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14th Jun 2003, 20:46
Previously on Gum'Life
After a recent harddrive crash/format, I have been buisy playing a few other games that I baught but never got round to installing. I started with Mafia, but after a few nights play, I decided I wasn't getting the full monty, so have saved that until I upgrade later in the year. I dabbled with Freespace: The great War (a game that came with my soundcard), but space sims are not my kettle of fish. I even started a second run through Commandos 2, but soon got distracted by the nice weather. This brings me onto todays events...

Innocence & Ignorance
I got up early planning to spend the day playing at being a Lizard in the sun. I am usually brown by now as I tend to spend most of my time working outdoors, but so far this year, most of my time has been spent indoors doing restoration work, so I am not brown.

At around 9:00am I set about creating a temporary lounge space in the garden which would become my haven for the following 4 hours. I tackled the seating/reclining problem first by delving in the shed for a deck chair. Next came the gargantuan task of untangling the leads of my stereo, shipping it out to the kitchen, and setting it up next to the window that looks out onto the patio. The stereo itself was a simple enough exercise, but I knew enough from previous summers, that the speaker positioning and balancing would require a serious drain on my mental faculties. Remember, it is still before noon! :D

20 minutes later and the speakers are poised above the sandwich maker on a makeshift pile of hardbacks, and ready to vent forth my selection. But I have yet to make my selection! Again, previous experience in this field comes in handy, and I have learned enough to realise that, once I am seated, the last thing I want to have to do is get up to change the CD every 50-70 minutes. Time to dig out my old mp3 player and hook it up to my stereo. But for this I need an extention lead...

No problem. Thinking on my feet (yet more drain on my brain) I culled the extention lead from the christmas tree/decoration box we keep in the shed, and unplugged the microwave. With the extra long aux lead I stole from my brother (he used to be in a band), a mini headphone jack, and my trusty extention lead, I am now in a position to recline on my deckchair with my mp3 player (linked to my stereo) on hand. That's 6+ hours of constant music and no getting up! Now onto the beverages...

A mini fridge is still considered a luxury in our house, so one must fall back on the old bucket full of cold water trick. This is a great solution for keeping your drinks reasonably cool, but seems to fall apart fast with the absence of a bucket...of which I have not. As luck would have it, my gaze fell upon the washing-up bowl (that's the sink bowl to anyone that doesn't call it a washing-up bowl ;) )before panic sets in, and a little while later, I had a bowl full of cold water harboring a pile of beers set up beside my makeshift lounge.

At around 9:45am I began to practice my lizard impersonations in full, and the morning passed mostly without incident. Some time close to 10:30am, my neighbour took it upon himself to hurl a rather diminished bar of soap at me from his bathroom window. I thanked him for the gift, promised to return it to him at a suitably inconvenient time, and settled back to resume my basking. 1:15pm my girlfriend comes home from work, and after the usual "hi, how was work?" patter, she spies the rather diminished bar of soap (which I had left on the patio where it had settled), frowns, looks at me, then returns inside. Shortly afterwards I follow her inside looking slightly more pink than when I woke up.

--- --- --- --- ---

If you have just read all that, you may be wondering why I spent so long typing in the details of my mornings achievement (or lack of). I could argue that you have your own (forum) addiction to deal with, but I think it is more important to realise that during all this time, my mind was as far away from the "D" word as it could possibly be.

--- --- --- --- ---

The Seed is Sown
My girlfriend, her brother and I, had planned to go down to Ironbridge (that's a small village close to where we live that has that famous first iron bridge) early in the evening so we could enjoy the beer gardens by the river. However, by 4:00pm, I realised that my red herring skin tone (which by this time had fully blossomed) was not something I was willing to show off to all and sundry, so I decided to stay in. Even as late as this, my mind stayed focused, and sanity still reigned.

By 5:30pm I had come to the conclusion that there was nothing on TV worth watching, and as 6:00pm rolled around, I was finishing up unplugging all my lounging gear. I went and sat at my computer and resumed the task of collecting my website favorites list. Something didn't seem right. :confused:

*popping sound*

Beryl Marsden Had It Right All Along
6:20pm and my hand was reaching for my T2 CD's. 6:40pm everything was patched and DromEd was installed. I fired it up, and as the 4 little boxes flashed onto my screen, I let out a sigh, smiled to myself and shook my head.

"Welcome back Gummie, I am glad to see you are well. Shall we try again?"

Two weeks I lasted without the "D" word installed on my computer! Two lousy weeks!!! I am so weak.


14th Jun 2003, 22:07
You forgot the baby oil Gummsie. :p My my, we are a hopeless Dromhead aren't we. ;)

Your limited in *those* *ahem* games. Dromed?? Run free my wild mind, my wild child, I set you free, go forth my little imagination. Whatever it is, whatever it shall be, I open Dromed, my mind goes free. Heh. Sorry lame but true.

