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Cerpin Taxt
16th Jun 2003, 19:03
Hey guys; I've found a couple scripts of DX1 out there, but none are as complete as mine is. I still have a lot to do on it, such as finish the game, heh. I also am going to go through it all again to make sure the smaller details are right and so on, and to streamline a lot of the formatting - I've been working on this for about a year, off and on, and a lot of things changed as the project progressed. Let me know what you think, and please post corrections - however minute they might be. Thanks. :)


21st Jun 2003, 15:34
really, they should take that and use it as a basis for the Movies screenplay, instead of making up a whole bunch of stuff.
i mean really, Deus Ex already has everything it needs to be a film, character depth and all. just cut it in three parts, ending at the escape from UNATCO, meetinf Everetts man, and the end.
Great Stuff

heck, i could take that and novelize Deus Ex - not that it'd be allowed to publish.... unless, Eidos?

Cerpin Taxt
21st Jun 2003, 20:32
yeah, they need an adaptation rather than a whole re-write. we can only pray, I suppose.

anyhow, what do you think of the format I used? Since you seem to be the only one who read it, I'd like feedback. I've still got a lot of backtracking to do to streamline a lot of it, but basically what you see is what it will look like. Do you think it's too confusing?

21st Jun 2003, 21:51
I tried to read i, but when I go to open it Word crashes.:mad:

21st Jun 2003, 22:48
could u explain to a total idiot why did you do all this maddness?

I mean, u talked to every person in the game, u wrote down every conversation. U just wanted to know the dev team's imagination abilities?

Like, does not make sense to me at all, but anyway I did not read all of it, just the start, Paul, I thought u were in HG, welcome to the coallition JC and so on, I still rember all the conversations, i dunno, crazy.

anyway, what I wanted to tell that I have Microsoft Word 2002 [help->about] and it dd not crash, maybe try notepad or something?

yesss, gottcha there. U selected the answer I am learning as I go. hell, the other answer is a lot more fun, when i first selected it, man, I laughed, but I guess u get only one EMP that way

um, I do not want to read, so tell me, did u use stealth in Liberty and Castle Clinton, cuz u get two different dialogues, stealth reveals more info, I mean, more interesting for the player
well, u know, Sam Carter tells that UNATCO is known for shooting, or he praises JC, Paul praises JC too after the very first objective, well, what to explain u should get the idea, no?

uh oh, cannot await ur answer

@edit again@

ahaha, "Paul Denton: Yeah, well, pace yourself. You killed a lot of people tonight." .. so u went into shooting eh? :)))))

*um, edit 3rd time*
I scrolled down to the end of the document, the end is missing .. it ends with Everett, I dunno, maybe u could give me the continuation OR (think of something)

21st Jun 2003, 23:35
It's too big to open in notepad, you need to use word. I have a copy of office XP around here somewhere, that might help me out a bit.

Cerpin Taxt
22nd Jun 2003, 02:34
haha sorry I went to work so I didn't get to respond.

I can cut it up in a series of files, if that'll help you all. But you'll miss out on the fancy formatting if you open it in notepad, and the formatting is half of what took so long.

yeah, I noted in my original post the end was missing - I haven't gotten to it all yet. It shouldn't take much longer.

I'll have to try stealth on Liberty/Castle Clinton... I never did it that way cause I always got bored (being stealthy while writing everything down will make you incredibly impatient, let me tell you), but I'll give it a shot, see what it turns up. If it's a lot more interesting, I'll do the script that way.

oh and why did I do all of it? Hey, I REALLY like Deus Ex 1. I also want to go into script writing for video games, so I considered it a case-study. :p

p.s: if anyone's wondering why I did this in the DX:IW forum instead of the DX1 forum, well... the cover reason is so we can openly discuss spoilers, but the real reason is I hadn't noticed the DX1 forum. :(

22nd Jun 2003, 07:36
well if you never ever played stealthy on Libetry and Castle Clinton, let me give u a few tips:

if I understand right, u cheated too, so:

1) use the fastest cheating -hax0r [ir it not "o" as in lol but zero]
add thi lien to ur shortcut with a space

