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22nd Jun 2003, 22:35
Hehe, i almost sound like a new guy(even thou i registered long before the new forum, and was reading on the forums at the time of the great pastry wars.)

I´m playing the targatelli mission. Everything was going fine until the UNPRONOUNCABLES said:
Operation clone ranger is Go! Go! Go!
I unpacked the scuzzers like VAL said and killed all enemies. Then nothing happened. I didn´t get any more message and no more enemies appeared.

Does the module end here or has something gone wrong.

Oh and i triple checked that i auctually unpacked all scuzzers and killed all enemies.

23rd Jun 2003, 01:19
Sounds buggy-bug-bugged. I'll see if they neglected something.

Mucky Foot
25th Jun 2003, 21:44
Yep, I've had that too playing it recently (decided to play all the mods out there - there's some superb ones around - props to all those five-star peeps). Not sure what's up with that - obviously The Unpronounceables didn't get the testing the other levels did, and it's also possible (actually, probable) that the game itself changed after we decided not to continue with the mission, which might have caused problems. Sorry about that.

TomF - Muckyfoot coder.

21st Jul 2003, 00:20
We still loved the mission tho!! Although i messed it up thinking that "10 big ones" was 10k and that they increased the protection money!! DOH