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The Amazing Rando
11th Jun 2003, 01:42

All Q&A can be found here. (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=22352)

vampire of balance
26th Jun 2003, 06:12
Will there be extra game modes? I would like to unlock after the completion of main singleplayer mode a coop-play. That would be action play whit Kain and Raz in previously visited areas on splitscreen or via network.
In that series I like the story most. But Defiance is going to have great action too. Thats why cooperative multyplayer action mode would be cool as a bonus

Razielim Angel
26th Jun 2003, 06:25
I'm not sure if this has been asked before (Sorry if it has)

With the new camera system in LOK: Defiance, will you still be able to move the camera around freely(outside of the look-around mode) like you could in Soul Reaver 1&2, or will it be more "set where it is"?

The Amazing Rando
26th Jun 2003, 06:40
QuestionsHow are you going to be listed in the credits Chris? Are you gonna be Chris Bruno, Christopher Butterfly, or what?

Do you choose how your name gets listed, or do they just put in your name?

Will we get to see any more pics of your bus? A pic inside with you and the other CD members that have come here, or a rare pic of Amy perhaps (tho I understand where she's coming from with the not wanting her piconline thing)?

Edit: sorry, it was Umah's Q. I knew it was asked, but I thought it was warp, which I guess is why I didn't find it in the other thread when I looked thru all of his posts.

Very cool what you guys did BTW. Wish I woulda known, I woulda liked to help, but probably couldn't anyway. Ah, the life of a poor college entering, new job hunting, freshman.

26th Jun 2003, 18:28
Will we be able to unlock the Beer Reaver as a joke cheat?

27th Jun 2003, 01:02
Question 1: Will you be able to block attacks?
Question 2: Will character models and objects be bump-mapped?
Question 3: Will only Kain/Raziel have volumetric shadows?
Question 4: Will there be cause/effect situations between Kain's impact on the environment and Raziel's impact on the environment, gameplay-wise?

I reposted the last three because I don't know if Chris saw them or not before they were deleted, or maybe he did and he's answering them right now and I'm wasting forum space.:eek: Guess I'll post them just in case he didn't.

27th Jun 2003, 04:02
1. Will any puzzles be based on time or can we take our time like in SR2?I ask because a lot of things are changing and wanted to check up on this one.

2. This is a dumb question but since I heard that it will look really cool when raziel shifts from spectral to material will we get a close up every time he posseses a body or does it look all dramatic only the first time and after that it's just like whatever?Hope you understand my question.

3.There was a question about the bodies: if they were gonna stay where they were killed or just disappear and you said that most likely they would disappear.My question is=Isn't it kindda necessary for the bodies to stay on the floor since raziel needs them to shift?Or am I missing something?

4.How can Raziel posses bodies if he never learned to do that because he never met the priestess in SR1?If it has to do with the story then my apologies.;) :p

5.Will we see any of the enemies that we saw in the BO2 credits or is it a secret?Cuz I was kindda disappointed that we didn't get to see some of those cool characters.

29th Jun 2003, 06:57
When you shift to spectral in defiance, do the objects you were holding freeze in mid air like in SR1 (I thought that was neat, seeing things frozen like that when time stopped) or fall to the ground like in SR2? (Wonder whythey changed it, that was a cool effect)

Originally posted by vampire of balance
[B]Will there be extra game modes? I would like to unlock after the completion of main singleplayer mode a coop-play.
oooo, I second that. as a bonus feature getting to play cooperatively with both of those two would rock. Dunno if that's able, but -boy- it'd be cool.

Evelin The Winged
29th Jun 2003, 17:14
Dunno if this has been asked, but...Will the shadows show on Kain or Raziel?

30th Jun 2003, 02:27
Any idea if there'll be a rewatch-completed-cutscenes feature in Defiance? I know that's something I wished for a lot in SR2, I was glad there was at least the dark chronicle.

Matt from Spam Buddies
30th Jun 2003, 09:26
Okay. Here's a question that has been troubling me and probably many other LOK fans since the dawning of time.