2) use adaug feature to add:
augadd augradartrans
augadd augstealth
augadd augcloak [if u want to beat the game I suggest augballistic]
augadd augcombat
augadd augtarget [again, if you want to beat the game]
augadd augdefense
(okey, the next 3 augs are tottally ur choise of what u want to do)
augadd augenviro [if u get tranquilized or gas]
augadd aughealing
augadd augshield

also to have more bionergy: set deusex.jcdentonmale energy 10000
then upgrade ur crossbow, it won't take long:
spawnmass weaponmodaccuracy 5 [it will give u 5 accuracy weapon modification] - the other modas are - reload, range, scope, laser

then use: allskills [to get master levels]
after it's up to you, you can spawn lockpicks or other things u require.
in Liberty with the stealth aug on approach every person from back and use riot prod or crossbow on every person, do not kill anyone or it will not work.
in Castle Clinton it's a bit tricky. Smash open the soda machine with a GEP or LAM and head inside, complete the objectiove, then continue forth. When you are inside the kiosk tranquilize the kid, yess, if he will run and reach anna navarre she will kill everybody and stealth dialogue will be failed. Again, u have to take everybody out without directly approaching the exit where anna is or she will come as a backup.

I haven't tried stealth in every level but one tip, use charger on MJ12 troops, crossbow cannot take 'em out with one shot. If u haven't noticed, with the srossbow it is very tricky to take a man out immediately, if u want to, do like this: aim for the top of the head, like, when u have still crosshair red piont it just a little more up till u target nothing, fire, the person should be ot immediately, cuz the dart flies somehow from under to top, it is not so easy to explain but: imagine u have a gun in your hands, walk to a wall, u can still see over it cuz your head is higher but if u target the gun and fire it will hit the wall, same here, it did not take long for me to master.
So, em, good luck with the minor change.

oh and do point a likn to the full version of the script, area 51 dialogues are pretty fun to read, btw, did u kill Simons in ocean lab or area 51? if u let him live then he is back with another dialogue. oh and be so kind and explain your strategy, how do u select the answer that is more suitable?

22nd Jun 2003, 11:35
who called this guy an idiot!!
what he did is what i've been dying to see for ages now!
Thank you, Cerpin!!! i more than appreciate and love what you achieved so far, and can't wait for more!
i think the formats great, just perfect. i mean, its not like you'r trying to write a novel here. and thanks for keeping in datapad and newspaper stuff - great stuff. not confusing at all, very good.
(script for games? you might be able to try hollywood with some more detail in there...)
i wish they use a script like this to write their movie. sigh.
anyhow, so far everything about your script is agreeable, beautiful. this is great work.
i look forward to the final parts - then you've created a masterpiece. :cool:

22nd Jun 2003, 11:41
like, Simmons spinner, I called myself idiot to get precious info, u ruined it now :(

so tell me now urself why script is so important? oh, and are u a director or something?

22nd Jun 2003, 11:53
oh, i read that wrong; i thought you were calling Cerpin an idiot, but you said this was madness. now now, its a work of art. my best read now since Lord of the Rings.
(can't help it, i'm a Deus Ex nut)
sadly no, i'm not a director or in on Greg Pruss's script, i only pray that he gets a hold of something like this though. it would make a great movie, seperated in three parts. a trilogy, you know.
Part 1, 2, and 3. and then a new frachise with IW.
why do i like it?
i always wanted to go through DX again just to talk to everyone again, go through the story and the plots and every detail, etc. etc. use it for other matters like write a book that might never get seen by another eye unless Eidos sells me rights...

did i say that?
well, nevermind. sorry for the misread. great stuff there.

Cerpin Taxt
23rd Jun 2003, 00:50
hey guys, thanks for the support! :D

I'll try out the stealth stuff tonight, see what I can do.

as for getting the ending, well, I'll do it as soon as I can, haha! It takes a surprising amount of time to copy everything. It probably took me a good half hour to simply get the 4 books about the Templars.

and to be honest, I skimped on more irrelevant newspapers or things at a variety of times, depending on how impatient/hyper I was that night. Just a couple random things I decided to leave out on a whim, but I'll grab them on my second play-thru.

