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21st Jun 2003, 00:15
Well, i'm new to the forum, but i've been on the TR scene for 5 years and thought i'd post a bit of a comment/question post.

This game has been LONG overdue ;) the question is, when i've heard "bug fixes" mentioned, i have to think back to TR Chronicles and remember all the bugs in Red Alert!, the finale for the game. Are the bugs that pushed the release date from November to February to April and now June really THAT serious?! I am not too worried, i think Kurtis, the storyline, and the entire rest of the game is worth the wait, and worth any bugs that arise.

Having seen the latest requirements, i became VERY scared. 1.5 GHz minimum for the software-run version?! Thank God for my GeForce4 Ti 4200 :D But seriously, i guess i shouldn't be so surprised after Tomb Raider kept the requirements quite low through the last 4 games. I'm still trying to work out how to get the original running on my computer. Speaking of which, anyone think i'll have issues on my system?

Dell Dimension 8100 (2 years old now, but runs like a dream)
Pentium 4, 1.3 GHz (going for a 3.06 later this summer for Flight Sim 2004)
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz DSP (not a spiffy 5.1 surround sound, but i'm content :))
GeForce4 Ti 4200 64 MB DDR-RAM
Windows XP Professional (no mommy, it's not the cracked illegal version :p)

Hmm, can't think of anything else that could be of use for troubleshooting...

I've drug this out too far already, but i must say, keep the work up Core/Eidos. Best Buy told me today that they're not puttin' the PS2 version on shelves until Sunday, and they have no data on the PC version (the system says none are ordered even!), but there's going to be a huge thing in the ad on Sunday for TR:AOD. That's a collectors item for me :). Okay, i'm done, hehe.