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20th Jun 2003, 20:05
Hello, I'm new to this board. I've lurked, but something weird was happening with my account when I registered, so I couldn't post. I just created a new account, so here I am.

Anyway, I got AOD this morning (thank goodness it was at Gamestop where I pre-ordered it), and have played the first few levels.

First of all, I liken the movement to a combination of old TR games (duck, roll, jump), Resident Evil (the camera seems to jump as you change rooms, climb ladders, etc., to a new angle in that room, as well as the R1 draw weapon), and Baldur's Gate (just the way you move around in rooms seems reminiscent, as well as the "pick from a list of what to say" interaction).

The game isn't totally linear. Depending on how you interact with some people, your missions change slightly, but you arrive at the same conclusion. Also, you can piss people off if you talk to them wrong.

There's a small slow-down on the first level, nothing to get excited about. It's during a training level. The "power-ups" are kind of cool, as well as a slightly different 'Items' menu.

I'll post more later. Weeee!!

Gill Rene
20th Jun 2003, 20:12
thanx Soniq for the review :D