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9th Jun 2003, 18:22
What are the Water Arrows for!?!?!?!?!

9th Jun 2003, 18:26
Think what is water good for. To put out fires. Torches, fireballs, a floating (AI) ball of fire you'll come in contact with eventually.

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10th Jun 2003, 03:04
Dousing torches to make an area darker for you to sneak through or get close enough unnoticed to AIs to blackjack them.

Douse fire elementals (those floating balls o' fire). A single hit can extinguish them if unalerted; otherwise, it might take 2 water arrows.

Use holy water to create missiles that will harm zombies, haunts, and ghosts. If unalerted, some will get killed on the first holied water arrow (zombies will explode apart); otherwise, you'll need two or more to dispatch them. Note that when the holied water arrow splashes apart that some light is issued at the point of contact. If you are close to the point of contact, you might get lit up and the AIs might see you. So hit them from far away or get ready to restring some more holied water arrows for several consecutive hits. You only get something like 30 seconds per holy water bottle during which the water arrows would contain holy water.

Sometimes a panel, side of a force field, or other object is associated with the elements and one may be associated with water. So you have to hit the object with a water arrow to trigger the object (to open a door or whatever).

Put out campfires or any other type of fire to let you pass unharmed through that spot or make it dark.

Soup can instructions say to add one can of water, so instead use one one water arrow. Okay, only kidding here.

10th Jun 2003, 03:12

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