What's that behind Raziel's cowl? :confused:

From the early screenshots of LOK-SR I thought that it was some sort of a pair of shoulder blades, but such is not the case in the games. Please, Chris, can You answer that? Ask Amy? Ask the designers?

Please, end our torment! :p

- Matthew

1st Jul 2003, 09:55
in the E3 trailer at about 26 seconds Kain is biting someones neck but to the left there is a small 2 legged creature running away ,what is this just a strange rodent type thing????

2nd Jul 2003, 18:14
the only question i could really have for chris is this.....

In the spectral realm, could you estimate on how many new creatures will be thier (not names, just a number) becouse i remember seeing a cool new spectral enemy thier and was just wondering.;)
Thanks in advanced.

3rd Jul 2003, 17:50
i tried to take the voice files off my psx copy of soul reaver but the files are of an xa format (which id never heard of) and i cant open them with anything ive got, will we be able to do this with Defiance so we can hear them as much as we want?

thanx in advance
Big Z

4th Jul 2003, 15:51
Ay, excuse my "newbieness" on Defiance. I'd like to ask some questions to Chris, if i may :)

1) Some time ago i had an account here, but i don't remember its login and password. Thats not the important thing, however (as i've got a new one, as you can see :D ). When i was last here, i addressed you specifically Chris, and asked you if, when BO3 came out, if it would use real-time character model morphing, to see the young Kain from BO2 evolve into his current Defiance form. Well, seeing as we will get to play the enhaced form in Defiance, we're not shown his evolution, so i'm guessing we will still see another Blood Omen game... right? ;)

2) Will Defiance tackle the main events shown in BO2 and SR2, thus continuing from there - or is Defiance another chapter, which while promising, will remain unconclusive as to the storyline itself? Will we get to see another "To Be Continued" phrase, or a grand finale? :)

3) Considering the game will have some parts structured for Raziel and others for Kain, that means the Adventure part will prolly be more objective-based. But i've got to ask... doesn't this mean bosses will never be able to be fought with the character we want, right? They'll have to be fought either using Kain, or Raziel, but not choosing between both so as not to alter the game's continuity, right? Because i can't imagine going trough a level, halfway with Kain and the other half with Raziel, and when reaching a boss, to be given the choice of choosing one or the other to use in the fight, when one of the characters is in a totally different part of the level :rolleyes:

4) Please, no matter what people tell you, don't include a co-op option in LoKD. I'm assuming it would have to have a split-screen function (for co-op activities), or 2 players in the same area, but unable to move away from each other in long distances. I think either option would detract from the overal gameplay. In the same area but unable to move everywhere, that would mean the objectives would take double the time to achieve (as both characters would have to go everywhere together); and with split-screen, it would hamper vision.

5) Is Defiance finally going to allow us to use the 3D environment as we want (like climbing rooftops and stalk enemies from there, clinging to bridges with our claws and going under them, etc.), or will we still be forced trough combat, in a linear, objective-based fashion? Can we sneak behind a guard, transform into fog and go under a doorway, hipnotize a guard to solve a puzzle and keep going, or will we only have the occasional puzzle thrown in for good measure, somewhat unrelated to the rest of the level?

6) If the impact of the draining of the Soul Reaver is gone, won't that make Raziel's combat too simplified? Since there isn't a penalty, why go with other melee-based weapons?

7) What is the maximum number of opponents we will have to contend with simultaneously? 6 to 8?

8) Are there classic health bar upgrades (or even basic statistical-based ones, like Defense and Attack upgrades)?

9) Are the abilities more combat-based this time around? And the other abilities we might get, do they have all-purpose uses, or will they only be used for fairly obvious, logical puzzles?

Well i think that's "just" it... for now :D


4th Jul 2003, 18:17
Is Defiance finally going to allow us to use the 3D environment as we want (like climbing rooftops and stalk enemies from there, clinging to bridges with our claws and going under them, etc.), or will we still be forced trough combat, in a linear, objective-based fashion? Can we sneak behind a guard, transform into fog and go under a doorway, hipnotize a guard to solve a puzzle and keep going, or will we only have the occasional puzzle thrown in for good measure, somewhat unrelated to the rest of the level?