Leo: thanks for the cheats; most of them I know, but the tactics for stealth will prove quite helpful. I'll have to make a little "thank you" section @ the end for people like you! haha.

(btw: what I meant about writing scripts for games is that my dream job is to basically be Sheldon Pacotti. though I'm open to writing anywhere in entertainment; I'm working on the movie end with some friends, the game end with a very good coder I know, and I even have a webcomic in the works! :p)

I haven't gotten to ocean lab/area 51 yet - I'm typing as I go. I mean, I played thru before, but for this game I'm going to let Simons live. I'm going to write down all 3 endings I think. we'll see when I get there.


I went stealth through both Liberty & Clinton, with only one death on the side (at the skirmish in front of the subway). The conversations when I got back from Liberty were a tad different, like instead of "damn you thug" it's more of a "you're smart, eh" feel. nothing really imporant. :o

23rd Jun 2003, 14:55
oh come on man, to truly help you I will need to play DX again, read all you wrote and then compare.

one little&big thing: how do u write the script, do u experiment with the answers in dialogues or what? I ma going to wait or ur answer.

I hope u are not Alt+Tabbing all the time :)

23rd Jun 2003, 15:03
hmmm How can you let simmons live? I tried once, and I had to kill him before he killed me.

is there another exit? can you talk him to sleep?

(I would like to know, cause I am actually playing (for the nth time (with n VERY LARGE)) and I'm trying to find new plots developpements in the game)

23rd Jun 2003, 15:09
Like all NPCs, Simmons will wimp out if you wound him just enough (e.g., destroy his arms). He'll run around saying nasty things, but he'll be harmless.

Same thing goes for Anna and Gunther.

23rd Jun 2003, 15:19
I will have to try

(for the moment, I have to say it's hard to aim for the arms with a couple of LAMs, but I will try)

23rd Jun 2003, 15:28
hey ppl,
after finishing the game on realistic switch on to easy and read walkthroughs, man, I would like to have everything required to write a walkthrought for a game, i could use theese skills to effectively find a solution to every problem in any game.

Cerpin Taxt
24th Jun 2003, 04:50
actually what I do is I let a lot of conversations build up in the convo log (before it periodically wipes them) and then I alt-enter to make the screen smaller and have word open & just type away. it's fairly effective. a lot easier than the first video game script I wrote all the dialogue down from (Final Fantasy Tactics). I had to write it all by hand onto paper as the dialogue happened and then type it up onto computer. BLAH! heh.

24th Jun 2003, 19:29
Originally posted by Le`Sauveur`De`Ces`Dames
hmmm How can you let simmons live? I tried once, and I had to kill him before he killed me.

I used my fully-upgraded "run fast" (best aug ever) and bolted past him.

By the way, nice script Cerpin! I've always wanted to see this done...whenever I hear that haunting theme song I always wonder about a Deus Ex movie...

Cerpin Taxt
25th Jun 2003, 02:12
the worst thing about the run fast aug (and a lot of them, for that matter) is that after you have them on forever, it seems normal, and you want to be able to run faster. It's like being spoiled. pffffffft! :p

25th Jun 2003, 07:29
well a movie's coming soon... in a year or three...

Cerpin Taxt
25th Jun 2003, 08:22
Originally posted by Simmons
well a movie's coming soon... in a year or three...

2004 according to IMDB. I'm quite surprised they actually have like a timetable that's SOON for it, because Deus Ex was a fairly... underground, type game. Like, sure, breakthrough, yada-yada-yada, but it's just not as widely known as "Doom" or "Final Fantasy." I'm happy it seems to really be happening, I just can't believe it. Anyhow. o/t hardcore.

p.s: whatever happened to the Doom movie!? HUH!? *le sigh*

Cerpin Taxt
27th Jun 2003, 05:58
A couple things ~

1) if you think I'm going to update the script, I probably won't be able to until sunday.

2) correct me! I can't have gone 130 pages being entirely right, with the theories I throw around and such. cooooooome oooooooooon people! :D

27th Jun 2003, 14:38
Good stuff so far. I like it. I noticed however, your dialogue may be incomplete. For example, you've captured the first part of Paul and JC's conversation as it appears in the game. However, when the conversation is finished, you can invoke another conversation (perhaps even two) with Paul where they talk about their parents. I've found that this can be done at multiple points throughout the game, even in the first level when you interrogate the NSF Terrorist Leader...

