View Full Version : tomb raider 6???

kathy 5
19th Jun 2003, 12:50
o.k. the 18 has come & gone now when I went & looked for the date for this game It now says the 27th
will this game ever be released????

another thing I haven't seen 1 commercial for this up & coming game why not???

not that I have to worrie about It just yet I still have to get through 3 4 & 5 I'm hoping by this time that It will have droped In price

Goose Master
19th Jun 2003, 13:44
I know what you mean it was ment to be released last week but now they say it is most certainly released on Friday in england anyway. I seen it advertised on the side of a bus for the Pc and Playstation versions but they didnt have a date. I suppose its just incase they decide to move the date back even more. We should think ourselves lucky as Duke Numkem forever was began in 1997 and was to be relesed for christmas 1998 and now its 2003 where is it!? :confused: But i can say for sure that AOD has gone gold because my brother owns this website and he is getting a review copy soon... I hope.

19th Jun 2003, 21:03
Tis not the place to complain about AOD;)

Goose Master
19th Jun 2003, 21:32
Yea suppose so. Maybe if we all wish together itll be relesed!. OR we could look in the mirror and say 'lara croft' five times and itl be released or we could wait for it to be relased but i prefer the first option.

kathy 5
20th Jun 2003, 02:16
just posted In the right place