View Full Version : Semi-Spoiler, but fun cheat!

21st Jun 2003, 12:26
In the Parisian ghetto:

Near Janice, towards the garage, near the manhole cover, there is a wad of cash. This wad seems to repop every time I enter that section of town, even if I've picked it up three times!!!

21st Jun 2003, 15:28
it happens near the cafe too. its really funny. at least i'm not the only one whos seeing that.:D

21st Jun 2003, 17:07
well Lara can always use some more cash, huh? :p

21st Jun 2003, 23:19
Originally posted by AmO
well Lara can always use some more cash, huh? :p

Watch out! It may be a boobytrap! :D

Gosh, it seems like Lara Croft has really changed personality, huh? I mean: I remember that she said how she only played for sports in Tomb Raider 1 and now she's wasting her time picking up pennies from the street and deliberately neglecting her far-more-important-mission. :D

21st Jun 2003, 23:22
Hahaha Godfather, that's what I thought. She is really moody and dark and seems like she needs zoloft or something.

22nd Jun 2003, 02:52
I take zoloft and I tell you what buddy I think Lara just needs some sex... or maybe a bath cos I dunno how she goes on adventures non-stop without regular bathing... or shaving.. eh..