Cerpin Taxt
27th Jun 2003, 20:26
Originally posted by Slap
Good stuff so far. I like it. I noticed however, your dialogue may be incomplete. For example, you've captured the first part of Paul and JC's conversation as it appears in the game. However, when the conversation is finished, you can invoke another conversation (perhaps even two) with Paul where they talk about their parents. I've found that this can be done at multiple points throughout the game, even in the first level when you interrogate the NSF Terrorist Leader...

I in fact make a point of clicking on people until I'm positive I won't get any more dialogue from them. Paul may have slipped by cause he was like the first stuff I was getting down; but you'll notice I have all 4 of the conversations you can have with the Terrorist Leader, and onward thru the rest. I'll have to go back and get that extra Paul stuff though; thanks for the heads up.

29th Jun 2003, 08:18
Cerpin, i dont mean to pester you, but i really look forward to this script of yours, but im also hoping it could be fatter than it already is. like on Liberty Island, you didn't capture the Thrid conversation with Paul, when he talks about Parents and such...
and could you add in All of Lebedev's speech? i'd like to read it right thrrough without anna shortening him off...
so, keep clicking and looking for ppl, this is great stuff

Cerpin Taxt
29th Jun 2003, 16:56
I got the second 2 parts of Paul's conversation @ the beginning of the game last night, actually. :)

I remember checking to see if Lebedev had a lot more to say if I killed Anna before she could kill him, but I don't know if there was much (I remember mostly cause I loved the way I got Anna - 3 LAMs waiting for her in the corridor!). His conversation is already more than a page, one of the longest in the game (though I suppose it is a rather important conversation, heh). I'll have to check that out again when I go through my second time - it's too far in the game to just randomly do.

Cerpin Taxt
30th Jun 2003, 01:12
Yesssssssssss double post. *win*

I'll be posting a complete rough draft later on tonight. All the way through, including the endgames. Then begins phase 2: go through it all again to double-check and pick up miscellaneous data. :D

Cerpin Taxt
3rd Jul 2003, 07:42
triple post. but this is important.

the SCRIPT has been UPDATED! It is now complete -- up to all endings are down! It's version 1.0 - but will go higher when I do my revisions. I wanted to get it done tonight before I went out of town. I'll check the boards obviously, but I won't have access to the script/game (Well, I will to the script, I can always download it ;) until monday night.

To warn you, it's almost a meg now... 165 pages. ENJOY! :D

same link as before... www.skylagoon.com/private/sehki/DX1Script.doc

[SYN] Nexus
3rd Jul 2003, 09:42
Good WOrk man! :)

8th Jul 2003, 06:26
just downloaded it!! Beautiful! great work Cerpin!

Cerpin Taxt
8th Jul 2003, 06:34
yeah, you guys made my friend - who hosts the document - get a little itchy. Apparently 138 of you have downloaded it.

... that's not to say stop downloading it. Keep it up, the man handles gigs of torrents a day. His father owns an ISP (no joke). He just wasn't expecting such action from my account - truth be told, neither was I. But rock on, I'm glad people are getting it.

and remember, I'm expecting you all to help with revisions! :D

10th Jul 2003, 07:34
Great Stuff, Cerpin, and i'd hate to be the first to complain,
but actually, i would rather like to see JC go the soft way in clinton castle, so he could end up having that touching talk with Carter. and i know this might go out of line for DX2, but it'd be nice to read where Paul died.
as for your script, great work, and i found a little mistake too!

