View Full Version : HELP!Ummm does anybody know the way out of here? plus review

21st Jun 2003, 18:35
Short Review:
-controls tricky, need some getting used to
-feels very cinematic
-character interaction is very cool
-environments beautiful
-(for all you techno fans youll love the music in le serpant rouge)
-weapons arent that great
-beneath the louvre, it feels like familiar spelunking

and now for my question
(you might not want to read this if you havent played the game)
for anyone who knows, im in the hall of the seasons and ive placed all four crystals in their recepticals, so now ummm wheres the exit? i dont know what to do next/how to get out of here.
thanks yo.

21st Jun 2003, 20:15
The exit is down in the basement. Go to one of the doors and deliberitly pull the wrong lever. This will drop you through the floor to the basement. Avoid the myriad of traps and keep running around the center until you come across the door. If you don't see the door right away, such as if you're coming from another direction, you can find it because there is a gray plaque on the wall directly opposite the door.

21st Jun 2003, 20:19
you might want to use spoilers when writing a walkthrough

22nd Jun 2003, 05:00
Thanks LaraC, i figured it out earlier when exploring the "dungeon" parts. Thanks for the help.

22nd Jun 2003, 15:04

22nd Jun 2003, 15:21
I would say its DEFIDENTLY worth the money. Its one of the best games i came across so far for PS2. The background graphics are a 8/10, they do have some flaws but its nothing to wine and cry about like in some of the other posts. The character graphics including Lara are extreamly detailed. Some people are complaining about the matrix walking every so often. This only happends toward the end of a scene and only for 2-3 seconds. But its worth it because the loading times are really fast. I dont know how the developers were able to make them so short. The game has a very good story line and the cut scene's are really good. Dont read the other post about bad graphics because the people that wrote that are full of it. I dont know what they expected because this game falls right on the line of the graphics in most other games. Like I said before Lara Is extreamly detailed . For the people conplaining about the controls I think they just want something to bs about. The controls are very easy to learn and there is nothing wrong with them. They can be a pain when your setting up for a jump but you will get used to it easily. There is no bugs or glitches in the game that stick out. Some of the people who are unlucky enough and hadnt had it come out in there area yet are saying the US got a crappy version. There defidently full of it and are just upset and i hate to say but there getting the same exact game. It will be extreamly unlikely the game will be re-developed to perfection just for them. Yes i know some games were patched up a bit before there Uk release but that was only small things. Ex- a slurr in a word one of the characters says or the popular freeze for .5 seconds then start againe in a few areas of the game. I dont think they will be able to fix the matrix running because that is probaly to cut down on the loading time. I think they would have noticed it when they was testing it and would have fixed it if they could have.