View Full Version : The Swan Dive Returns!!!

23rd Jun 2003, 00:59
ok first of all I'm somewhat new here. I was originally Android 18 if any of you remember. And now I'm back with a diff user name.

Now to the point.

I got my copy of AOD yesterday and I read here that someone said you couldn't do the swan dive in AOD. So I thought "Lara's moves could never be complete without the swan dive!" Well, I found how you could do it!

just press: Forward+O+R2

that will give you the swan dive! :D WOOOOOO!!! :p

23rd Jun 2003, 01:09
In inter-platform terms, what moves would that be? Walk+Move Forward+Jump?

23rd Jun 2003, 01:14
That would be: Forward+Jump+sprint button

Instead of using the walk button in the button combo like in other TR games, they used the sprint button which is R2.