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13th Jun 2003, 12:06
This has probably been discused before... But, the ruins in the swamp lands, Does anyone think they have any significanse to the rest of the story... I mean could it have been the castle/stronghold of the ancient Vampiers. Some people in other forums have said it's Voridors mantion. I don't think so since its in ruins during the sarifan age. and Kain doesnt visited voridors mantion until centruies after?

If you look closely at the arcitecture of the ruins they are built with high belconies, and are of similar design to the moutain lookouts & Janos' retreat. And its built close to the pillars & Dark reaver forge.

Theory: in some of the screnes for LOK: Defiance we see Raz in a mantion like building; some say Voridors Mantion... I say Ancients Stronghold. Perhaps even what is now known as the ruins in the swamp?

Any thoughts???

Reaver of Souls
13th Jun 2003, 23:03
Lucent (I think) went to E3 and played the LoKD demo, and says it is indeed Vorador's mansion.

20th Jun 2003, 04:29
Why would the ancients need stairs "they have wings".:p ;) :)

20th Jun 2003, 19:56
The ancients have stairs and ramps as a courtesy for their honored guests, as well as for their own kind that can no longer fly due to illness, injury, punitive measures, etc.