 2003, 13:46
The PC version is not out yet.

23rd Jun 2003, 13:50
i think topic has deviated to cracks... :)

24th Jun 2003, 12:48
Originally posted by TRComm
He he... iqi, You know you are right... Here, in Turkey we also try to find original games, but almost fail... We got our PS2 version already... :( Of course not original...


Originally posted by Radfad
iqi, r u running aod on a PS2 or PC?if so wht's the speed of ur PC?

Yeah, the PC version isn't out yet. But when I see THIS specs :

Minimum (with TnL Graphiccard):

500 MHz CPU
16MB Graphiccard 100% TnL capable, DX9 compatible
200 MB harddrive space
Windows 98 (Win95 is not supported)
128 MB Ram

I rejoiced !!!!!! (Back then...)

Because my comp speed is 700++ MHz, windows 98, 16 MB graphic card, DX 8.1 , 64 MB.

About the RAM i think I could coax my father to upgrade it to 128 MB.

About the DX , I can upgrade to 9 later...

Then I saw that TnL and the posts up above came, then all my hopes of playing AOD are shattered.....sad.......

I choose the PC version because I don't have a PS2.

PS2 cost a lot at my place. To scale it, I can buy another powerful CPU with the money.......

Hmm..about RAM, I have quite strange experience with them.

Once my father's friend installed a 128 MB (with VERY reseanoble price) beside the original 64 MB. So I get 192 MB of RAM and my comp turn into a supercomputer !!!!!

Months later, the comp have problems and we send it to our supplier mechanics and they informed that the 128 MB RAM can't be used anymore. The 64 is fine though.

My friend once told me after this event that different MB RAM cannot be paired. Eg. like above..... 64 + 128..

RAM can only be paired with it own "twin". Eg. 64 + 64....

hmmphh...if only he told it earlier...

Anyway is that true ?

24th Jun 2003, 18:59
H-E-L-L NOOOOOOOO...........................................!
iqi i upgraded my ream from 64 to 192 n i haven't encountered ny probs.Actually to tell u the truth i have no idea wht RAM does for the PC:confused:
i think i should post a thread bout wht i should do to make my PC aod worthy, cause i've got a lot of Q's.i don't know **** bout the tech side of computer!:confused:

27th Jun 2003, 00:35
[Goran or whomever]

The FAQ is pretty skimpy on the sound-card requirements and suggestions.

I have an oldish Sound Blaster PCI (not sure how much onboard RAM) that I just updated with the December 2002 driver from Creative. Is there something similar to dxdiag for sound systems?

Is this card acceptable? Do I need to upgrade? If so, to what?



30th Aug 2003, 09:02
Originally posted by GoranAgar
Let us know how it went. :)

Well... here's how it went...

My friend just told me this morning that he saw AOD in a nearby gaming store...

So... I've been making decisions.. To buy or not to buy...that is the question.... :D because I knew this is a one chance grab since they only order in little amount.....

I decided to BUY it because I think what the heck... I can upgrade my comp later (someday) .. and my RAM is now 170++ MB anyway...

So I took out all my saved money and went to the store to buy it..brought it home...install full..... and finished..

Then I started the game......

To my suprised it ran and showed the main menu with beautiful sound !!! There's no opening FMV (eidos.. core...) but this was expected...

So, eager to venture more... I selected New Game and waited SEVERAL minutes for the first level : Parisian Back Street to load.... at first I was tempted to restart my PC since it takes SO long to load AOD... but I gave it a chance the level DID load (again, with no FMV)

But then the dooming problem started.. the screen seems like slow motion animated cartoon..... FRAAAMMMEESSSS after FRAAAAMMMESSS (slowmo).... :sigh:

So my joy ended there....

But it is nice to know that AOD "slighty" ran on my not so equipped PC with highly detailed Lara and her enviroments.....

Anyway I decided to keep this game and hope/wish/pray that someday I'll get a PC upgrade or buy a new one.....

Until then... to my studies.....