The clinging to bridges thing sounds a bit too TombRaider-ish. Why would Kain or Raz need to do monkey bars under a bridge then they can just swim if it's water (in Raziels case) or use TK to reach what they need from afar. I know! If there's something dangerous that Raz can't cross, he can use TK to through an enemy across, then go spectral and possess the enemy to bet back to spectral. Or he could just find an Elemental Reaver that makes him immune to what ever hazardous substance that's in his way. I agree about the mist form though. Kain can't phase through gates like Raz can so mist would work instead.

Sorry for getting off topic.

Question: If we don't get to see events like the Hylden vs Ancients war, Kains raising of the bretheren, the errection of the pillars etc first hand as Kain or Raz, will we get to see some stuff like that in flashbacks or anything? Stuff like that, not those events specifically.

4th Jul 2003, 18:28

1. The Blood Omen series and the Soul Reaver series have been reunited under the "Defiance" title, meaning the end to separate series... at least, that's my understanding. :)

2. No story information is being revealed yet... ;)

3. As far as is known, the characters have separate paths which occasionally cross, without having a choice of character for a particular chapter. I think it's pretty much determined who you will play as and when already...

4. I personally think this is unlikely, though it may be possible... maybe. :p

5. The only information which has been released with regards to puzzles is very vague. I, for one, can't even begin to tell you what the puzzles are like, as I've not really heard a lot about them.

6. I think that you also have to "feed" the Reaver during combat. Why exactly, I'm not sure, but I think I read about it... :)

7. I can't answer this one personally, for obvious reasons... I don't know! :p

8. I'd assume there're going to be basic health bars in Defiance, especially as there have been throughout the rest of the games. There may be a "Dark Gift" type of meter, similar to that in Blood Omen 2... :)

9. I think I remember reading that puzzles will make use of the abilities of the characters, rather than being a simple "throw a switch" type of puzzle... :D

I hope this helps to give a lil' bit of info. Also, if you have any more questions, try looking through previous pages, as it may've already been answered... ;)

5th Jul 2003, 12:58
lol....errection of the pillars......

sorry. I do actually have a reason to post.

Will it be possible to play on widescreen mode?

How does the control differ? I heard from another thread that one button for telekineis and one for attack. is there one for feeding? The guy that sai (sorry, I forgot who) said that he couldn't work out how to feed fomr the E3 demo.

Can you still control the camera with the right analog stick on a PS2?

Will there be a big wait for the UK version? all the online stores are saying either the 14th nov or 28th nov. Are thes dates made up?

Will raziel loose any of his abilities from SR2? He lost constrict last time. Aside from shifting changes will he loose any other abilities he gained?

How is the spectral realm different asides from new enemies there?

Thanks chris

Blue Winged Fellow
6th Jul 2003, 16:16
Hi all. Probably someone who has played the Demo can answer this in detail.

I have been playing recently Tomb Raider tAoD, and I'm a bit concerned about the "camera change" in LoKD. I want to know if the camera and character movement (control) are in any way similar to the ones in TR.

For example, is the control of the characters relative to the Camera or relative to the Character? There are many cases in TR when after moving towards the camera the perspective changes instantly, but the control doesn't change in a similar fashion but until you release it, is kind of weird to explain, but it doesn't have the same feel like for example LoK-SR had. The Camera is not constanlty in "chase mode" but changes a lot between chase mode, fix mode and 3rd person view, something I find rather annoying and not really helpfull for the game play.

I haven't played DMC, so I have no honest idea what the feel of that game is. I rather have a comparison between the camera and control based on previous LOK games, or the Tomb Raider series. Unless of course, is something totally different from those, in which case I would like and example in words, if possible.

Thanks to all

Edit: Removing signature.... Sorry!

