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14th Jun 2003, 04:34
Who's the optimum character to choose, and for what modes?
What's the best camping spot in a stage?
What's the best weapon and bot set?

C'mon, your heads are full of multiplayer wisdom. Consolladate are ideas here so we can beat our opponets in more way than 1!

Favourate Character: Ilsa Nadir
Worst Opponet: Robo Fish
Weapon Set: 1- Shotgun
2- Shotgun x2
3- Soviet S47
4- Plasma Autorifle
5- Sub Machine Guns x2
A-Grade Bots: Sgt Cortez, Stone Golem
Best Stage: Hospital
Best Mode: Elimination (30 lives)
Favourate Power-up: Shrink (green)
Strangest Awards: Most Flammable,
Trigger Happy Award

18th Jun 2003, 00:41
a great match is the training grounds in elimination 10 lives, any selection of 5 star bots, 3 friens and a weapon set sonsisting purely of vintage and sniper rifles, no time limit. this also works VERY, VERY well in 16 player ilink as I testify to after playing with 4 people per screen on 4 tvs+ps2s but it would work even better for people on own screens.
It also works well to have either a proximity mine or remote mine.

but those arent really strategies:

here are a few:

Never back into a corner unless you are 100% sure theres a way out- the rockets in the hangar are a death trap whenplaying loads of people, theyll be spreading your non existant guts accross the wall in no time.

Refrain from using the same tactic constantly. this does not apply as much in specialist matches like sniper only or team kamikaze (my personal favorite home made game where one person straps remote mines to team members who run at the enemy squads and command the bomb setter to detonate his or her load! bwa ha ha) If you keep sniping then its more lkely that youll hit less people as your not in the heat of the action. likewise, running in gunz ablazing will result in quicker deaths (even when you strafe a lot and duck- although you tend to last longer and wade off snipers when doing that). instead start off by running for the tp weapons, or secure your safety by "nutralising" any nearby threats, then find a safe place. often your enemies will be doing the same so be ready for them and prehaps sacrifice the safest positions for places that overlook safe positions (although there tends to be very few levels like this :(). as soon as youve disposed of the first targets start moving about underover (ie behind the junk piles in the scrapyard or the rocks and so forth in the training grounds whilst shooting at passers by while taking as much natural cover as possible.

A very sneaky tactic, and one that makes me laugh maniacly every time (as well as never fails to irritate its victims), is this: when you have proximity mines, throw them at directly at ammo boxes and health boxes. these objects are not solid so they just travel through them, as such you can make a proxy mine disapear into a health pack... when some ususpecting dope run in to get their health back the healthpacks hidden cntents explode- often resulting in an instant death... but whatever you do, dont fall into your own traps!

Other amusing tactics envolving prox. mines are fitting them on the inside of the doors in bunkers, so when people run in they cannot see the mines but they DO feel it! bw ha ha... also attaching mines to turret guns, they often appear to be extentions to the gun so people dont always notice them... to their peril!

in flame matches you will often end up making someone back into a confined space (ie the rooms in the mexican mission and the training grounds buildings... in this case you run to one of the windows, that often exist in such places whilst they watch he door and frazzle them! also, you never seem to catch fire (not including flametag though) when standing in a founain or waterfall. Also use characters like stone golum and robotic characters (but not the mechanist child or R one oh seven) for a bit of sneaky cheating as they are fireproof!

virus/flametag: on the chasm always be ready to jump into the abyss as they cannot get you in there! a general bit of advice, never stay still, especially with the radar on as they know where you are... also, never stand your ground and fight against the festering virus victims. Another fairly obvious bit of advice: never punch a virus carrier or the flaming person, it doesnt work. Also, never attempt to play virus on ilink with just one peron as you will not get an infected bot- no bots on ilink- instead, one of the players will be randomly chosen to be the virus carrier making the other person instantly victorius.... unless you play so that they have to last one minute to win but if they get infected they lose... but thats not an official option.

A fun unofficial game that should be implemented in some way for the next game to play with other people in timesplitters is when you pick a level like the jungle where there is flamable stuff, here everyone picks a shrub or beehive, or whatever. To win you must burn down the enemies beehives or trees without your shrub or hive bieng burnt first, this can be done using sneaky tactics like setting fire to the rivals so they set fire to their own shrubs as they walk by! you may attempt to put out fires as well... anyway, while its simple and it sounds daft, it still provides a fun action packed game... perhaps TS3 could feature a mode where you burrn down the enemies base- that would make the features of fire more important...

BAGTAG/CAPTURE THE BAG: never stick to the same routes to capture bags as firstly people may start predicting where youll be at certain times so youll probably be caught in ambushes or traps, also, if its a great rout then they may notice and use it themselves! the trick with proximitymines and healthpacks also works with your bag, that way they fight their way to your bag before getting blown up by the hidden mine.

Ok, Im too tired to put in any more tactics, but I might add a few more... heh heh, hope you enjyed the ex-ion's TS2 MP materclass!

19th Jun 2003, 22:53
Thankyou so much for your reply, ex-ion! Typing all that would have taken ages!
In addition to Virus/Flame Tag strategies:
- placing a perimeter of Remote Mines in the corner of the Hangar you can blow up the intruder the instint they step in your territory! 4 mines should do nicely. (Customise Remote Mines as Weapon 5 so they re-appear will you wait). Proximity Mines may also work, but your to confined in your area and an angry human player may try to kill you!

