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20th Jun 2003, 09:45
This company has been adv for months that t.r.a.o.d would be released today.. they are now saying that it might be next week.. now they are saying that Eidos dont even know for sure.. something to do with eidos end of year accounts.. more like.. lets release it nearer the film release then we can make even more money.. IT HAD BETTER BE GOOD AFTER ALL THIS NONSENSE.. :mad:

20th Jun 2003, 10:16
i wish:D

20th Jun 2003, 15:22
preordered TAOD from game uk. according to web site my game order status is as follows.

Using Order Tracking System: GAME.NET

Your order is currently being picked and packed.

Previous Statuses:
Your order has been received and is currently awaiting authorisation or release.

Your credit/ debit card has been authorised and your order is now being released for processing.
Funds will not be debited until your order is shipped.

looks like i`ll be getting it at start of next week.
it`ll probably be crap and i`ll have to take it back within the 10 day return policy. hopefully not but i dont hold out much hope. the game will probably be bugged up to its eyeballs and the ps2 version wont even be able to receive a patch to correct them.