View Full Version : Interesting problem! ff7 PC 'TEXT OVERLAP' FREEZES GAME

7th May 2013, 06:21
I've recently downloaded ff7 for pc and have encountered a problem whilst in Junon. When Im dressed as a shinra soldier and am recieving the Army pose commands in the locker room he then asks for the special pose etc. When Cloud does it everyone says a text all at once in the overlapping thing it does but it freezes on the commanders text of saying "ok go with that one" etc. The music is still playing and the text bubble has lost its color with only a few words in it. Ive changed the reso of the graphics but it still does it at that same point when everyone says somthign at once....
Any help would be appreciated!

7th May 2013, 17:32
Try Running the game in compatibility mode for vista service pack 2

7th May 2013, 21:48
Tried doing that with vista service pack 2, still same problem...

8th May 2013, 07:11
Please help smart people, I cant be left with just a taste of the game yous understand!

9th May 2013, 14:13
We apologize for the problem you have encountered . If the game save you were playing on became corrupted or damaged, it may affect the game and the gameplay itself at times. You may want to see if using one of the other game saves from a previous point, then immediately changing the save slot to protect the good save, then playing up to that point creates the same problem.