Begin Conversation with Smuggler in Smuggler’s Hideout
JC Denton: I got your friend out.
Ford Schick: Ford? Is he all right?
JC Denton: Fine. You were right about those troops. Definitely not NSF.
Ford Schick: They’re the CIA. They capture people and use them for medical experiments.
JC Denton: I wouldn’t go that far. You said you’d make it worth my while…?
Ford Schick: Since you helped Ford, I’ll cut you a deal. I’ll give you a scope that will fit most handguns and rifles for 700 credits, a bioelectric cell for 250, or some Light Amplification Goggles for 1125.
JC Denton: I’ll take the scope for 700.
Ford Schick: Deal.
JC Denton: See you later.
Ford Schick: Hey, and thanks again for finding Ford.
End Conversation

thats supposed to be Smuggler.

good luck

Cerpin Taxt
10th Jul 2003, 16:12
hahaha whoops. good call man. :)

as for Paul, I kept him alive because it provides much more dialogue later on. Moreover, him dying doesn't add any dialogue... he just gets shot up and that's it. I always felt that was kind of lame so I decided to keep him alive.

[SYN] Nexus
10th Jul 2003, 20:29
I think he means the conversation changes (they will tell he died)

Cerpin Taxt
10th Jul 2003, 22:03
Well right but the point is I thought it was more interesting to keep him alive. Instead of Alex saying "I'm sorry about your brother." You have extended dialogues with Paul. His conversation near the end of the game with JC is one of the best in the game. So... yeah.

Big Ragu
10th Jul 2003, 23:03
I think its better to keep him alive

11th Jul 2003, 06:35
yeah, i know what you mean, and you're right. it is better that way. but anyhow, i do have other suggestions:

like i already noted, i really would have rather'd you went in soft at Clinton Castle, so when you talk to Carter, instead of sounding like a gun-happy shooter, there's actually emotion and feeling in JC, a human side almost like his brother. makes for a better story, i think.

and also, i dont know if you're going run through this again, but if you do, would you mind going to kaplan before you hit the Statue? to add to the above, giving Denton character, i love it when he says, "we're going for a silent approach" and kaplan replies, "i thought you nano-augs were lethal killing machines. guess i was wrong." and the epic finale, "guess you were"
that's one of my favorite parts. i'd be nice if you could throw it in.

and finally, for now, (:D hope you dont mind all this input... afterall you did some very hard work and i apprecaite it..)

but it would be nice if you just dodged by Anna in the subway, so when you wake up in the Majestic prison, she has her little talk with you... "i come to watch you die, Denton"
plays good on the whole Denton/Navarre thing.

but thats my two cents, great work again.

Cerpin Taxt
11th Jul 2003, 17:29
I'll try out going stealth in Clinton, and see what I think. :p I am planning on going thru it all, again, so I can hit this all up as I go.

as for Navarre, this is something I wanted to discuss. There are 3 key points when I can kill her: before she kills Lebedev, in the Subway station, or in the Majestic laboratory. I'd love to keep her around until Majestic, but I also want to get the complete Lebedev thing, before she kills him. I think I may have found a way... if I can block the entrance with large metallic blocks, she won't get in, but won't die either. I'll have to test that out.

12th Jul 2003, 07:32

about Navarre, it wont work. if she doesn't die, Lebedev will stand around waiting to get shot, if she cant shoot him.
no talk. so you have to decide.
personally, i think lebedev doesnt say much when Anna dies, just tells you to be suspicios at UNATCO and that MJ-12 runs the place. nothing revealing, you find out this later anyhow. but its up to you. i just look at navarre as an important main in the first part and i like to see her live it through.

Cerpin Taxt
3rd Aug 2003, 22:33
Originally posted by altF18

about Navarre, it wont work. if she doesn't die, Lebedev will stand around waiting to get shot, if she cant shoot him.
no talk. so you have to decide.
personally, i think lebedev doesnt say much when Anna dies, just tells you to be suspicios at UNATCO and that MJ-12 runs the place. nothing revealing, you find out this later anyhow. but its up to you. i just look at navarre as an important main in the first part and i like to see her live it through.

see that's what I thought. I'll stick with that.

Sorry for my abscence guys (if ya'll cared ;)) but I got busy and such. I'll be coming back to this project very soon, like a couple days, with any luck.

5th Aug 2003, 21:15
welcome back Cerpin!!!!
suggestions already, if it isn't a problem! :D
anyway, i was wondering if you could get Kaplan's liberty island conversatiuon in that script of yours, i love it when JC says that intelligent line about, when, er, well, the intelligent line ;)