View Full Version : Really stupid question?

22nd Jun 2003, 03:38

This whole "Spoiler" thing is new to me. What exactly is a spoiler? and why why you guys post it, does it just show up as a blue line?

22nd Jun 2003, 03:52
A spoiler is something that screws up your gameplay. I.e. it reveals the secrets of a story, etc. Makes the game less interesting since you know what's going to happen. Like spoiled meat - a good meat is a fresh meat (game you never played and dont know whats going to happen - makes u want to play and find out more of the story). When the meat becomes spoiled (you uncover whats going to happen by reading it) makes the game less attractive and suspensful.

22nd Jun 2003, 03:55
Ah, maybe you need to click and drag your mouse over the blue line and you can then read it. ;)

It just makes sure you don't see the answer or outcome unless you really, really want to see it.

22nd Jun 2003, 03:59
Ok, i see now. Thanks for the reply! Much appreciated!:)