8th Jul 2003, 23:02
Are the voice sessions being made already?

9th Jul 2003, 09:41
I know you really cant answer this, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I was wondering if there was going to be any explanation as to why Raziel's rib and pelvic look is exactly like that of Mortanius. I mean, the boy's destroyed form looks like it was based off the old Moldy Necromancer.

Evelin The Winged
9th Jul 2003, 15:35
I too have an innocent question:
Is Raziel Nosgoth's shortest vampire?:) He's so small!:D

10th Jul 2003, 03:46
Based on the videos that have been made available, the camera never seems to go to a regular third-person game view (unless you use the lookaround mode). It's all cinematic-style angles, like DMC or Eternal Darkness.

Oh yeah, about the environmental stuff - it really looks like there isn't going to be a stealth element to this game (which I think is great, since IMO stealth is totally overused), it's going to be all action. So I doubt we'll see things like hiding under bridges and on rooftops and so on.

10th Jul 2003, 07:07
I dont need stealth to be part of the game, but I dont think the NPC's should have the hearing and vision of a god either.

Ok, I do have some questions that Chris can answer:

1. Is the texture mapping on Kain completed or is this just a working build? I ask this because of the obvious difference between the detail of this model and of the one in Soul Reaver 2. The color of the skin is different, also the gold shine of Kain's boots isnt present in the current shots. Also, his eyes appear to bug out at times, due to the jaggedness of the model. So I was wondering if his model is completed, or if the team is just using this texture for him as a stand in during the programming stage.

2. Raziel's reaver has been used in the past as a puzzle key, so I was wondering if perhaps Kain will have the same deal with his Reaver? Given that so much of Nosgoth's ruins were probably created by the ancients. I know that might be story related, but since its also gameplay related I thought I'd ask.

3. About how many major characters will there be in Defiance? I'm not asking who, I was just wondering a rough estimate. SR2 had 8. 9 if you count Malek. So I was just going to try to formulate about how expansive the story will be by the number of major role players that will be present.

4. Are the souls shown in screen shots place markers? There was some debate about this at the NR forum. While the soul appeared to be that of a Hylden, the enemy was not. And since I know that in SR2, originally all the souls were the Blue Skull, even from the humans, this changed before the release date. So I was wondering if this green, hylden shaped soul is a place marker, or is it just everyone's imagination that it's shaped like a Hylden and will just be the default soul that Raziel devours? If the answer is story based, I'll understand.


12th Jul 2003, 02:31
Sorry if I sound a little rude, but...

Question: Has Raziel's character model changed at all since Defiance's unveiling? He just seems a little less detailed now. His "boots" are different now than in the first screens, and his muscles look less pronounced and flatter. Is it a difference between the Xbox and the PS2 versions? Just wondering...

12th Jul 2003, 16:34
Some of the screenshots where Kain and Raz aren't as detailed are just bad scans from magazines.

Question for Chris:

Will there be regenerating enemies? Like in SR1, you could beat an enemy to a waver state (aka bloody pulp!), but they'd recover if you didn't finish them off quickly.

12th Jul 2003, 17:37
In Nosgothic realm I read under the information in gameplay for defiance and it said "the ability to use telekenesis will be regulated by a meter" Is this true?:(

12th Jul 2003, 18:08
Here's something!
Didn't Chris say something about the Defiance team getting some ideas from these forums? If so then how bout a mention in the Defiance credits? Like, at the very end it usually says thank you to their familys, how bout after that a thanks or hello to the members of the Eidos Legacy Of Kain forums? :D

13th Jul 2003, 16:32
will kain wear boots or will we see his paw/claw type feet??

13th Jul 2003, 21:09
does raziel have a jaw again when the cloak is covering his face??

Dark God Francisco
15th Jul 2003, 00:28
I have a few questions.

1.Will Raziels constrict return? Im asking this caused I really loved that power in SR1 and missed it in SR2.

