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19th Jun 2003, 18:14
This is that Kain portrait I was talking about. The first one's a scan on a scan from a few weeks ago and on the the second one, I've tried to add the ear but I can't get it right. Which do you think is better?




Matt from Spam Buddies
19th Jun 2003, 18:30
The second one is better.

But I'd still suggest You to make the ear a tad larger. If not, then at least a tad larger from the top.

- Matthew

19th Jun 2003, 18:53
With the first one I hadn't gotten to drawing the ear properly so I just drew a faint outline of how I thought it would look and then on the second one I had a look at the pictures on the SR2 box and tried to get it as close as I could. Either his ears are really large at the bottom or the top parts are tucked behind the flesh that's extending from just above them.

Matt from Spam Buddies
19th Jun 2003, 19:56
Hm... Well... Look at some of the concept art on NR...

- Matthew

22nd Jun 2003, 09:57
I think it'd look better if you used softer pencils. Get the Bs out instead of the Hs!

Edit: Oh, and the first one is better IMO

22nd Jun 2003, 12:12
I'm just using the softer ones while I still have to make changes. I'll darken the shading one I've got the shape right. The ears starting to improve. I was looking at the picture on page 6 of the manual, but it was too hard to tell what it was supposed to be like. I'm looking at the one on the back of my SR2 case now. I'll scan the more up to date one later today.

22nd Jun 2003, 15:55
Actually, (I don't wanna sound like I'm telling you what to do here or anything so don't take it personally or anything) if you draw the rough area with a hard pencil you'll find yourself pressing on quite hard at times and this'll destroy the paper you're drawing on. Because you'lll find rubbing out mistakes will rip the paper to bits. Using a hard pencil means not pressing on hard and it rubs out without any damage to the paper (and there shouldn't be black marks on the paper unless yu're pressing on too hard).

A lot of people think H pencils are great for the reasons you said, but over the past 12 months I've discovered quite the opposite. Anything lower than a B is a total waste of time. Trust me. If you use nothing but Bs then your drawings will improve to no end if you just draw the lines confidently.

course it's up to you. H pencils have to benefit SOMEONE don't they? Right?

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