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17th Jun 2003, 08:57
G'Day, does anyone know where I can post a piece of fan fiction so TR fans like you guys can read it?

17th Jun 2003, 09:44
You can of course post it here. A dedicated Fan Fiction forum you can find here: http://pub76.ezboard.com/fthevillageoftokakeribyfrm13

John Carter
17th Jun 2003, 15:50
You can also post it to www.fanfiction.net's large collection of TR fanfic stories, some 210 and growing.

From the tokakeriby forum Goran lists above, you should also find a link to the site "Tales of Beauty and Power", dedicated to TR fanfiction, whose URL unfortunately I seem to have forgotten.

With little fanfare, Core Design's website has a fanart section with fan fiction encouraged, only one story there thus far;


Tom's LCO site also has a fan fiction page, as do many other popular TR fan sites.

17th Jun 2003, 19:33
Does anyone here remember the Tomb Raider MOVIE SCRIPT written by some guy at PC GAMER (magazine). It was AMAZING!!! If anyone has the link, please post!!!

18th Jun 2003, 00:56
Thanks for the feed back GoranAgar & John Carter. I will send it into those places and you can check it out.
Alternatively wirte back to me and I'll just send it directly to you or anyone else at this forum who wants a look. I'd much rather people who now the subject matter to read it and tell me if I got the character right.
Thanks again.

18th Jun 2003, 14:55
Ooh yes -- my fan fiction is on Core's site :) And if you like reading it, I have 7:


Good luck!

18th Jun 2003, 18:20
I suppose you could post it right here too:)

18th Jun 2003, 23:07
That I could -- but the formatting wouldn't look right :D