2.From what I have seen in the previews Raz Telekinetic power is weaker than Kains will Raz Telekinetic power get stronger? A simple yes or no will suffice so don't worry about the story spoilers.

3.Now that I know Kain's bat form will return will there be other forms like mist and Lupine? As stated above simple yes or no will suffice

4.I heard Kain will have super jump again and know for a fact he will have the BO2 float will there any other BO2 abilties showing up?Again simple yes or no.

5.Since Kain has bat form I assume to travel around nosgoth does Raziel have similar mode of transportation if you which to get to a location quickly?

15th Jul 2003, 03:22
To answer a question about the telekinesis--

In the demo I played at E3, both Raziel and Kain had an unlimited source of telekenesis. There were no on-screen meters except for their health spiral/orb. I believe that this may stay the same in the final product.

18th Jul 2003, 05:15
I haven't seen this question any where so please excuse me if this question has been asked before.
Q:Chris what is your part in the whole LOK series.....or defiance for that matter? Just curious:D

18th Jul 2003, 05:58
Q:Since we're gonna be changing characters every chapter or every other chapter;will we start at the exact same area that we left the last character after we've finished up with the other or will they be doing some traveling on their own while we're the other character?

19th Jul 2003, 15:12
heres a topic i aint heard yet
Will raziel still be telling the story (narratively) even @ th end of sr2 he was still telling a story,or is defiance gonna be a new chapter in his life/unlife that he doesnt narrate over cause he aint done it,?if anyone understands?

26th Jul 2003, 12:49
hey i know u guys have said that u will not give away any

story elements but what im asking has already been posted on

gamespy.com so i was just wondering if u could confirm it but is
janos the guy in that creepy looking screen shot were there is an
ancient standing in front of raz.

#2 is is janos evil and if so is he one of the bosses. i know u have already said non of the story is to be given a way but if this is correct then someone has already leaked it so it would not matter if u told us. if u cant answer the question thats alright i understand.

1st Aug 2003, 19:12

i have just one question. Aplogies if you have asked this question before:

When will we get to see some concept art, as I am sure others can agree with me that the concept art so far has been phenomenal!

It doesn't have to be spoiler stuff, I mean, ust a new piccy of Kain!

2nd Aug 2003, 16:29
Will Kurt Harland involve himself in the music composition in Defiance?:confused:

Ken Cow!
2nd Aug 2003, 16:49
Will GlyphX be handling the intro? If so, can we expect it to be a CG recap of the end or SR2? Or perhaps since Defiance is meant to appeal to a wider audience, will it have a summary of the series so far?

2nd Aug 2003, 16:56
Hey Chris I was just wondering if the website for defiance is going to change any time soon because It's been the way it is now for some time without any updates or anything? Thatnks loads

Umah Bloodomen
2nd Aug 2003, 23:28
Originally posted by Valzara
Will Kurt Harland involve himself in the music composition in Defiance?:confused:

Originally posted by Mike Peaslee
So far, Jim is doing the game music for Defiance. I might contribute music, if needed at the end. Kurt is most likely going to be busy handling the music for Whiplash. I'm working on sound effects for Defiance at this very moment and on Whiplash down the road a little. I am working on game music, but that's all I'll say right now.

7th Aug 2003, 19:22
Hey all,
Sorry I have not had the time to answer the pages and pages of questions on Defiance you all have been leaving here in the forums. The truth is I don't have a lot of the answers and you will probably have to wait and see the game when it is released. I'm un-sticking this thread for now, but later as the game nears completion, I might have more answers for you.
Test Manager
Crystal Dynamics

Umah Bloodomen
14th Aug 2003, 06:39
Thread purged of off-topic chatter and socialization. Relevent and semi-relevent questions kept. This thread will be closed until further notice. When Chris is able to respond to it, he will unlock it and do so, thus allowing for more questions later on.

Thanks for member cooperation, and an extremely special thanks to Chris Bruno, Amy Hennig and the rest of CD, for putting up with Rando's idea and the forums inquiries. :)

EDIT: Thread title also changed.