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21st Jun 2003, 02:49
I went to the store today(we are the 20th) to get my tomb raider game, and the guy told me it won't be released before the 24th, so I went to another store, saying to myself that that guy must be on crack or somethin', and then to the other store a guy told me the game would be released on wednesday (which is the 25th), but he also told me the game had been released TODAY in the states, so I might be able to get it at FUTURESHOP since they have stuff ordered from the states or something like that (yeah, twice the price i guess since they supposely have before everyone). I don't know if they do, I didn't check, I was going over my break for the game (and I was 15 minutes late with no game in my bag), but wasn't that game suppose to be released fot the 18th? I mean, in Canada, I don't know for the states. Well the guy told me the game was suppose to be there since november-that I don't know, when I'm in school I don't know anything but school. So if you're in Canada, as soon as you get your game, TELL ME!!!! And I'd like to know if they have it in the states for real!!

L Croft
21st Jun 2003, 06:57
it is definatly out in the US but to my knowlage not anywhere else.

21st Jun 2003, 07:51
The garden looks so beautiful this time of the year...... the roses are in full bloom, and butterflies gently undulate the air. Am I waiting for AOD? Of course I am, but in the meantime i'm enjoying reality................................