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12th Jun 2003, 18:35
I've tried and tried, but I can't get past the part in Robot Factory on normal difficulty where you take control of the railbot and you go into that room with the big power thing that spins around. There is a laser door blocking the enterance.

What do I do?? :(

12th Jun 2003, 20:46
If your talkin about the one I think your talkin about then you should be able to see 4 lil pod like things on the corners of the spinging power gen thingy so you shoot them all and it'll get rid of the barrier around it and then you can shot the spinning thing and the door should open.

If thats not the bit your on about then try looking around the bit where the laser door touches the walls and you can see these hinge like things which you can shoot!

Hope one of those helped

Ab ^_^

13th Jun 2003, 16:58
The first suggestion AB-109 gave was right :p

There's a permanent ElectroTool stream coming out of the wall aiming straight at that power pod, but the shield protects it, so shoot away the shield base and the ElectroTool will fry it for you :)

13th Jun 2003, 18:34
thanks guys! the first tip did it. I appreciate the help.

23rd Jun 2003, 21:47
I stopped playing the single player part of TS2 a while ago because I just couldn't get past Robot Factory on Hard, heck, I couldn't even get to the checkpoint! Yesterday, I revisited this site just to see if there were any new MP maps and such.... all of a sudden, lo and behold, I see a thread about Robot Factory and the.....er.....scanner use in killing the bots....<me slaps self in forehead> DOH! Now, on my first try, I get just about to the checkpoint without dying....and I haven't played this level in MONTHS. Thanks for the tip! Now I can (hopefully) finish the game at 100% (currently 95% or so) and get a good nights' sleep! WooHoo....Robot Factory, I am about to make you my bee-atch!:D

30th Jun 2003, 20:46
i am still stuck on robot factory. (medium) i just canot make to the check point with enough energy remaiding. , its pissed of so much i haven;t tried now for about 2 mnths:mad:

30th Jun 2003, 22:46
hmm, are you running in guns ablazing or are you going for a more stealthy manuvre? I reccomend the latter as running in shooting everything without much regard of your cover will just waste your ammo and health... heres a few tips:

1) the sentry bots (the big bulky looking ones) at first seem like nightmare to kill... but sneak behind them with the autorifle and use the primary fire on their unprotected rears... failing that you might want to lob a sticky grenade (autorifle second function) at their backs- one should do the trick. you could also try shooting them in the head, but the chances are they'll see you first and fire with high accuracy and power.

2) the stationary guns might appear lethal at first- often needing you to waste a few valuable sticky grenades, but thats rubbish- they can be easily dealt with by the sci-fi hand gun- aim at the two nozzels at the front of the gun (where it shoots green lasers) and click the fire button... one quick burst will often result in the quick destruction of these health hazards...

3) the walking lazer turrets are a pest but are also very inaccurate... circle strafing is the order of the day when possible. In case you dont know, circle strafing is a technique where you aim at your target (in this case the walking turrets "head") and strafe around it in circles (by turning and strafing simultaniously)... fire as you do this and your target will soon be finished- this is useful for avoiding enemy fire- it also makes snipering harder.

4) when possible avoid combat- take control of rail bots to deal with enemies, lure enemies to the laser fence at the beggining of the level... it might take a while but it helps minimise your damage.

5) dont attempt to destroy the nodes before dealing with enemy bots that could be a threat to your health, and dont forget that some bots can be temporaraly paralysed by the electrotool.

I hope this is of some use.

1st Jul 2003, 11:30
Jeez, Robot Factory on hard, it gives me nightmares already.
I beat every level on Normal mode, and Robot Factory is horribly hard in the last area. The boss is laughably easy though.

I have so much trouble killing those "trash-can bots", whatever they're called. Some are simple turrets and some get legs and walk towards you. They shoot those green lasers.

I have noticed that shooting one plasma grenade in it's turret barrels kills them in one shot though, but if I don't hit that shot before they're fully deployed, I'm dead meat :(

I can't get past the special ops in the first dam level on hard either. I have tried only three or four times though.

1st Jul 2003, 12:15

keep at it- the soviet should easily take care of them by spraying in their general direction, also the silenced pistol is useful against them as it can kill then in one head shot, and they flinch when shot with it giving ou a great window of oppertunity to go in for a head shot. And take them out one at a time when possible, dont run out or youll just die.
The best advice I can give is to just keep trying- the more you play the better you will get.

Advice for walking turrets:

Use the circle strafing technique I described in my previous post when the sticky bomb tactic fails....

23rd Jan 2004, 20:27
I'm having trouble with Robot Factory on HARD. I get to the area with the ElectroTool and have cleared out the area, but don't see what to do next. I noticed there's a doorway protected by a shield but I don't know how to get through it and haven't seen a single node to use the ElectroTool on. :confused: