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19th Jun 2003, 16:56
I have been a good taffer trying to play all the T1 and Gold FM's. I downloaded both 'Circle of Strain' FM's then eagerly opened darkloader to play. Everything ran like clockwork, I unzipped through darkloader, read the mission objectives, selected the diffculty level and then noticed I was not given any money to buy weapons and items. Thinks I, "Didn't I just read in darkloader that the creator of this game suggested keeping a water arrow for the end? Oh well, must be some stuff in a closet somewhere." I then selected to start 'strain' and all I could see was the visibility gem. This happened with 'Strain 2' FM and even with T Gold. I tried to uninstall T Gold but I get the message "No can do you idiot. There is a corrupted file." So I tried to reinstall and everything goes great until after I put in disc 2. Then the machine shows the "blue screen of death" and reboots.

Any ideas?

19th Jun 2003, 22:04
if you load a mission and it starts out with just the visiblity gem and nothing else, you're either missing dark.cfg, dark.gam, convict.osm usually one of those is the culprit. ive had these files dissapear on me for no reason at all with tgold....

21st Jun 2003, 14:45
The inability to reinstall indicates to me that your computer has some basic problems or else some file has gotten corrupted, including perhaps the registry. Getting to the root cause is often a long process of trying different things to narrow down the cause and hopefully fix it along the way. I'll walk through a scenario for you, but basically it is one step at a time.

The first thing I would do is revert Darkloader to the OM's, save Saves and Allsaves somewhere, as well as user.bnd (for key bindings), trash the Thief folder and try reinstallling again.

If that fails (or even if it doesn't), then some maintenance may be in order. You need a package like Norton Utilities and WinDoctor to do a check of your registry and other bad and disconnected files. There are others such packages, but that is what I use. Then a complete check of your hard drive, including surface scan, using whatever software you have for that. Then a defrag.

If, after, that, you still cannot install Thief, then what I would do myself is to do a full backup of the system and then go into regedit and search and destroy any entries related to Thief (but not Thief2). That is risky business, not recommended for inexperienced or faint of heart. At worst, it is possible to destroy the system, but it may be destroyed anyhow.

If all that fails, then I could think of only three things that might be causing it. First would be a bad CD set, second a bad CDROM drive, and third a corrupt operating system. Things you could do to test those theories include installing it in someone elses computer, borrowing someone elses CD set, and changing out the CDROM drive on yours. That may give a clue. If it is not the CD or the CDROM drive, then maybe it is time to wipe the system and reinstall the OS.

You didn't say what OS you are using or how fresh it is. If it's Windows 98, that has a habit of going South about once a year anyway.

Good luck, and let us know how it progresses.

22nd Jun 2003, 17:40
Wowseeee....way beyound my capabilities. I had this laptop checked by the techies because my keyeboard is going out. they gave mee a backup laptop but with my hard drive. still have keyboard troubles so I'll be visiting them again tomorrow. So while i am there, I'll have them read what eeveryone suggested. Thanks for your help. I'll let you now if I am back "In the game.'

Peter, I am using Win NT. I did the 'setup.eexe -lgntforce' and had no problemss with Gold until now. I have gotten a hold of a different CD. Does keeping the CD in the drive all the time hurt the CD?

I am startting to get the thief dt's.....:D

23rd Jun 2003, 05:57
Originally posted by littlek
Peter, I am using Win NT. I did the 'setup.eexe -lgntforce' and had no problemss with Gold until now. I have gotten a hold of a different CD. Does keeping the CD in the drive all the time hurt the CD? I don't know. I run from a backup CD in a desktop machine - it doesn't get jostled around like a laptop. It hasn't failed yet, but if it does I have the original CD to fall back on.