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16th Jun 2003, 08:26
I bought Timesplitters 2 at the weekend and I currently struggling to get past the first level. When I get to the digging site where the Feeder Zombies are there are three doors, of which the 1st & 3rd open. Whatever I try I can't seem to unlock the 2nd door!! Also in the 1st & 3rd rooms there are red bars dividing the rooms which I can't get past. If anyone has any tips as to how I can either open the 2nd door or get past the red bars, I'd be very grateful.

16th Jun 2003, 14:01
You need to go through the 3rd door (the one which isnt just 1 room) and you make your way to the dark room where you'll find a disk at the back and after you grab it you'll be attacked by zombies.

After you've killed them all and the doors have unlocked you need to go back to the main room (the one with the door which brought you to the mines with the 3 doors and the zombies) and make your way upstairs to the room with the control console. Just press the action button on it and everythin should be open.

Good luck

Ab ^_^

25th Jun 2003, 11:11
Er AB-109... are you feeling OK? :p

It is the 2nd door that leads into a corridor, but that is only in Normal or Hard.

I assume you are playing in Easy Hoffy from what you told us, but don't worry because there is nothing behind the 2nd door that you need - hence why it is off limits.

When you get through the game and play it in Normal/Hard, you'll find out what the laser barriers are for, but don't worry about them for now, they serve no purpose in Easy. ;)

25th Jun 2003, 12:39
Opps my mistake! :eek: I was trying to remember without trying the level.

Ab ^_^