View Full Version : YEAH!!!! YEAH!!! I DID IT!!! 66 PLATS!!! Finnally!!! YEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

12th Jun 2003, 15:56
I have done it!! 66 plats, 100.0% complete!!

Ok, let me tell you the story.... Ever since yestarday, I have been using the same strat on Top Shot. I only use two respawn points. The one closest to the max damage power-up facing towards the hangar, and the one where you see the shrink power-up from a distance. I thought this was the best strat for Top Shot. MAN, was I wrong!!! :rolleyes: Yestarday, I thought "I've had enough!!" and I watched MostFrantic's Top Shot vid, and I discovered that the re-spawn point close to the max-damage power-up facing towards the moving crate (The "hang time" crate) was the absolute BEST respwan point in Top Shot. So, I kept restarting, until I got that respawn points, and after just half-an-hour... hear that? HALF-AN-HOUR!!!!! I got the plat!! :D :D And do you know what makes it even cooler? I recorded the WHOLD THING! When I woke up today, I had a feeling I was gonna get the plat... So I slapped in a empty 4 hour tape a hit "record"! Now I have the whold thing on video! Now all I need is a DigiCam so I can post it on the web...

My best time now is 1:09.8, which isn't that good, but tommorow if friday (which means no school!) so I will have the WHOLE DAY to improve on it! I have taken like a BILLION screen shots of my best time, my stats screen, etc. And as soon as they are developed, I will post 'em here and on my site! :D

Anyway, I can't believe it!! I have finnally finished the game!

<font size="+2"> 66 PLATS!!!!</font>

I would like to thank these great people for their help:
AB-109, woah! Thanks for all the help dude!! You're like a brother to me!
digit, he did help me alot with Robot Factory hard.
C.P. who encouraged me, and told me to never give up and keep trying!
And all the other guys! I wouldn't have gotten it without you! Thanks sooooo much!!

YEEEAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! (sorry.... im just really REALLY happy!!)

12th Jun 2003, 22:24
Congrats Bro (lol) took your time but I'm glad to hear you've finally entered the world of the TS2 elites :D

I better start improving my times too so you dont get a better rank than me again :p

Ab ^_^

12th Jun 2003, 22:45
Well done Mr Xevious! You're probely the most commited to this forum so you deserve your Elite title. Whats this business about not going to school on Friday? Lucky you! I've just read the tips you posted for me and I'll try 'em when I get home. I not far from 66 plats now, only 8 to go but with help from you and AB-109 it shouldn't be long.

58 Plats
8 Golds
100% Complete
Top Shot Best- 1:16.8 (I'm still trying!)

R10-9 beta
19th Jun 2003, 11:51
must be cool to do that i have done 70.00% and only about 17 plats i got a while to go probley wont be able to do it i cant do robot factory on normal i get really :mad: :mad: n ey way congrats red u help me alot so thanks;)