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Kiech Bepho
19th Jun 2003, 08:59
Ok, I am finishing up T2 for the first time FINALLY. Anyways, I wanted to point out some dissapointing aspects of the game:

In 'shipping' I saw a Hammerite standing around chatting to some warehouse worker. Well, needless to say I was QUITE excited to see my old friend, and ran out to greet him! After all, I did save his kin from the Trickster and all, and I wanted to thank him for my new eye...well, imagine my shock when he tried to hit me with his hammer - as if he had NO IDEA of the ties between us. :( I had to subdue the poor twisted fellow before he hurt himself. Odd...can't Garrett keep any friends besides Basso?

There is STILL that dang curfew out at night...its gotten to the point where a guy can't take a late night stroll without fear of getting shot by the trigger happy watch!

I am going to have nightmares after finishing the library in 'casing'...did they REALLY need to bring back the old "WHAT? It was nothing..." sound? The flashbacks of RTC are raisng my blood pressure just THINKING about them. That and the whole "Join us NOW" bit will keep me in therapy for ANOTHER 20 years...

Its a very odd, odd, world...

19th Jun 2003, 11:35

Welcome to the forum!

Not all the Hammerites will remember Garrett with much affection, after all, it was his fault that the eye got into the hands of the Trickster in the first place! But I agree that they should be more friendly now.

If you want to play a fan-made Thief 1 mission without a curfew, check out The Burgomaster (http://thiefmissions.com/info.cgi?m=BurgoMaster) .
You can walk about town and meet other people without getting any grief from the guards patroling the streets.

19th Jun 2003, 23:44
Welcome to Eidos fellow guild member. :p ;)

Kiech Bepho
20th Jun 2003, 07:13
Thanks BA. I was a ttlg'er...but they are always down for me. Good to know there is a place to talk about Thief still!