View Full Version : YABASIC for ps2

17th Jun 2003, 03:54
Y'know the program that comes with the first playstation 2 disc that allows you to write your own programs.

Has anybody actually bothered to make any programs with it.
If there is, share it with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Hank Nova
18th Jun 2003, 12:11
are you saying you know what it means?

19th Jun 2003, 00:31
What is this disk your talking about? never heard of it.

19th Jun 2003, 09:16
I think YABASIC came with the very first demo disc which came with the ps2 and i want to know the code for the programs people have made for it.

Hank Nova
24th Jun 2003, 01:08
yeah its the one with ssx and fifa if i remember correctly

1st Jul 2003, 12:25
I made a quiz game on it, I cant remember the code but it should explain most of it in the tutorial- you might also want to try getting the programs from the Yabasic website (http://www.yabasic.co.uk)