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22nd Jun 2003, 16:26
Here is a poll. Vote, but rember to write WHY you think that's the game's rating... 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest.

23rd Jun 2003, 21:30
From where I'm at now (the Hall of Seasons) , the game is a strong 9. This is up from an early 7/8. The early boards played like generic games. The abandoned apt. building stage and the rooftop stage was just like the fare found in Dead To Rights. The ghetto was the cleanest I've ever seen. The Lourve (just in case that's wrong: I'm sorry, I don't spell French) is classic TR3, as is the Dig Site. From there on out I've been in Tomb Raider Heaven and Tomb Raider Hell and loving every minute of it. (Even the torturous "Wrath of the Beast" which was like the innermost circle of Tomb Raider Hell, you might as well have called the level Save Game because if you didn't just die, you better save)

23rd Jun 2003, 21:47
Frugo -

What's up with the low vote. Only 4 votes and 2 could potentially be fanboys/fangirls that don't even have the game. I hope the lack of responses is just a sign that people are still playing it.

Hope it picks up so we have some decent player guidance before the PC version arrives.

24th Jun 2003, 20:23
Ok... I would consider myself a TR fanboy. I've loved every game, even with it's quirks. That said, here's my review...

The Story

Well done... I think they really did a good job. I was a little worried when I kept hearing that AOD wouldn't be the typical "Tomb Raiding" experience (that's what I liked about the TR series), but I was pleasantly surprised that there is plenty of Tomb Raiding to be done. Kinda of a nice little twist that you get towards the end, but I will say no more.

The Graphics

I have the PS2 version, and I'm impressed with the graphics. Very well done. But there is a problem with the graphics.... At times, there is some much going on graphically (particle systems seem to cause this problem the most) that the PS2 cannot keep up. The result is a slow-mo effect that is just irritating. If you can get past the slow-downs (there aren't a lot, but enough to be irritating), then the PS2 does do a good job all in all. I'm sure the PC version is even better.

The Controls
:mad: I hate them. Why do I have to push the analog stick twice to get her to run without some sort of slow increase of speed? Is this an attempt at an inertia system? If it is, it is not well done. On top of that, every TR in the past used the system where if you press the stick up... Lara would move forward. Not anymore... Now Lara moves on the screen the direction you point the stick... Well... How bad can that be? It's bad. Especially when the camera angle switch from behind her to somewhere else (like when you enter a room and the camera switches to show you entering the room). Next thing you know, you aren't walking where you thought you were walking. Blah... The PS2 manual also states that you can tap the triangle button to switch between multiple combat targets while you have your weapon out... No you can't. In fact there is a mission that requires you to be able to switch between targets and it took me 2 hours to get past that point because I just had to get lucky by putting my gun away, getting it back out and hoping it picked a different target. :mad: Not a good thing.


Well.. here's where I don't know where to put my other gripes... Like, consistently being able to fall through the entire world into an endless fall into oblivion. Woohoo! Or watching Kurtis' legs wrap up and over his head like they were on swivles when he gets hit by the green Boaz goop (you'll understand when you get there if you haven't seen it already). Or how occasionally, Lara's pony-tail takes on a mind of it's own and goes crazy all over the screen. There are some serious problems with this game that in time will be fixed by the PC version, but I'm shafted with a bug ridden PS2 version.


I liked the game. Good story, good graphics.. The PS2 just doesn't seem to be able to handle all of the graphics at some points. But the controls are cumbersome and difficult to get use to, and the game has some serious graphical and gameplay glitches that make the PS2 version a bad bad buy.

If you are a TR fan, you'll like the game, if you aren't, and get the PS2 version, take it back before you open it... Chances are if you play it and run into the bugs that constantly plagued me... You'll never buy an Eidos game again.

On a side note, if for any reason you think that I didn't support something I didn't like I'll be happy to come back and explain it in excruciating details. At one point last night while I was attempting to get out of a crawl position in a vent, my wife turns to me and says "you should tape this and send it to Eidos." I probably should have. It took me 10 minutes to get out of the vent because the controls were flakey.


24th Jun 2003, 21:04

It brings me back to TR1. I'm like a kid again, can't wait to get home and play. The graphics and large rooms are the best yet in the series, it is on ps2 though. The story is deep and the characters are well thought. Every game has glitches but I got locked in a Trailer under the Louvre and thought it was part of the game, only after I reloaded did I find the door should have stayed open. I can see an avid gamer getting discouraged by some of the glitches and how long and boring the rooftop level is. If the game had a better start with more action I think it would be recieved better. I can't see someone that doesn't play often replaying or even making it to the first tomb. I've always had a little trouble moving Lara for jumps so the new controls don't bother me. I wish you could still jump and shoot and you carried two pistols. For me it's near perfect, some flaws that remind me its not really happening but not enough that i don't look around the house carefully when I have to take a potty break. I love it but can't reach for the TEN.