View Full Version : Poll: What is the best console to play TimeSplitters2?

14th Jun 2003, 02:41
What is the best console to play Timesplitters2 on?

Playstation 2

14th Jun 2003, 05:46
It makes no diffence so use the one u prefer.
after all it is the same game.

14th Jun 2003, 07:29
It does make a difference :p

Gamecube: Has great controls and has 4 controller ports but doesnt have online support.

PS2: much easier to get great times on challenges and if you can get a broadband adapter then you can play online with it. You need a multi tap to play more than 2 player.

Xbox: Less chance of slow down when everything is going insane, has 4 controller ports and you can play online with it (with alil tweakin).

I prefer gamecube for normal gameplay but I would wanna get it on xbox so I can have online gameplay.

Ab ^_^

15th Jun 2003, 03:40

These topics never seem to go away!


15th Jun 2003, 05:35
Originally posted by AB-109
PS2: much easier to get great times on challenges.

:eek: :eek: :eek:
What do you mean it's easier to get better times on PS2?? Do you mean that I have been wasting all this time trying to get good times on the GameCube?? Do you mean I have to re-buy TS2 on PS2 just to stand a chance of getting a new World Record at NGC-Elites.net?? What do you mean?? :(

15th Jun 2003, 09:12
No no calm down lol

I didn't say its impossible to get world records on a gamecube I just said its harder to :p (and on some levels impossible)

This is cos bots are spawned in random places on a ps2 while they are spawned at the same positions (depending on where you spawn) on gamecube (dunno bout xbox).

Well on some levels this is a good thing cos you can make a plan and do it again and again until youve mastered it allowing you to get a good time (quite a few world records are held by people with gamecubes) but it means that you'll be getting around the same time everytime you try that level and whenever you get a new time it won't be that much faster than your old time (unless your old time was really bad) but if the bots came at you randomly you might end up with everyone right next to you for the whole challenge making it easier to kill everyone faster and get a good time.

Basicly if you can get a good time on a gamecube then you have more skills than someone who got it on a ps2 :D

Ab ^_^

15th Jun 2003, 16:14
the ps2 version -

it looks just as good as the other versions, has 16 player lan and can be played online.

and out of all the version is THE MOST BUG FREE and slow down free becasue it was built for the ps2 hardware and then ported for others.

15th Jun 2003, 19:57
Most slow down free is wrong cos that goes to xbox (try playing 4 player+ with mines rockets and extinguishers and you'll see).

Most bug free? I've never had a bug expect for the ones everyone knows about which don't really effect much so it can't make that much difference plus youd have to buy an adapter to play online or an i-link cable, and a multi tap to play 4 player but that doesnt matter if you allready own them!

Ab ^_^

21st Jun 2003, 02:09
Originally posted by Loakers
the ps2 version -

it looks just as good as the other versions

gotta disagree with you there.
gamecube graphics are more antialiased looking, and smoother and those of ps2 (i havent seen xbox graphics but i assume they are the same as gamecube)

and once the broadband adapter is released for gc (mainly for PSO) im sure there will be backdoor ways to getting ts2 to work online, might just take some effort

21st Jun 2003, 09:14
Originally posted by VeGa
gotta disagree with you there.
gamecube graphics are more antialiased looking, and smoother and those of ps2

I agree but then again the models are supposedly (sp?) better on a ps2 and xbox lighting is best.

Ab ^_^

22nd Jun 2003, 07:27
I think the graphics are the same on all consoles!

anyway, the grapihcs are already pretty smooth on the ps2 version.

22nd Jun 2003, 16:48
Originally posted by Loakers
the ps2 version -

slow down free becasue it was built for the ps2 hardware and then ported for others.
Actually I think the ps2 is the slowest one from them all because its hardware is the weakest.

23rd Jun 2003, 04:22
You can't actually judge the platform's framerate by it's specs.

Example: Metal Gear Solid 2 substance. The xbox version has more slow down! The ps2 only has occasional slowdown.

It really depends on the developer.

Anyway, the ps2 version does have slowdown but i haven't seen ts2 on any other console.

23rd Jun 2003, 20:28
i also havent been on ts2 on anyoother console apart rom ps2 (mainly because i had ts1 on it) so i cannot really say ut i voted for the platform whch i have it on (ps2)

24th Jun 2003, 06:02
Choosing the right console can be tedious.

Have never tried the GC, didn't like the X-Box controller (haven't tried the "new and improved" smaller ones, though) but loved the PS2. So for me the choise wasn't that hard.

The downside to the PS2 is that you do need a mem card, and it doesn't have a HDD. And the specs are lower than the others because it's a slightly older console. But it does look great, and sounds absolutely fab when hooked up to a surround system. :D
It actually crashed once, when I had it up on its end, don't know is it was coincidence or not.. :confused: Anyone ever experienced something similar?

Anyhoo, good luck to those of you selecting a new console! :)


24th Jun 2003, 06:51
I'd like to see Timesplitters 2 for the palm pilot! :D

24th Jun 2003, 09:11
OOoooh! TS2 fragfest during work hours!!! I like!

29th Jun 2003, 03:29
i have never experienced gc slowdown, but it HAS crashed once. only once. and never again.

one problem with the gc (not one big enough to pull me away from it though) is its SIZE. the thing is tiny. you would think this is a good thing, but it is not. its takes only 2 hours of playing to overheat your little friend. ive already melted one gc from playing ts2 for about 8 hours straight.

29th Jun 2003, 04:47
kittelceleste - i used to have my ps2 up on the side and it made my games get scratched and they froze tons. it looks a hella lot cooler like that but it isnt good on the cds. i dunno who they made rubber on that side so you could stand it up unless they didnt know it would mess but it isnt good.

anyway i like it on ps2 cuz of the controls and the gfx are never glitchy. ive once had about 30 airborn rockets flyin every which way in a one room map i made. had 16 human players and 10 bots. it was ****in mad! i had the lights to flicker fast red and i loaded it with 32 homing launchers, 32 homing ammos, 12 max damages, and 16 gun turrets. the graphics were steady the whole time. and then i made the same map (i had it on my other tv so i could copy it) and i made it on my xbox and the thing froze 3 times when i played it with 1 player and 10 bots. so thats just saying something to me...i dont think ps2 is weaker just cuz it came out earlier. i hardly every have glitches in games or freezes...unless i put it up on the side...and xbox and gc just get annoying. it seems alot when i have made tons of progress on a game on those 2 consoles the game freezes. but i do think xbox has a better cooling system and it can go for longer. my ps2 can get pretty hot..

29th Jun 2003, 05:05
I've played everyone one of my consoles for at least 12hrs straight each and I've never had any problems with heating except with my dreamcast but that was a common problem and was fixed easily but after that it stopped doing it!

Maybe you guys aren't putting your consoles in places with enough room for ventilation eg dont think just cos the gc has 2 air vents you can block one or put it within 2 inches of a wall or somethin cos it'll obviously overheat.

Ab ^_^

29th Jun 2003, 16:27
o it was ventilated fine.
but the guy i brought it too said the main chips melted O_o
so i bought a used one (cheaper then repairing it)

Bit Cloud
5th Jul 2003, 03:06
GameCube. The controller makes it easy to move around and whatnot