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Raziel Soul Reaver
22nd Jun 2003, 20:46
Is it true Raziel kills Ariel with a Black and Red Reaver? I heard he does. But I don't think its true.

Umah Bloodomen
22nd Jun 2003, 20:54
I have not heard anything about that making an appearance in LOKD at this point.

The event somewhat did occur during the end of SR1 (however your information appears to be mixed up).

For more information on the Ariel and Amplified Reavers, please review this compliments of Blincoln. (http://www.thelostworlds.net/SR1-Amplified.HTML)

Raziel Soul Reaver
22nd Jun 2003, 20:59
Oh sorry

Umah Bloodomen
22nd Jun 2003, 21:04
There's really no need to be sorry. That link I provided you should more than compensate for any misinformation you've received elsewhere. :)

It would be interesting to see those two particular reavers make an actual appearance in the upcoming title, however I feel that it is highly doubtful.

22nd Jun 2003, 21:06
No Raziel doesnt kill Ariel with the Kain reaver as it was called ,in sr1 near the end you get to see windows into time raz being born again etc and 1 of raz killing ariel to get her reaver(yellow/white) ,then he had the power to kill kain and gain the kain reaver (red/black) but that was in the original ending where raz would kill kain and turel also but they decided to keep the story going(i think neway)and removed them from the game but time is infinite with infinite possibilitys,dimensions etc so it still could happen but i doubt it

hope that cleared things up for you!

Umah Bloodomen
22nd Jun 2003, 21:26
Taking Ariel's soul into the reaver, compliments of Blincoln. (http://www.thelostworlds.net/SR1-Ariel.HTML) This explains in greater detail what Zephonim had put forth.

Raziel Soul Reaver
23rd Jun 2003, 00:28

27th Jun 2003, 18:03
Originally posted by Zephonim
but time is infinite with infinite possibilitys,dimensions etc so it still could happen but i doubt it...

This brings up the theory that the gates may only show different possibilities of the future.

The gates may only show some of the many different events which may occur if Raziel were to make certain decisions or choose different options.

What the actual future is depends on Raziel's actions and choices.

27th Jun 2003, 18:07
Chances are that most of these things will never hapen.
But if history is predestined how can there be several options??

27th Jun 2003, 18:28
Although the fate is predestined, Raziel and Kain, both showed an ability to go against it.

Raziel's destiny was to kill Kain in William's tomb - in failing this, he was given a new destiny.

After killing his Sarafan self, Raziel was then to be absorbed by the reaver - rescued by Kain, he was given yet another destiny, prolonging the time before his doom.

There were probably many other destinies that he didn't complete such as the 'Ariel/Kain reaver'.

It would be these different destinies that the gates would be showing.

[edit] Upon further thought, my theory seems to contain some flaws. These I have corrected to the best of my ability.