One character that really annoys me is Robofish; he's too small, too fast, can't light him on fire and his a cheat!

25th Jun 2003, 22:25
hey, no problem.

Yes, Robofish is an irritating character, however he doesnt have a huge amount of health and hes susceptable to heavy damage from the electrotool.

More hints-

hot bugs? oh AI!!!- there appears to be a bug with the bots that can be used to your advantage. when theyre set on fire they stop shooting you and start running about like ninnies whilst waving their arms in the air screaming, this means that you can easily avoid fights when low in health by setting fire to your enemies so they run off setting fire to everyone else! (NOTE TO FREE RADICAL- INCLUDE FLAME MINES IN THE NEXT INSTALLMENT!).

Cammoflage- When choosing your character you may want to suit your environment- being a bright colour on the scrap yard isnt a great idea- use the sentry bots and crouch in the wreckage, ect. Whilst this doesnt work brilliantly it does give a small advantage.

Avoiding homing launchers- when someone launches a homing missile at you then a good technique is to run through a doorway and crouch which often makes the missile crash into the walls. if no door is present then the best thing to do is stand still and allow the missile to spin around you until it locks off and flies in a ranndom direction.

dont just stop with self control...- Welcome to the dark side, you can genuinely cheat in TS2 multiplayer and this is how... make up some excuse to get your friends out of the room like telling them to get some food from the kitchen, while they are gone change their control settings to custom and disable the shoot buttons... dont go overboard with changes in the actual character movement (forward+Backward/strafing/turning/looking up or down) as theyll probably notice, but removing the turn function and look up and down while in aim mode makes sniping really hard- and most people wont notice for a while!!! I myself dont endorse this as it should only be used by lowlife evil people who cant win normally.

turret trouble- Although some people can find turrets useful- and they often are in team games, the mounted guns are death traps- not only are they open to the evil technique mentioned in my last post, they are often positioned weakly on the default maps and leave you open for lots of pain from behind (and this is not restricted to the lycra clad henchmen;)) the best technique is to steer clear of them, but dont forget to keep an eye on them as other players, who are less educated in the ex-ion art of war (:D), will still have the "Woah, cool! a gun, let me use it" mindset and will swarm (and Burn!) to the turrets like moths to a naked flame.

It takes two to tango As every gun crazy goon knows, you cant look the hardman and keep your plans descreet without talking like an ancient latin army guy "tango, alpha, dellta... cabbage!" everyone knows these already so be more experimenting- in team situations you and your team should all have their own command language.... rather than blurting out "Tango at 6 o clock" in the case of an enemy to the south use "care to dance tonight at six?". This should bewilder the enemy and tell your team the location of your enemies. Also, what good are commands if you cannot wallow in victory by insulting your victims? If they resort to you as "tango" then shoot them and utter "You know when you've been tangoed" or something along those lines. Although this isnt great advice, it can prove interesting for military-esque fights.

Russell Crowe, go home! a mode that I find few people use is gladiator, but dont let this stop you- practice,, as always, makes perfect. Getting the position of gladiator isnt too hard- You should always take on the current gladiator from corners, this makes you harder to hit and can give you the perfect oppertunity to go for head shots. once you arethe gladiator you should generally keep on the move, but stick to covered ground only coming out to kill. always go for pickups, although the invisibility doesnt really help you hide (because of the yellow glow) it stops enemies picking it up.


ok, I think that will conclude this lesson... Ill write in more when I think of them

26th Jun 2003, 22:22
Ex-ion, you've done it again! Are you a professional at this sorta stuff? I like the "change your opponets controls....." cheap trick. I'll have to watch out for that, but I don't think my mate is that smart.
I biggest cheat I came across in a 30 live elimination was Stone Golem. When he died with 21 lives left, he didn't respawn. Instead he laid on the floor in a "hypernation" state, you could shoot him but he wouldn't awake. I had to suicide as Stone Golem cheated that match.
Keep Those tips comin', ex-ion!

P.S- Laser gun is perect to shoot robofish

26th Jun 2003, 22:26
thank you GST_10%, no I'm not a proffesional- just a dedicate fan! I'll have more multiplayer tips as soon as I invent some more scheming tactics, Ill do that tommorow.

Nice to see my tips arent going to waste anyway!

15th Jul 2003, 20:28
Focus, focus, focus! Keep as many people centered as you can and destroy the deadliest. Players are much different than the A.I. Bob and weave. Keep centered and mow down! Miniguns and explosives are your best bet but for a low power game... shotgun x2. If you really wanna train hard, take off auto-aim. Then you'll find out what kinda player you really are. So says Gravewizard!!!

17th Jul 2003, 21:26
Flamethrower Tip
when using the flame thrower strafe left and right while using the it. The fire stays behind in a trail. So bots walk into it.

ELimination Tip
When playing with mates either team up. or stay out of each others way. cause the bots target human players. So either play as a team or just find a hidey hole and let the other player get teh crap beaten out of them.

Extra health
when playing with people never playing before put handicaps on and make some excuse about wat it means. when they selected go up to +10 health and make another excuse. then when playing u will be alot harder to kill and they ont have a clue. Idiots :p :p :p :p