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12th Jun 2003, 17:54
:confused: does anyone know when SR special edition is comming out? I've been asking around the game stores but the don't seem to know anything about it.

12th Jun 2003, 18:13
Most likely: never.

The Amazing Rando
12th Jun 2003, 18:17
well, you could try the search feature, to find where this has been answered about 3-4 times, or you can check here (http://www.thelostworlds.net/3in3.HTML) and notice the disclaimer at the top of the page.

Lady Kreliana
12th Jun 2003, 18:51
Oh my gosh.

Blinc, you really outdid yourself on this one. :D

Umah Bloodomen
12th Jun 2003, 19:24
**shakes head, smacks forehead and chuckles**

Blinc, next time, use the flashing text to help those who obviously missed the point of your information.

Reaver of Souls
12th Jun 2003, 23:14
Wow, it's middle of June now, and people are still asking for it 2 1/2 months later, lol. :D

12th Jun 2003, 23:51
Hey-if you'd preordered it, you would have it already...or you could pick it straight up from the distributor, like some did...
Blinc did some beautiful work.

13th Jun 2003, 00:36
The game has been delayed. There was information about it somewhere, in fact, some folks over at GFAQ's got confused and thought it was Defiance that got delayed but its actually SRSE that got delayed. :(

It may come out after Defiance. Don't listen to people who tell you otherwise.

Lady Kreliana
13th Jun 2003, 02:35
Warp's right. SRSE is scheduled to be released April 1, 2004 along with Turelzevir.

13th Jun 2003, 03:30
I heard it was going to be a pack-in with Defiance if you pre-ordered =(.

Lady Kreliana
13th Jun 2003, 04:12
No, silly, that's the demo. ;)

Wise Man Domingo
25th Jun 2003, 17:28
SRSE is coming out about... let's see if I can't remember the date...

Ah! That's right!

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Special Edition's release date is January 8th, 1487!!! :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

25th Jun 2003, 18:52
Which era?

25th Jun 2003, 19:15
Hasn't this joke played out yet?

Lady Kreliana
25th Jun 2003, 23:52
Mmmmmmm*thinks* Nope. :D

26th Jun 2003, 00:35
If it were fully played-out, I wouldn't have had to add the big disclaimers to the pages on my site =P.

26th Jun 2003, 17:02
:rolleyes: Ok Ok I get . April 1st . Did I ever fall for that one.
I was so excited, can't help but be a die hard fan of LOK and SR.
thanks it was a good one. feel realy tiny right now


Matt from Spam Buddies
26th Jun 2003, 17:14

I could've never even dreamed that so many people would fall for such a prank. Wow. Ben really is a magician. :D

I think I would've fallen for it all if there weren't VFM, SR3 and all those screenshots. Gotta love that art from VFM! Whoever did those pieces of art - nice work! :D

- Matthew