View Full Version : GAme Crash at disk 2 need help.

20th Jun 2003, 07:12
My game crash after the element came out. Than the girl(can't remember her name) wake up and talk to barret. While they are talking barret goes near the window, than crash. Black screen. Anyone knows why??

20th Jun 2003, 18:41
win XP pro
ATi RAdeon 7500
Sound blaster Audigy
256 ddr
Running AMD 1600XP

20th Jun 2003, 20:09


...hmm, qhimm's site, right?


I think I left instructions there for you....

Anyway, I think your best bet would be to substitute a working movie for the one that's messing up.

Read, Step 3 to learn how to play the movies off your Harddrive: