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10th Jun 2003, 22:31
I got a quick question,
Is there a list of all the times needed to get a platnum on a level? and seeing how hard it is go get them all, congrats to AB and whoever else has done it.

also, can you get platnums for player statistics? such as miles travelled and stuff?

10th Jun 2003, 23:01
Thankx :D

most faq's and arcade legue/challenge faqs at gamefaqs.com will give ya the time or you can try http://www.mathgamehouse.com/ts2/

just click on the one you wanna know the time for and it even has strats on how to get them.

About gettin platnums for player stats, I aint sure :confused: I've played it for awhile but I still only have gold. Anyone got a plat on any?

Ab ^_^

12th Jun 2003, 00:50
mathgamehouse is a great site!!! I added it to my LINKS page!