15th Jun 2003, 03:00
Well written Gumdrop. As yet I have not done anything with Dromed. However, my addiction to the computer is bad enough. When my new one fried, I thought my death from withdrawal was eminent.
I could still play Thief on my aged laptop but it struggled to do it's best. It only had 8mg video and could not play Thief2. Even some of TG was not visable. No gamma adjustment could help. I also had no Internet connection with the laptop. Having recently upgraded to DSL, I had no ethernet card. What a plight. I was barely able to connect with my resident old desktop but couldn't play any games with it. It has since died and is awaiting burial.

You may have read a recent post about UPS losing my new computer as it was on it's way home to me. Apache remarked that he once worked for UPS and was very good at throwing packages. I believe he stated something about 30 feet being his record. I was assured by many that I would not see the computer again. Unfortunately I did. It was a mess and was sent back. I have been promised a new one but this being a small company I will not hold my breath. Maybe in a few months or so.

I decided to take a break and watch the clone wars tonight. I had a terrible time trying to keep my attention on the movie. How I wanted to get into the game. Not satisfied to watch anymore I want to participate. Hand me my sword or blackjack and let me at em!!!! Phew!!!:eek: :rolleyes: :D

15th Jun 2003, 10:34
That was hilariously funny Gummsie...funniest write-up I've seen since the clayman expounded on the wraths of playing Thief only in it's truest forms...and lo the addiction of being the truest of a Perfect Thief, etc. :D Or to the woes of ricknmel's problems with ducks, computers and DromEding :D What this community goes through to play/work with a game called "Thief" of all things! LOL

So glad you got your head together and realized that your creative juices are one of the most important things to nurture and nothing else compares to that no matter what your interest is...be it creating a game, writing music or a story, painting, building...whatever. To feed your mind is always where it's at and if you have the talent to make something that gives other people enjoyment to use, then how could you even compare that with anything else? ;) Praise the Builder!!!! Ta and Good Hunting!

15th Jun 2003, 12:21
LOL, Gummie.
At least you got free soap.. :p

16th Jun 2003, 15:38
Broken - Baby oil? Yuk! I hate that stuff. Why babies need to be oiled in the first place is beyond me...they're slippery little tykes at the best of times.

Hawklette - So Apache's record was 30 feet huh. :D
I've never used UPS myself. Is that the firm Ace Ventura dressed up as at the begining of the first film? If it is, the uniform is enough to put me off. Never trust anyone that has to don a brown boiler suit to go to work in. :confused:

Huntress - That's funny. Usually the slightest mention of the other "D" word brings ricknmel out of hiding. Maybe the ducks have retuned with a vengence this year and he has been forced to move house. :confused:

Xcom - Correction...the soap came with a hidden cost. Yesterday I was in the garden watering the weeds when I came across the soap again. I attempted to kick it behind the shed, but it bounced off the corner and knocked my cup of tea over. I have yet to tally up the cost of two teaspoons of sugar, a teabag and a dash of milk...not to mention the cost of electricity to boil the kettle in the first place. And what about the time I wasted making the drink?! :D

Actually, now that I think about it, what about the possible long term costs? Maybe that hot liquid has seeped down into the soil and scolded a few worms...not enough to kill them, but enough to turn them against me. They might even start spreading malicious propaganda that turns the whole of the local worm population against me. What if they decide to boycot my garden altogether? After a few years of zero worm activity, the soil in my garden could loose alot of the nutrition it recieves from worm castings. Plants may find it difficult to grow, and my garden will turn into wasteground. This would lower the price of my house...presuming I can sell it in the first place!

OMG!!! :eek:

*races off to catch the estate agents before it closes*

Apocrypha Roxy
16th Jun 2003, 17:38
-laughs so hard she can't breathe-

>cough< WWWOOOOOOOO!! That's hysterical!

And what about the soap? Maybe iwhile you were watering the weeds, it leaked into your soil and gave the worms a tummyache?

"Don't eat at Gummie's - you'll get food poisoning!"

Run, Gummsie, RUN!

16th Jun 2003, 20:38

Just remember....for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.... Run!

17th Jun 2003, 00:13
All you were missing Gum was a Gutt Lodge. :eek:

From the Eckle-nomicon v1.2 update (courtesy of Gumdrop):

Glutt Lodge (n.)
The place where food can be stored after having a tooth removed. Some (people) can go without sustenance for up to six weeks on a full glutton lodge.

You do have all your teeth, right? :p


17th Jun 2003, 03:38
Good story Gummie... lol

I've been playing NFS: Porsche a bit lately, but the game really taffed me off when it cheated and corrupted my save for no reason that was about 85% complete... :mad:


17th Jun 2003, 11:34
I have promised my wife, that once my TMC FM is out the door, "I will never make another level for that game" and will wait until T3 comes out next year before even thinking about building another Thief FM.

No more DromED for me.

17th Jun 2003, 12:14
Originally posted by Gumdrop
Actually, now that I think about it, what about the possible long term costs?

I say prepair for the worst.



Whatz His Name
17th Jun 2003, 15:10
Don't look now but I think it is starting to get ugly.
RUN FOREST... oh... I mean... RUN GUMMIE! RUN!!!:D