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14th Jun 2003, 18:48
Just two quick questions...

Where is the 43rd target in Take 'em Down?? Whenever I do the level, I can only get 42 tagets for 4200pts. I can't find the 43rd one. Could you tell me the most hidden ones? Ones that I would easily miss? I really can't find that last one...

And do you think Josh is a lier? He took all his times down off NGC-Elites, and he claims to have "taped over" many of his proofs. And in his post at the message boards at NGC-Elites, he says "how do you know I got those times?" So, are some of his times/scores lies?

Thanks for listening!

14th Jun 2003, 21:18
If your on about the wild wild west one then theres a hidden one in the 2nd section of the level (after you go thro the norrow bit past the sheriffs place).

So you know the exact place I'll explain from a few targets ahead,

After you go past the jail you'll see a guy behind and old lady after that you go thro the norrow bit and a target pops infont of you and then you see 2 demon targets on the roof infront of you and one on the side of the building to your right. After you go around that corner you'll see a guy moving from left to right across the road (just before the barn with the hay where the fire was) after you kill him look to your left inside a small brown stable and you'll see a target which comes out for like 3 secs and then goes away never to return and I think thats the one your missin (thats the one which took me awhile to find).

Goodluck ^_^