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16th Jun 2003, 16:26
Now this is either very strange, or standard and I just haven't noticed it before...

I recently reinstalled T2 and was configuring my controls etc...but I forgot to alter the game resolution from something like 640x480 to my usual setting of 1024x768. I was doing a spot of FM work and was wondering why my gamma/brightness seemed lower than usual, so I checked my monitor & gfx card settings, but all was in order. Altering the gamma ingame using the + key just made it go all grainy, and setting the mission rgb values higher also didn't give me the look I am accustomed to.

While I was fiddling, I realised my resolution was still low, so I changed it and *ping*, the gameworld not only became smoother, but brighter too! :eek:

Now I have everything set to my usual look, but I'm still confused. Is it normal for the brightness to change with higher resolutions? I am sure I have never experienced this before, and now I am wondering how other people view my FM's becouse I tend to favour darker lighting.

Maybe I've been in the sun too much.

17th Jun 2003, 03:29
Does your video driver permit you to set different refresh rates at different resolutions? Maybe you have a really high refresh rate at the low resolution and a lower refresh rate at the higher resolution.

3rd Jul 2003, 14:36
Originally posted by Vanguard
Does your video driver permit you to set different refresh rates at different resolutions?Not that I know of. I downloaded the latest drivers for my card and now it makes no difference what resolution I have it at. Strange.

Oh well...:confused:

4th Jul 2003, 03:14
Right-click the Windows desktop, select Properties, open the Settings tab, click the Advanced button. Do you have a Monitor tab? If so, does it show the refresh rate selected at the current resolution? Could be the video card hardware is optimized for higher resolutions (to compete in the gamer's market). Could be the driver is optimized for a higher resolution. Could be a DirectX setting alters behavior. Could be your monitor overcompensating for higher refresh rates and might have a menu choice to alter it. Could be Thief unless you've noticed increased brightness at higher resolutions in other games.