View Full Version : Odd. Or is it?

10th Jun 2003, 21:55
My computer now shows the Explorer taskbar when ever I open My Computer or My documents.

W98SE IE.6 and I just added a Firewall program to this system.
Is this a common thing with Firewalls?

The Find screen comes up normal but I can't figure out a way to kill the Taskbar so I get normal screens without the Browser taskbar.

11th Jun 2003, 04:15
Okay, I'll bite. What *is* the "Explorer taskbar"? Is this one of the left-side frames selectable under the View -> Explorer Bars menu? Or, since the desktop is itself an instance of explorer.exe, are you talking about the standard Windows taskbar that normally default to displaying 1-row high at the bottom of the Windows desktop (but can be dragged elsewhere and resized)?

11th Jul 2003, 00:29
Try messing with view -> explorer bar -> search, favorites, history, folders | tip of the day, discuss. That it?