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17th Jun 2003, 19:13
I've read it here:


I wrote that, because I think not everybody knows that already.:)

The Amazing Rando
17th Jun 2003, 19:21
Well, it's still not official as CD didn't write that, and I'm sure other places have said there will be a PC version too. Just cuz you read it online doesn't make it true-a good lesson.

Having said that, I'm pretty sure everyone here realizes by now that it's gonna be ported over. I'm sure this writer was just assuming, based upon the history of the games that he doesn't seem to know too well. I only say this because Defiance should be the fourth LoK game by Eidos, not the third. :D

17th Jun 2003, 19:47
No, I didn't discover the site. I read it here:


The guy, who opened the thread says that it is an official statement.

The Amazing Rando
17th Jun 2003, 20:15
Is the thread starter a rep for eidos or something? He wasn't listed as a mod for that forum.

It doesn't really matter, as I said, I fully believe it will be ported, but I'm just not gonna take anyone's word as official or saying something else is official. I'll wait for Chris to give us the 'shocking' news. ;) Besides, I'm getting a consol version anyway (at least first, maybe later I'll get the pc version).

17th Jun 2003, 20:31
No, he isn't a mod. (The mods in the German Forum don't say anything, i wonder if there are any mods :) ).

But he always writes there news and translates important things from the american forum. You can say, he's an "inofficial mod".:D

17th Jun 2003, 22:47
In that forum it could say, Glucolisis: go to hell or something like that because I really don`t understand crap of it.

17th Jun 2003, 23:51
The Germans get cooler smilies...

It actually wouldn't surprise me if there was an announcement of the PC version in Europe first. I remember before SR2 came out, the US Eidos site listed PS2 as the only platform that would be released; but at the same time the UK Eidos site (and French and German as well) listed it as for both PS2 and PC. It made me wonder if Sony has some sort of exclusive release agreement or something; the PC version just appeared out of the blue here before, so I bet it will again.

In fact, if it's still possible to 'choose your territory,' maybe the German site says something...

Oh, and Glucolisis, if it said that, it would look like this: Glucolisis: Gehst du zur Hölle... :p

why is it that when accessing the extra vowels, the German vowels are always last? Grrr...

EDIT: Checked it out; and nope, just PS@ and Xbox. But I still expect it... whether I can run it or not remains to be seen!

18th Jun 2003, 11:53
Originally posted by Glucolisis
In that forum it could say, Glucolisis: go to hell or something like that because I really don`t understand crap of it.

That's why I wrote it in English in a short version.

It would be "Fahr zur Hölle", but it doesn't matter. :D

18th Jun 2003, 12:45
Now in the Thread somebody asks him, why he's so sure that the PC Version is official.

He answers, that the official confirmation was told here, in the american forum, too.

Evelin The Winged
18th Jun 2003, 17:27
I like the smilies.... I have a german dictionary! *start's tro try and translate the page*:D

18th Jun 2003, 17:49
If you're serious you could use this site (http://www.tranexp.com:2000/Translate/result.shtml) it makes sense sometimes.
or else this site (http://babelfish.altavista.com/)
the second one is not very good, for instance it doesn't even translate the French word "très". (which means "very" btw)

Evelin The Winged
18th Jun 2003, 20:23
Originally posted by Azazel
...it doesn't even translate the French word "très". (which means "very" btw)

Yes I have a french exam on sunday...I'm an A student.:D

18th Jun 2003, 21:35
Dark Child - You've got me interested! German is important to me, as my father still grew up speaking it (and that's here in America, not in Germany... and no, we're not Amish either!) and mine is the first generation in my family not to have done so... and my attempts to learn it have been confined to German I at my university, which was so-so. SO, the point of my yammering is...

why is it 'fahr' instead of 'gehst'? I can't remember if we learned that verb or not... though it's starting to sound familiar...

The Amazing Rando
18th Jun 2003, 21:48
DC, I also only speak a little German, because my great grandma did and so I learned from her and my dad, but isn't darien right. I thought 'fahr' wpuld be the command form of 'fahren'-to ride.

Darien, if I remember right, you wouldn't need gehst du, it works but it's long. I'm not positive what the command form of it would be, but you wouldn't need the 'du' in there.

I could be completely off tho.

ON-Topic: I wonder where he read the 'official announcement' on these boards. Was he maybe talking about Chris' answer, or just the way we all assume that it will be.

18th Jun 2003, 22:16
"Gehst du zur Hölle" would be a nearly 1:1 translation (by the way, because of the word order it must be a question "Gehst du zur Hölle?", Do you go to hell?)

"Fahr zur Hölle" is a phrase you can't change. No one would say that with the verb "gehen" (go). You must use "fahren" (drive) in this context. :)

But it is right, that "fahr" is a command form, so it's just nearly a 1:1 translation.

TOPIC: I wonder where he found that, too. But others say that it's true. (look at the thread now):confused:

20th Jun 2003, 04:09
I hope the controls for PC aren't so complicated.

20th Jun 2003, 09:48
Buy a controlpad for your PC.